Procreate Pencil Brushes

Procreate Pencil Brushes – Best Sketching Brushes for Procreate

Many artists might have started by using a simple pencil and paper to sketch their work. Today, there are many artists’ pencils and other tools available, including digital options for those with iPads. There are many online programs and platforms artists can use that includes the best sketching brushes for Procreate.



Procreate Pencil Brushes

Procreate does provide sketch brushes and other tools artists can use, however, you can also download other artists who have created their own procreate sketching pencils. Many of these artists are themselves designers or illustrators that have their websites and may even have their own YouTube channel, where they offer tutorials.

So, most of the brush sets are used by these artists and you can see how the various brushes work.


Best Sketching Brushes for Procreate

As with real pencils and products, there are many different types of Procreate pencil brushes. Many of these sketch brushes come in a set or pack that provides a variety of pencils that produce different effects. Having access to a variety of pencils just makes the whole creative process that much easier.


Pencil Case Brush Set

Our first set on our list is the Pencil Case Brush Set. This set contains something of everything you might need for sketching and contains a variety of pencil brushes. All-in-all, there are 34 different brushes you can use for a variety of effects.

These include sketchy brushes for creating texture, various inky brushes, grainy shading brushes for adding depth, and stippling brushes among others.

Best Sketching Brushes for Procreate


Ultimate Toolbox for Pencil Brushes

This ultimate pencil brush set provides an extensive collection of pencil brushes that took five months to compile. All the Procreate sketching pencils were tested out by other artists, so you know that they will work as advertised.

You also get more unique accessories like a kneaded eraser and a smudge stick.

Ultimate Sketch Brushes

The toolbox contains 20 pencils as well as 12 texture brushes that can function separately in Procreate, Photoshop, Affinity Photo and Designer, and Illustrator. So, as you can see, they are quite versatile as many brushes only function in a single application.

You also get 12 high-resolution textured surfaces and full installation instructions.


Color Procreate Pencils

Besides the various shades of gray pencils, you also have color Procreate sketching pencils. These are perfect for adding some color or different tones to your sketches. From portraits to landscapes and illustrations, colored pencil brushes are what you need.


Color Pencil Artist Set

This color pencil set contains all that you will need to create some amazing sketches on your iPad. Brushes are updated regularly, and new items are added. The set helps you to achieve a real-feel-type effect when working with the pencils. Easy to use, you can take it anywhere and begin to sketch. Not only that, but you do also not need all the separate accessories, it is an all-in-one setup.

You have all the colors required to create amazing work, and you do not have to sharpen any of the pencils as you work.

Colored Procreate Pencil Brushes

The pencil brushes were created from actual scans of colored pencils, then these were adjusted over a few months until they were completed. Color pencils can be used for a variety of purposes from landscapes to portraits and lots more.

Included in the set, you also get six paper texture stamps, three blenders, several random scribble brushes, twelve shading and texture brushes, and eight pencil brushes.


Color Pencil Box Set

Thei Color Box Set contains pencil brushes that provide the look and feel of graphite pencils. These brushes are ideal for sketching and adding color. These Procreate sketching pencils produce realistic pencil drawings that can be done in a variety of tones and textures. The pencils were created by Eliza Moreno, who is an artist that specializes in children’s illustrations.

When looking at the swatches provided of the pencils, you will notice some interesting names for them, like perfect lemon, mermaid graphite, black tea, and pumpkin line!

Free Pencil Brushes for Procreate


Charcoal Pencils for Procreate

This charcoal pencil set contains 20 Procreate pencil brushes. The brushes were created by using traditional charcoal samples that were scanned and then fine-tuned to create realistic digital alternatives. In the set, you get texturing brushes that help you to provide realistic smudges and fingerprints.

You also get sketch brushes, which can be used for creating outlines and for general sketching, and other finer details. As a bonus, you get four different paper textures.

Charcoal Procreate Pencil Brushes


Best Variety Sets for Procreate Pencils

Sometimes you might want a drawing set that contains a few more brushes than only pencils. So, whatever you are in the mood for, you can begin creating from your general pencil brushes to crayons and watercolors.


Paper, Paint, and Pencils

This Procreate pencil set is a complete package that helps you to draw and illustrate using the traditional pencil, but there are also pencil crayons and painting options. The artist aimed to create an accurate impression of pencil crayons and paper, that gritty feel with visible strokes. So, the brushes feel and look very close to the real thing. The set is quite extensive and comes in a range of pencils, pencil crayons, textures, paper overlays, and watercolor brushes.

You also get sketch brushes, which can be used for creating outlines and for general sketching, and other finer details. As a bonus, you get four different paper textures.

Sketch Brushes


Ultimate Brush Pack

The Ultimate Brush Toolkit says it all. This is an impressive brush set that was developed over five months. All the brushes were created by simulating many real sample brushes and mediums. The set is made to be as authentic as possible, and to look and feel life-like.

The brushes have also been tested and approved by artists, which makes sure all your needs are catered for. You do not have to search endlessly to find the perfect brush.

Crayon Procreate Pencil Brushes

You also get all these brushes to use on most applications from Procreate, to Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, and Affinity Photo. So, in reality, you are getting over 1000 brushes in total to download. The pack comes with the following brushes.

