Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer Crafts for Kids – Easy and Fun Crafts to Do This Summer!

Summer is the time for outdoor activities! From swimming to playing sports and just being with friends, there is so much to do this time of year. However, there are also times when the kids are at home and you do not want them sitting in front of screens. So, how about some exciting summer crafts for kids? We have provided a list of kids crafts for summertime, which can also be great fun for the whole family.



Easy Summer Crafts for Kids

There are a lot of activities that can keep the kids busy over the summertime. One of these is to make a creative crafting list that is fun and engaging, and perfect for kids. First up, we have provided quite a few easy summer crafts for kids.

Most of these crafting ideas are great for younger kids, but older kids and even adults can also join in on a bit of fun. However, we have also included a few crafting ideas for older kids.


Beaded Art

Again, there are many fun bead craft ideas you can use. You can get older kids to try beading, using a needle and thread. However, you can also simply use the beads to create a design on paper, similar to a mosaic effect. Draw your design on some paper, and then glue the beads into the design. This does pose a choking hazard, so make sure you supervise, or only allow older kids to participate.

Easy DIY Crafts for Summertime

Another popular craze is the Perler beads, which are also called melty beads. These beads come in kits, and you simply use them on a board design, and using some special paper or just wax paper, you use an iron to melt them. The beads melt together to form the design, which you can then remove from the board. 


Colorful Popcorn

Popcorn is always a favorite, and there are some things you can do to make it even more fun to eat. Simply using some sugar, butter, and food coloring, you can make some colorful popcorn. This can be eaten, or you can make colorful popcorn necklaces or garlands with it. 

Keep Your Kids Entertained With Summertime Crafts


Felt Crafting

There are a few felt crafting ideas that can be done without sewing and just using some fabric glue, while others require a few simple sewing techniques. To make it easier for the younger kids, all you need to do is get some different color felt, cut them into shapes, and layer the design, using the glue.

You can easily create a butterfly or trees, leaves, flowers, and more with this method. 


Finger Painting

Finger painting can be so much fun for all ages, and if you do not wish to make a mess inside, this is a great activity you can do outdoors. You should be using non-toxic paint when doing this. You can use only fingerprints to create cherry blossoms on a tree, a rainbow, or balloons. You can also use the entire handprint to create fun pictures.  Get the entire family involved and create some keepsakes, by creating hand and foot family portraits.

Examples of Fun DIY Kids Crafts


Painting With Balloons

This is an extremely easy craft idea you can do indoors or outdoors. You will need some paint and balloons for this crafting idea. Blow up the balloon and place some paint into an open container, big enough to dip the balloon in.

Once the balloon has been dipped into the paint, use it to “stamp” or paint onto the paper surface. You can use one color or dip it into multiple colors for added effect. 


Painted Rocks

This has become quite popular among adults, but it is an easy craft for kids as well. With a little bit of paint and some imagination, you can come up with any idea to paint rocks. Think of simple flowers, shapes, and patterns, create a pet rock, or spell out a word. There are even painted rock kits you can get at stores or online from Amazon.

Get Ready for a Fun Summer With Easy Kids Craft


Paper Bag Masks

All you need for this crafting idea are some paper bags, crayons or paint, and colored pieces of paper. Cut out the eye areas so you can see, and if you want, you can also cut out the nose and mouth, but this is optional. You can then decorate as you wish using paint and crayons.

Cut out different shapes of the colored paper to stick onto the bag for added effect. You can work to a particular design, or simply let the child use their imagination.


Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are always an easy and fun way to entertain the kids, and there are many ideas out there for you to choose from. You can use normal paper, or you can go for cupcake liners or paper coffee filters as well. When choosing normal paper, there is also a variety of colors available, or you can paint or color white paper in your chosen color or design. You can fold, cut, and glue paper in many different ways. There are numerous paper craft ideas, but we will mention a few that are more popular.

  • Paper flowers: You can simply fold the paper, accordion style, fan it out and glue it together with others to create a paper flower. The cupcake liners can also be used to create beautiful paper flowers.
  • Simple paper folding technique: The same technique of folding the paper lengthwise, according to style, can be used to create fans or animals like peacocks, bird wings, or a dress effect for a paper doll.
  • Mosaic effect: Cut out small shapes of different colored paper and use them to create a design similar to that of mosaics.
  • Quilling paper art: This uses different color strips of paper that can be rolled up and glued together to form a design.

Simple Kids Crafts for Summertime


Paper Plate Crafts

Most of us have some paper plates at home, but these are easy to purchase at the store if you do not. This simple item can easily be used in any number of creative ideas. Below, we have listed a few interesting paper plate crafting ideas for kids.

