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Procreate Ink Brushes – The Best Ink Brushes for Procreate

Procreate is designed to be used by Apple tablets and provides artists with tools so they can create amazing digital artwork. There are a variety of brushes available from watercolors to procreate ink brushes. Many artists create these brushes and make them available daily, some to purchase and other free ink brushes you can download. To make things easier, we have created a list of inking brushes for you.



Best Ink Brushes for Procreate

Inking brushes are perfect for line arts, drawing, calligraphy, illustrations, and other digital art. When working with Procreate, you can easily and quickly create artwork and then share your work immediately once done.

All of the brushes, pens, and papers, almost feel and look like the real thing as they have been designed to closely resemble materials used in an art studio.

Procreate ink brushes, along with all other features are great for beginners as well as professional artists, and a good investment if you wish to pursue the avenue of digital artwork. If you are new to Procreate, there are many tutorials, workshops, and videos you can learn from. Many of the best ink brushes for Procreate below are created by professional artists, who make use of them in their own work.

They also usually have their own websites you can visit to view their artwork, and many of them provide free tutorials and brush sets for you to use.


Eldar Zakirov’s Brushes for Inking

The 63 Inking Brush Set provides brushes that produce extremely realistic strokes from pens, sprays, brushes, and splashes. For example, you will get bristle brushes, a sharp nib pen, round brushes, flat brushes, a flat nib pen, and lots more. The set is perfect for drawing as well as calligraphy artwork. You can go onto the artist’s YouTube channel for demonstrations.

Alternatively, you also receive an image file that has examples of all the strokes!

Discover the Best Ink Brushes for Procreate


Rough Pack: Texture Brushes

The Rough Pack Texture Brushes have been created through inspiration from real textures and tools used every day. The set provides a broad range of brushes; however, the artist created the set with lettering techniques in mind. In the set, you get 29 procreate brushes as well as 26 worksheets, and five mockups.

The worksheets will show you how to create the alphabet in various styles. These brushes are great for beginners and those interested in calligraphy and other lettering techniques.

Top Free Ink Brushes to Use


Procreate Ink Brushes

The Procreate Ink Brushes is a set created by the artist known as MiksKS, who has also created other types of brushes, textures, backgrounds, and more. However, these particular ink brushes are built on the China ink samples.

The set contains 36 brushes, which you can place into three groups.

Free Ink Brushes

  • Regular sketching brushes
  • Ink washes
  • Ink stamps

You also get five additional paper textures that you can use for backgrounds. You also get images that contain a swatch sheet that shows you a preview of all the brushstrokes. Finally, you have an easy-to-use installation guide.


Vintage Comic Ink Brushes

The Vintage Comic Ink Brushes are perfect if you are looking for a more comic-book style to your work. The artist created these brushes to mirror the vintage-comic look that is seen on old newsprints. The brushes will be able to produce a more traditional look to any artwork you do.

The set comes with a multitude of different tools including ink brushes, pencils, pens, and vintage paper textures.

Vintage Comic Inking Brushes


Ink Splatter Brushes

The Ink Splatter Brushes are movable and will help you create some beautiful work for any kind of design. The set contains 20 splatter brushes with PNG files of gold, silver, and black. Splatter brushes are a very popular brush of choice.

With these, you can experiment with various compositions to add sparkle and energy to your artwork.

Inking Brushes for Digital Use


Tie Dye Ink Blot Brushes

The Tie Dye Ink Blot Brushes provide a realistic look as they were designed from the original textures and tie-dye pattern fabrics. The set contains ten brushes that come in various shapes, and a color palette so you can create some colorful designs. The brushes come in a large resolution, so you can apply different designs to clothing and other fabrics, for wall art, and lots more.

The brushes only work on the Procreate platform and are not compatible for use on any other applications like Photoshop.

Inking Brushes for Tablet


Tattoo Art Brushes

The Tattoo Art Brushes were created by an experienced and professional illustrator, and everything has been developed to work perfectly on Procreate. You are provided with stipple brushes and gradient shaders that work harmoniously together. Stop wasting time on multiple dots and achieve amazing results with only a single brush stroke. This set has a range of brushes and is extremely popular amongst artists.