  • 300 brushes
  • 16 airbrushes brushes
  • 38 brushes for acrylics
  • 22 crayon brushes
  • 24 ink brushes
  • 30 gouache brushes
  • 40 oil brushes
  • 16 charcoal brushes
  • 20 pencil brushes
  • 30 pastel brushes
  • 34 watercolor brushes
  • 12 texture brushes
  • 18 marker brushes
  • 12 surface textures


Most Realistic Sketch Brushes

Most of the procreate pencil brushes are made to be as close to the real thing as you can get. Most of the brushes are taken from a sample of real pencils and feel and react similarly to the real thing. So, many of the brushes in other headings can also fit in here, but here are a few recommended choices for you to consider.


Favorite Pencil Brush Pack

These are another set of pencil brushes that function just like the real thing by On the Mark Designs. Perfect for creating illustrations and lettering, the brushes provide just the correct amount of grain to create the best hand-drawn appearance.

There are many different types of brushes available from large to small and rough pencils, shading brushes, blocky pencils, ribbon lettering brushes, and brush erasers amongst others.

Top Procreate Pencils to Use


Feels Like a Pencil

These Procreate pencils will provide you with a superior drawing experience, producing stunning pencil illustrations. The 23 brushes are quite realistic and feel like you are using an actual pencil. The Apple pencil easily replaces your regular pencil and is easy to use because it is pressure-sensitive and tilting it produces softer and looser strokes.

The brushes were tested by other artists to ensure that they worked properly and that users will enjoy using them without problems. What is in the pencil set?

  • Nine pencil brushes
  • Two mechanical pencils
  • Four texture brushes
  • Five filler brushes
  • One eraser brush
  • Two smudge brushes

Procreate Sketching Pencils


Pack of Procreate Pencils

This pencil pack contains 21 custom-made sketch brushes that provide many different textures and effects. Real pencils and paper were used to scan in high-resolution images, which helped to create the realistic look and feel of the brushes. You have a short description of each brush, which can help you understand how they can be used properly.

Besides the brushes, there are also eight color palettes, several in color and one black and gray palette for the graphite pencils, as well as two seamless pencil textures.

Best Sketch Brushes


Ultimate Pencil Brushes

The Ultimate Pencil Brushes will help you to create the most realistic sketches in Procreate. The high-quality brushes were created using examples of real strokes and textures. When using the Apple pencil, you can use varying pressure to create different strokes or tilt the pencil to produce softer and wider strokes. The pencil brushes are perfect for creating illustrations, portraits, and for still life sketching, and more.

You have access to both beautiful coloring pencils and graphite pencils. The tools provided are as listed.

  • 10 brush pencils
  • One finger smudge blending brush
  • One eraser
  • One pre-texture file
  • Bonus color palettes and five paper texture

Ultimate Procreate Pencils


Texturing Pencil Brushes

Many of the pencil sets contain some texture pencils as well. However, these Procreate pencil brushes below contain quite a few texture brushes for all kinds of effects you might be looking for. For example, a variety of grainy textures to fur and thorny pencils.


Dry Texture Brushes

These Dry Texture Brushes have everything you will need. You get 30 brushes that include your pencil brushes, ink brushes, shading brushes, charcoal pencils, and rough textures. All these brushes are specifically made to create a dry brush effect that appears in certain illustrations.

There is a total of 30 dry texture brushes, along with a guide and examples of how to use the brushes.

Procreate Pencils


Procreate Sketching Pencils

You have a total of 24 brushes in this pencil set, 12 Procreate pencil brushes and 12 texture brushes. The set is regularly updated and is perfect for shading and textures to use for simple sketching, illustrations, academic drawings, or just for doodling if you are bored. If you are looking for a brush that helps to fill shapes, then these will help you out.

There are many different brushes with tiny curves and strokes that can fulfill this purpose.



Free Pencil Brushes for Procreate

Getting something for free is always nice, and in the case of pencil brushes, they can also serve a purpose. You can easily first try out some free samples before committing to purchasing a full set of brushes. Here are some examples of free pencil brushes for Procreate.


Free Procreate Pencil Brushes

Procreate itself also has a selection of free brushes you can download from various artists. The free brushes are easy to find, simply click on the free brushes tab at the top of their page or you can search for the specific brushes you are looking for.


Gumroad Freebies

Gumroad is a self-publishing platform, where artists can sell their digital products as well as services. Artists can create their profiles and then add their products or services. There is also a place for blog posts where artists can share their ideas and even some free tutorials.


Procreate Folio Freebies

Procreate has a place on their application where artists can create a portfolio. Here artists can show off their designs and is a place where they can showcase some of their free products. You simply click on the links available, and it should be easy to download the brushes on offer. Below are a few free brushes you might want to check out.


So, now that you have a better idea of the best procreate pencil brushes out there, you can choose your favorite and start sketching and drawing beautiful art, illustrations, lettering, and much more. Experience how close to the real thing these pencil brushes can be.




Frequently Asked Questions


Why Use Procreate Pencil Brushes?

Procreate is a diverse application, with many different brushes for you to choose from. You can go from ink brushes to watercolor brushes, and of course, pencil brushes. Pencil brushes are perfect for sketching, illustrations, and lots more. With the many pencil brushes and sets available at your fingertips, you might never return to using the real thing again.


Can You Create Procreate Pencil Brushes?

There are many Procreate brushes you can use. You can also open a brush and you can modify the settings to whatever you might need. You can make the brush more unique by changing the stroke, grain, or any other settings.


What Types of Procreate Pencils Are There?

There are a variety of pencil brushes you can use, all of which provide different effects. You can get pencils that realistically draw like graphite or charcoal pencils. You can also get colored pencils and many other pencils that create realistic smudges and other pencil impressions.


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