  • Ladybug paper plate: This only needs a handful of materials to complete including some paint, paper plates, a little felt, and two googly eyes. The felt can be used for the head and spots.
  • Paper plate rainbow: Simply cut a paper plate in half and then paint the cutout all the colors of the rainbow, in a rainbow shape. Add pieces of cotton at the ends for clouds.
  • Dinosaur plates: Again, cut the paper plate in half and paint any color you wish. Use paper to cut out a tail and long head as well as a few spikes to stick to the paper plate, along the dinosaur’s back.
  • Paper plate fish: Cut out a “v” shape from the plate, which can then be used as the fish’s tail. The cutout section will be the fish mouth. Paint and have fun decorating the fish.
  • Paper plate sunflower: Make cuts all along the edge of the paper plate next to each other, forming strips that are still attached all around the plate. Paint this yellow and for the center, you can add dots of black or brown paint to create the sunflower.

Get Ready for Summertime With Kids Crafts


Pasta Crafts

Using pasta is an easy and cheap way to keep the kids busy. There are many different shaped pasta and spaghetti you can use. The most common way to use pasta is to create a macaroni necklace. How about the bowtie pasta to create butterflies, or use the twirly pasta as a lion’s mane in a drawing?

Consider a rainbow of pasta in different colors or a bouquet of pasta flowers.


Play Dough and Slime

Both play dough and slime remain popular crafting activities with kids. There are many recipes you can use. You can create different colors and even add different scents to make it all smell nice. There are even edible options available. A simple recipe includes those jelly gummy bears and some cake sprinkles.

Easy Kids Craft

Add the gummy bears to a microwave dish, and then turn the microwave on for about 30 seconds. Stir and then place in the microwave again for the same time. Stir and allow to cool until it stops boiling, and then throw in some of the sprinkles. Combine this and then place it onto some wax-proof paper that has been sprayed with some oil. You can also spray your hands to prevent the goo mixture from sticking to your hands. Now see how far you can stretch it.


Shell Crafts

Being at the beach for the summer holidays, there is hopefully a chance of collecting seashells. These can be great keepsakes and you can use them in a variety of ways to create something beautiful from them. A popular item made from shells is a wind chime you can hang in your garden. Here are some other shell craft ideas for you.

  • Seashell pendant necklace
  • Seashell tiara
  • Seashell people, using the shells as clothing
  • Using the shells to create a mosaic effect
  • Seashell jellyfish with yarn as the tentacles
  • Frame a photo with seashells

Examples of Easy Summer Crafts for Kids


Soda Bottle Crafts

This is another great recycling idea, and there are many ideas you can use to create various items. The plastic bottles can easily be cut and painted to create whatever you want. Cut the bottom of the bottles to create soda bottle flowers or use this to make bottle turtles.

You can also use the bottom of the soda bottle to paint with, to create unique artwork. The bottles can also be made into pencil holders, planters, or mini bottle rockets. 


Popsicle Stick Crafts

Popsicle sticks are also a versatile item you can use to make a variety of easy summer crafts for kids. The popsicle sticks can be painted in a variety of colors and glued together to make many different shapes. Combined with a toilet paper roll as the body and the popsicle sticks as the wings, you can create an airplane. You can also use a few popsicle sticks to form a handmade pencil holder or stick googly eyes on a single popsicle stick and paint for a fun bookmark.

Easy Summer Crafts for Kids


Tie Dye Crafts

Tie-dye might be for older kids, however, there is an easier activity for the younger lot. All you need is some liquid watercolor paints or food coloring, baby wipes, and a dropper. Simply place a few drops of the color onto the wet wipe and observe how the color spreads and can blend into other colors that have been added. 

Easy Crafts for Summertime


Toilet Paper Rolls

If you are into recycling, then this is the perfect way to do it, and have some fun in the process. There are numerous ideas for crafting with paper rolls. The rolls can be cut up into round strips, painted, and strung together to create a colorful garland. There are many different animals you can make with paper rolls from bees and butterflies to cute lions and elephants.

You can also make flowers from paper rolls as well as exciting rockets, and monster characters. String together a few colorful paper rolls to create a toilet paper roll snake. The ideas are only limited to your imagination. 


Q-Tip Crafts

Q-tips can easily be used to paint with, creating dot art. You can also use the Q-tips as the crafting idea. For example, create a flower using the Q-tips that are placed in a circle, or let it be educational and create a human skeleton from the Q-tips.

DIY Crafts for Summertime



Fun Outdoor Summer Crafts for Kids

Many of the easy summer crafts for kids can easily be done indoors without much of a problem. However, some of the messier crafts can be done outside, especially if you are going to be using a lot of paint. 


Bubble Snakes

Kids love making bubbles, so this is an ideal summer craft for kids. First, you must cut the bottom of a small soda bottle and place a sock over the end. You can tape the sock using some duct tape. Pour some dish soap into another container and add a little water.