The set also comes with a comprehensive guide that will help you load the program and teach you how to properly use the brushes.

Tattoo Art Inking Brushes


Outline Procreate Brushes

The Outline Procreate Brushes are a result of some fun experiments with combining two brushes into one. This set includes over 100 outline brushes as well as several half-tone brushes and five stamp brushes.

These are ideal for abstract and geometric art, 3D lettering, and urban typography.

Top Inking Brushes


Ultimate Ink for Procreate

If you are looking for the ultimate ink package, then this brush pack for Procreate is the answer. The set consists of four main groups of brushes mainly your shaders, strokes, fills, and inkers. However, 100 brushes in total will help you create professional-looking artwork. The versatile set of brushes offers all styles you might need.

The brush set also comes with bonus features including a texture pack and a comprehensive guide and tutorials on how to use the brushes.

Procreate Ink Brushes Swatches


Zombie Chicken Procreate Brushes

This set of brushes contains 32 brushes that are also known as the Zombie Chick brush pack. The set was created by Kassandra Escoe, who made brushes you can use in a variety of ways from watercolor washes to inking and other effects.

There is also a bonus of 12 more brushes, bringing the total to 44 nifty brushes.

Types of Inking Brushes


Digital Ink Brush Set

The digital ink brush set is a custom and professional digital brush set that helps to provide you with the perfect hand-drawn effect, saving you time. The 35 brushes help you can achieve clean and rough lines and more for a variety of effects from linework and shading to outlines, and filling. The brushes are effortless to use and extremely sensitive to your every move.

Along with the brushes, you also get a precision eraser, five bonus texture backgrounds as well as five mockup files, and a brush reference guide.

Digital Inking Brushes


Procreate Samurai Ink Brushes

The Samurai Ink Brushes were inspired by Eastern, Japanese, and Sumi-e drawings. The brushes were created from quality textures to give you the finest and most organic look. These brushes are great if you wish to achieve realistic drawings and paintings. You can also accomplish some amazing washes with the brushes. The set comes with 25 brushes, eight of which, provide watercolor effects for those amazing washes and blends.

The program and brushes themselves run smoothly and are as close to the traditional tools as you can get.

Samurai Inking Brushes


Drawing Ink Brush Pack for Procreate

This Ink Brush Pack offers 10 brush styles that have been specifically created for Procreate and Apple iPads. So, the brushes cannot be used on other platforms like photoshop. You will get a variety of brushes that offer different effects and include the following.

Best Ink Brushes for Procreate

  • Classic ink brush
  • Natural ink brush
  • Soft ink
  • Watery ink
  • Bleed ink
  • Light ink
  • Translucent ink
  • Ink scratch
  • Monoline brush


Ink and Watercolor Brushes

A popular combination for artists is ink and watercolors. This particular ink and watercolor brush set are perfect for any skill level. Adding ink linework to watercolors takes a drawing to another level, and you do not have to wait for the watercolors to dry first. The set includes an array of inking brushes as well as watercolor brushes and rich textures.

The program provides an intuitive experience that provides amazingly real effects.

Watercolor Inking Brushes


Alcohol Ink Brushes

Do you love the amazing effects of alcohol ink? What if you could recreate the effects digitally? Then, you should try these Procreate ink brushes. Have fun with this set of brushes and create some exquisite alcohol ink art. You will get everything you need including 25 inking brushes from texture brushes to blending and spray brushes and more.

The set also includes some metallic brushes and swatches, so you can create some dynamic and lively artwork.

Alcohol Inking Brushes


60 Inking Brushes for Procreate

These inking brushes are by the artist Lettie Blue. The brushes are created to imitate the look as well as the feel of ink on paper. The brushes are easy to use, and this is a wonderful option for both beginners as well as professionals.

You will learn how to hold the Apple tool or pen for drawing properly, so you know how much pressure to apply. You will also discover all the fundamental inking techniques.

60 of the Best Inking Brushes

The workbooks included will help you to create the best digital illustrations. There are a few brush sets including an ink wash set, a shader set, a stippler, and an inker set. There are also other fun brush sets from texture brushes to fun liners, patterns, and more.

