Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Farm Animal Coloring Pages – Pictures to Download and Color

Afun way you can introduce farm animals to kids is by using printable farm animal coloring pages. This is a great way for kids to learn all about farm animals, and if you join in, we are sure that it will bring out your inner child, with an added bonus of reducing stress. Not only that, but it is also well-spent time you can share with your kids.



Farm Animal Coloring Pages

Not only will kids love these farm animal coloring sheets, but you will also be providing a way for kids to develop their fine motor skills. Coloring also aids concentration, encourages recognition, and can help to improve confidence. Printable farm animal coloring pages are easy, and it is a simple, yet constructive way to keep the kids busy.

The printable farm animal pictures can also be used as a teaching tool, as you can tell them all about the farm animals they are busy coloring.

The farm animal coloring pages below include most of the cute critters you can find on a farm, from cows, sheep, and horses, to chickens, ducks, geese, and even the bees that pollinate everything. Simply download and print out the farm animals to color and have fun. If you are looking for something more challenging, why not try your hand at drawing animals from scratch, there are plenty of animal drawing tutorials to get you started.


Bee Coloring Pages

Bees are so important to our ecosystems, that if they should somehow die out, we would be in big trouble. Bees are charming and extremely interesting from their cute yellow and black bodies to the hive, how they collect pollen, and of course, how they make honey. Bees can fly about 25 kilometers per hour and help to pollinate flowers. Female bees who are in the hive are known as worker bees, while males are known as drones.

So, what better way to teach the kids all about these fascinating insects, than by using these farm animal coloring sheets?

Bee Coloring Page

Download this Bee Coloring Page here to print out and color!


Chicken Coloring Pages

This is another popular farm animal the kids will enjoy coloring. Chickens are actually very intelligent animals and are said to even outperform dogs and cats when it comes to scientific tests. Another interesting fact is that they have full-color vision, just like us, and they might even see more colors and shades than we do.

The kids can have fun with this chicken printable farm animal and can learn everything about them at the same time.

chicken coloring page

Download this Chicken Coloring Page here to print out and color!


Cow Coloring Pages

The cow is one of the more popular farm animals and the kids are sure to love this as one of the farm animals to color. You can teach the kids all about where milk comes from and why cows are so important to us. As with many farm animals, cows are sociable creatures and like to stick to the herd. A group of cows can also be called a team or a drove.

When using these farm animal coloring pages, you can be as realistic as possible with color or let the kids use their imagination.

Cow Coloring Page

Download this Cow Coloring Page here to print out and color!


Donkey Coloring Pages

Donkeys are not always found on a farm, but they are popular farm animals. They make amazing farm pets as they can be mild-mannered and each one has a unique and entertaining personality. Why do donkeys have such large ears? Donkeys do have good hearing, but the large ears also help them to stay cool. And who does not love the sound a donkey makes; it is completely unique.

Donkeys are also one of the more playful and interesting farm animals for coloring ideas.

Donkey Coloring Page

Download this Donkey Coloring Page here to print out and color!


Duck Coloring Pages

Ducks are so cute when they are young and even when they are adults as they waddle along. Ducks are great at pest control, and they simply love eating slugs and snails. A duck’s feathers help keep them warm when temperatures dip low and can come in many different colors. Ducks are also known as “waterfowl” as they are usually found close to water sources like lakes, rivers, and ponds. In ideal circumstances, ducks can live up to 20 years.

Ducks are usually friendly in nature, so the kids will love these printable farm animal coloring pages.

Duck Coloring Page

Download this Duck Coloring Page to print out and color!


Goose Coloring Pages

Geese can be quite fearsome, but they contribute to the farm by helping to remove any weeds and other unwanted plants. They love to eat blueberries, other berries, grass, and seeds. A male goose is named a gander, and a whole lot of geese in one place on land is known as a gaggle. However, while they are flying, they are known as a skein of geese.

Geese look after their friends if they are flying in the “V” formation, and if one is injured, others will stay with the injured goose until it can return to the flock.

Goose Coloring Page

Download this Goose Coloring Page here to print out and color!


Horse Coloring Pages

Beautiful and graceful horses, some people fear them, but they are friendly, sociable, and compassionate animals. Horses are often used as therapy animals for humans who need help emotionally. Horses can sleep standing up, have almost 360-degree vision, and are highly intelligent animals.

You can color a horse any number of beautiful colors, and you can let the kids use their imagination to create a flying horse or rainbow-colored unicorns. 

Horse Coloring Page

Download this Horse Coloring Page here to print out and color!


Rooster Coloring Pages

Roosters can be quite colorful to draw and are known for their early morning wake-up calls. Although this is not the only time they make a noise, it could be any time of the day or even night. Roosters are larger and more brightly colored than their female hen chicken counterparts. Roosters also protect the hens against any predators.

Roosters love to eat worms and small insects; however, they also eat plants and seeds, making them omnivores.

Rooster Coloring Page

Download this Rooster Coloring Page here to print out and color!


Sheep Coloring Pages

Sheep are so cute and fluffy, a sure winner as a farm animal to color. While coloring, you can share a few interesting facts about sheep. For one, why do we keep sheep on farms? The two most common reasons for farming sheep are to make use of their beautiful wool and food.

Did you know sheep are quite intelligent and are extremely sociable and like to stick together in a herd? Besides being known as a herd, a group of sheep can also be called a mob or a flock of sheep.

Look closely into their eyes and you will notice they have rectangular pupils, which gives them 360-degree vision. Sheep are herbivores and enjoy eating grass and plant, which is digested by four stomach chambers. Sheep also come in different colors from your classic white to dark and light brown, gray, or spotted.

Sheep Coloring Page

Download this Sheep Coloring Page to print out and color!


Turkey Coloring Pages

A turkey is quite an outstanding animal and can be found on farms as well as in the wild. If you happen to see one on a farm, one of their jobs is to help keep pests under control, which can help to protect crops. Turkeys are closely associated with Thanksgiving and things like gratitude, family, and generosity.

You can easily use this printable farm animal during this time to teach the kids all about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Turkey Coloring Page

Download this Turkey Coloring Page here to print out and color!


We hope you love these farm animal coloring pages and use them on the next rainy day when there is nothing else to do. Farm animals are the perfect place to start when introducing how to draw and color with kids.



Frequently Asked Questions


What Can You Use to Color Pages In?

When working on farm animal coloring pages, the kids can use crayons, and colored pencils or you can even use acrylic paints and watercolors. Gel pens are also a popular choice as well as water-based markers that do not bleed through paper.


What Can You Do With the Coloring Pages?

Besides putting the farm animal coloring sheets on the fridge; there are many other ideas you can do. Using some mod podge, you can use the coloring pages for many craft ideas. You can create coasters, trays, and bookmarks, or transfer them onto a T-shirt.


What Are the Benefits of Coloring?

Not only is coloring a creative way for kids to express themselves, but it also has many other benefits. When finding farm animals to color, the process can also help to reduce anxiety, improve sleep as well as improve focus. Coloring also helps strengthen the hand and helps to improve visual perception among many other benefits.


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