Take the sock end of the bubble blower you made and dip it into the soapy water. Blow on the other end and see the bubbly snake bubble form.


Decorating Walking Sticks

Something that can help promote outdoor activities is getting the kids to decorate their own walking sticks. You can then go hiking with it, use it in sword fights, or simply draw in the sand with it. You can prepare the stick beforehand, and the kids can then paint and embellish the stick as they see fit.

Easy Ideas for Kids Crafts


Fun With Pool Noodles

There are quite a few ideas you can use with pool noodles from creating tiny sailboats, and pool noodle monsters to a pool noodle car ramp, and more. For the sailboat, you will need to cut the pool noodle into smaller sections. Take a section, which will be what floats as the boat, stick a straw into it, and create paper sails.

To make a toy car ramp, all you need to do is cut a pool noodle in half and use the inside of the noodle as your ramp. 


Painting With a Squirt Gun

This is a fun outdoor craft activity for kids. All you need is some paper setup outside, watercolor paint or thinned tempura paint, and a squirt gun. The idea is simple, you take the squirt gun and load it with the paint, aim at the paper, and fire. You can use different colors for even more fun. Just make sure the kids do not come running after you with that particular squirt gun.

How to Make Easy Summer Crafts for Kids


Sidewalk Chalk Art

On a beautiful day, you can make sure the kids play outside by giving them some chalk to draw with. This helps encourage creativity and there are many physical activities you can try as well. For example, draw hopscotch lines, play tic-tac-toe, hangman, or have a bean bag toss game. You can also simply draw on the pavement or save the moment with creative chalk photos. Have the kids draw various images, such as a chalk city, then have the kids make as if they are flying over and take a photo.

Another idea is to create a chalk ocean scene, with the kids swimming in it. You can purchase chalk, or you can also make your own sidewalk paint. A simple recipe includes food coloring, half a cup of cornstarch, and two-thirds of a cup of water.



Older Kids Crafts for Summertime

Sometimes a crafting project can be more challenging, and therefore, aimed at slightly older kids. This may involve more difficult instructions to follow, or using materials and tools that younger kids need supervision with. Below you will find a few ideas that you might want to try out.

Fun Summer Crafts for Kids


Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic pouring can be fun for both young and old. You would normally be using acrylic paint with a pouring medium, which you can also purchase in a kit. However, you can also try using tempera paints, which are non-toxic, washable, and safer to use with kids.

The paint also comes in vibrant colors that can easily be thinned for pouring. There are also many techniques you can learn and teach that you can use on Canvas. 


DIY Suncatchers

There are suncatcher versions that can be done by younger kids, and others that are best suited for older kids. Simple ideas from using coffee filters and tissue paper to painting glass and using crystals and beads. 

Kids Crafts to Make at Home


Origami Paper Folding

There are simple origami or paper folding ideas that smaller kids can do. However, you can also get more complicated designs that may be better for somebody a little older. There is also a variety of different colored origami paper you can get, which is easier to work with than simply folding printing paper.

Teach them to make the ever-popular crane, or how to make a unique card for that special occasion. There are many ideas from creating stars and hearts to birds, butterflies, and flowers.


Painting Planters

Get the kids interested in gardening and plants by creating a planter. You can easily get a plain or white medium flower pot for this project. You will also need some paint, paintbrushes, stencils, sponges, and painter’s tape, depending on what you want to do. Allow the child to decide on the design and method of decorating the planter.

How to Make Kids Crafts



Tie-dye is relatively easy to do, and a great crafting idea for older kids. There are loads of different items you can tie-dye, not only the more popular tie-dye T-shirts. You can also tie-dye shoes, towels, socks, and anything made from natural fibers works best. There are also kits available for this type of project.

Kids Crafts for Summertime


Summer crafts for kids are the perfect activities for spending quality time together as a family. The easy summer crafts for kids we have mentioned above are only a fraction of what you can do, so let this list be an inspiration to explore further ideas! 




Frequently Asked Questions


Are There Benefits to Crafting for Kids?

There are many benefits to crafting that can help both young and old. The various tasks can help with hand coordination, improving self-confidence, reducing stress, and is the perfect bonding moment between family members.


What Are Some Easy Kids Crafts for Summertime?

There are many easy kids crafts for summer that are also simple to prepare. You can use many items that you already have in the house, from toilet paper rolls to paper plates and coffee filters. There are many different ways of painting items, such as rock painting or finger painting.


What Paints Should You Use When Crafting?

You should choose paints that are water-based and not oil-based. Paints like tempera are safe to use as they are non-toxic and are often used when finger painting. Acrylic paint is also popular, but it is not completely non-toxic and safe to use, meaning that the younger kids will need supervision.


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