The brush set only works for Procreate 5 or more and is not compatible with other systems like photoshop.


Procreate Inkers and Papers

The Procreate and Inkers contain 23 inking brushes, which can be used to create comic drawings, modern sketches, or calligraphy. The brushes can easily be used to create amazing and realistic art. You also get 39 ink bloom stamps, splashes, washes, and splotches.

To add to the collection, you also get three premium high-resolution canvasses to display your work on.

Procreate Inking Brushes



Free Ink Brushes

There are numerous procreate ink brushes you can purchase. However, many artists who create these brushes, also provide freebies. So, if you want to test out some brushes before purchasing, then why not try some of these free ink brushes first?


Georg vW Free Brushes

Georg Graf von Westphalen is an artist, cartoonist, and illustrator from Germany. He has created hundreds of customized brushes as well as other design elements for Procreate. He has his own portfolio on Procreate, where he offers quite a few free brush set options. Some other free resources from him include this free comic ink brush set and these free brushes and tools, where you can find a link to his website as well.


InkDup Brush Set for Procreate

The InkDup brush set was created by an artist known as MattyB or Matthew Baldwin. This particular bundle contains 90 brushes that help you create beautiful ink washes, ink strokes, and other ink items. You can get the set through the Gumroad site, however, there is a donation that is required, the amount of which you can set. It takes a lot of time and effort to create these brushes, so any donation amount is appreciated.

The brush set has quite a few five-star ratings, so it is something you should look into if you are looking to use ink brushes.

Inking Brushes Another offer from the same artist includes MattyB’s Brush Pack for Procreate, which is simply an addition to the previous brush set. You get 35 additional brushes in this set ranging from brushes that provide scribbles, dots, hatches, and more.

These are great for adding in backgrounds.


Free Ink Brushes from Maja Faber

You can get five premium Procreate brushes from the artist known as Maja Faber, who is a creative entrepreneur, teacher, and artist. She is also a popular teacher at Skillshare. The “everyday liner” is your free ink brush in this set along with a watercolor brush, a monoline brush as well as a speckled grain, and a crispy grunge brush, all from other brush sets that have been created by Faber.


Manga Motion Line Brushes

The ProcreateFolio is a great place or forum, where artists can post brushes so that followers can try them out. The manga motion line brushes are provided by Oscar Cambo. The set of three brushes is perfect for artists who enjoy creating comic art.

The effects of the brushes closely resemble the backgrounds that are regularly added to action frames you find in comic manga books.


More Free Brushes for Procreate

Most of the best ink brushes for Procreate you get for free can be found on Procreate Showcase, where each artist can create a free “folio”. By doing this, artists can build up followers and get their names out there. The Gumroad website is also a good place to find artists and look for free downloads. Below are a few more free ink brushes you might want to try.


As you can see, there are loads of options when it comes to choosing Procreate ink brushes, both free and to purchase. There are also plenty of options for those just starting and wanting to experiment with inking brushes, and more comprehensive brush sets are available for professionals. 




Frequently Asked Questions


What Are Procreate Ink Brushes?

Procreate is a digital art platform, where you can create amazing artwork. The program is made for the Apple iPad and provides a variety of brushes, including inking brushes. When used, the inking brushes provide bold outlines and other effects that help to complete a particular look.


Why Are Procreate Brushes So Popular?

Most of the digital brushes are achieved by scanning real brushes and pencils on paper at high resolution. This is then taken and optimized to get the best Procreate ink brushes and other brushes available. The textures captured are made to seem realistic in appearance, providing the perfect brush stroke and effects.


What Are the Different Types of Inking Brushes?

Many different brushes provide various effects. Some of the brushes are for providing fine lines, while others are made to provide ink washes for backgrounds and to add texture. There are also ink stamps, large fill brushes, rough brushes, stippling brushes, monoline pens, and lots more, depending on what you want to achieve.


Where Can You Get Inking Brushes?

Procreate itself has a place where artists can upload and showcase their work. Here, artists also make available some of their free brush samples for you to try. There is also Sellfy, Gumroad, and other platforms like Designcuts or Envato Elements, where you can purchase brushes and other items.


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