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What Color Does Blue and Purple Make? – Hues of Blue and Purple

When blue meets purple, the result is a rich and intriguing hue that often sparks curiosity about its potential and applications in design. This combination, a blend of calming blue and vibrant purple, creates a spectrum of possibilities, from the subtle to the dramatic. Let’s delve into the depths of this color fusion and discover what unique shade emerges from this cool color collaboration.



What Color Do Blue and Purple Make?

Blue mixed with purple will give you a blue purple. Other tertiary colors include yellow-green, yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, and blue-green. This color is also sometimes called blue-violet, and you can get a variety of different shades by using different color ratios. For example, violet, lavender, indigo, lilac, plum, and periwinkle. 

Mixing Blue and Purple will give you Blue-purple

blue purple mixing


Color Results when Mixing Different Shades of Purple and Blue

Blue ShadePurple ShadeMixed Color


Creating Lighter and Darker Shades

Once blue and purple are mixed together, you can adjust it to make something more unique. You can effortlessly alter the appearance of color by making it lighter or darker. To make it lighter, simply add some white until you get the color you are going for. You can also use different types of blue and purple, for example, a lighter shade of both will create a lighter and brighter blue-purple.

To make the color darker, you can also use darker shades of blue and purple, or you can add a little black to the mixture.

Dark Blue Mixed with Purple

Instead of black, you can also try navy blue, which will not be as intense as black and will produce a deeper shade of blue-purple. However, blue-purple is made from blue and purple, so you already have blue in the mixture. What if you add too much extra blue? If you do need to add more blue, consider adding more purple instead. This will keep it more of an even blue-purple color.


Meaning of Blue-Purple

When combining blue and purple, you get something from both colors. So, blue-purple can also be mysterious, luxurious, creative, confident, and inspiring. It is a captivating color that can also be whimsical and feminine. The color can also represent freedom, ambition, integrity, as well as dedication, and can symbolize strong beliefs.



Understanding Blue and Purple Within Other Color Models

We have just dealt with the RYB color model, let us now consider the RGB color model. This is used to create colorful images on your computer and television screen. Instead of pigments, you now deal with light. This is also an additive color model that when all the colors are combined, creates white light. The primary colors are different and include red, green, and blue. The secondary hues are magenta, cyan, and yellow.

The tertiary color includes green-yellow, red-magenta, green-cyan, blue-cyan, blue-magenta, and red-yellow. The tertiary color blue-magenta is also known as violet.

blue and purple gradient

So, if you then combine blue and violet, it will produce something close to blue violet, which can also be seen as blue-purple. Violet and purple are sometimes used as the same color; however, they are slightly different. Purple is a blend of 50 percent blue and 50 percent red, while violet tends to lean a little more toward red. You can observe the difference in the table. You will also find a few variations on the blue-purple color. Each color is identified by its hex code, and you will also notice the various color codes as well.


Printing Color Model

The other color system is known as CMYK and is what is used when printing with ink. It has cyan, magenta, and yellow as primary hues, while the secondary hues are red, green, and blue, the same as the previous color model. So, again, it will make a blue-violet combination.



Uses of Blue and Purple in Art and Design

Blue is used slightly more than purple is in various art and design projects. Both these colors are considered cool and have calming effects. Blue is also found more abundantly in nature than purple, so in natural landscape paintings, you will make use of blue a lot more often. You can find purple shades in certain flowers or bird feathers.

Used together, you can paint some amazing and eye-catching images.

purple and blue graphic design

Blue and purple are also great to use in appealing graphic designs. You can also use these two colors separately or together for fashion and interior designs. Various shades of blue-purple can be used in paintings for various purposes, from creating an interesting night sky to painting flowers or dresses, or more abstract art pieces.


Blue-Purple and Graphic Design

Choosing the right color for your brand or company can be challenging, as each color has its own associations. Blue-purple is not the most common color used, but it is associated mostly with imagination, and confidence, and has more of a feminine appeal. It also grabs attention and commands some respect. So, the color might be used more often for a female audience, however, it is a color that is less used and can stand out from other more common choices like red and blue.

When designing logos or advertisements, consider using contrasting colors.

blue and purple graphic design

So, you can take blue-purple and use it with different shades of yellow or orange to create an eye-catching image.  Since these colors are complementary, they can tend to get a bit irritating to look at, so make sure you use them wisely. In other aspects, the color can successfully be used in creating wedding color palettes. It can even be used as a choice of lighting at certain events, which uses the psychological benefits of color to improve the mood within a space.


Blue-Purple and Fashion

This color can be a great choice to include in an outfit. You can include a splash of color by simply using it as an accent. Consider a simple neutral outfit with a pair of blue-purple shoes, or a belt. The color can help to elevate the ensemble. Various bright purple colors like Veri Peri, which was the color of the year for 2022, have become quite popular. Blue-violet puffer jackets were all the rage because of this.

blue and purple color fashion

So, you can try out various types of blue-purple, to make the outfit more your own. 


Blue-Purple and Interior Designs

Blue-purple can also be a great addition to a neutral-themed room. As an accent color, it can create a more interesting color scheme, especially when paired with white, gray, or even black. For example, consider having a gray couch, but add blue-purple cushions or have an art piece on the wall nearby with these colors. Here are some thoughts on how you can feature this color in your designs.

blue and purple interior design

  • Use softer shades like lilac to create a soothing atmosphere in any space in the home.
  • Take different tones and layer them to create interest and bring depth to a space. You can also include patterns and textures.
  • Make a bold statement by using the color as a focal point. For example, a headboard, a couch, an accent wall, or even just a rug.
  • Pair with other warmer colors like various shades of orange for contrast or create a cooler look with gray.
  • You can soften the color by pairing it with natural elements. Consider wood or leather, which can also add more warmth and texture.


Blue mixed with purple creates a vibrant color that can be useful in many situations. Whether you want to paint some beautiful flowers, create an alluring logo, or add some color to a room, blue-purple can be the answer. Just keep in mind to use your colors wisely, and do not be scared of experimenting and trying new things out!




Frequently Asked Questions


What Color Does Blue and Purple Make?

When mixing a paint color, you can take blue, a primary color, and mix it with purple, a secondary color. Blue and purple mixed will create a tertiary or intermediary color, known as blue-purple. When dealing with graphics, it will be a mixture of blue, a primary color, and blue-magenta or violet, a tertiary color, which produces a blue-violet.


What Colors Are Similar to Blue-Purple?

Blue-purple is the best way to describe the color, however, there are also many variations. Some of the colors that are close to it include lavender, periwinkle, lilac, and a darker version of plum.


What Colors Go With Blue-Purple?

The best colors that will go with blue-purple include your neutrals, such as white and gray. However, various shades of yellow and orange can also work to create contrast. Pinks and green, and other pastel shades, can also work.


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