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Paw Patrol Coloring Pages – 54 New Coloring Sheets for Fans

Get ready for action with our collection of 54 PAW Patrol coloring pages! Perfect for young fans of the heroic pups, these free downloadable pages let kids dive into adventure with Chase, Marshall, Skye, and the rest of the team. Whether it’s a rescue mission or just for fun, children can add their own creative touch to their favorite characters. Grab your crayons and prepare for a colorful journey with the PAW Patrol!



54 New and Unique Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

paw patrol coloring page 01 A joyful Paw Patrol coloring page featuring a member of the brave squad in a swimming outfit, ready for an aquatic rescue. The pup’s buoyant vest and determined expression promise a fun coloring adventure.

paw patrol coloring page 02 This dynamic Paw Patrol coloring page captures a heroic pup amidst a rocky scene, with a shovel nearby, highlighting the theme of adventure and rescue. Perfect for young fans to bring to life with color.

paw patrol coloring page 03 Featuring a Paw Patrol member with pilot goggles and a smart cap, this coloring page is ready to soar into the skies of imagination. An excellent pick for kids who dream of flying high with their favorite characters.

paw patrol coloring page 04 A lively Paw Patrol street scene coloring page, where the whole team is on display, ready for their next mission. The detailed backdrop invites a play of colors to recreate the vibrant Paw Patrol universe.

paw patrol coloring page 05 This Paw Patrol coloring page showcases a courageous pup on patrol, with a cityscape background. It’s a wonderful scene for children to color while engaging with the concepts of community and service.

paw patrol coloring page 06 An action-packed Paw Patrol coloring page featuring multiple characters in a display of teamwork and camaraderie. The scene is bustling with potential for color and narrative, as the pups are set against a backdrop of stars and fire motifs.

paw patrol coloring page 07 This coloring page offers a snapshot of Paw Patrol teamwork, with a focus on a firefighting pup. The fire truck, helicopter, and team in the background set the stage for a vibrant coloring experience.

paw patrol coloring page 08 Depicting a Paw Patrol member with a magnifying glass, this coloring page is all about the thrill of the investigation. A perfect canvas for children who love to solve mysteries with their favorite characters.

paw patrol coloring page 09 A charming Paw Patrol coloring page that features a puppy and its mini-me sidekick, both adorned with police hats. The gated community setting adds a touch of duty and protection to color.

paw patrol coloring page 10 This Paw Patrol coloring page captures a pup on school patrol, with pencils and an eraser in the background. It encourages kids to color while contemplating education and learning.

paw patrol coloring page 11 A Paw Patrol coloring page featuring a friendly pup in construction gear with a big excavator in the background. Children can enjoy coloring the machinery and rocks as they help the pup on the construction site.

paw patrol coloring page 12 In this Paw Patrol coloring page, a flying pup is ready for action with jet packs on its back. The sense of speed and excitement is palpable, making it a thrilling scene for kids to color.

paw patrol coloring page 13 This coloring page showcases a Paw Patrol police pup riding in a police car, with a helicopter flying overhead. It’s a busy day in Adventure Bay, perfect for young artists to fill in with bold colors.

paw patrol coloring page 14 A simple yet adorable Paw Patrol coloring page featuring a young pup with a big smile, wearing a cap, and ready for a day of fun. This page is ideal for the youngest fans of the series.

paw patrol coloring page 15 A playful Paw Patrol puppy looks up with a sweet expression on this coloring page. With hearts around its head and a badge of honor, it’s ready to win over hearts with color.

paw patrol coloring page 16 This Paw Patrol coloring page presents a pup with a cap over one eye, giving it a roguish charm. The hearts suggest it’s a lovable character, inviting kids to bring warmth and color to the page.

paw patrol coloring page 17 On this coloring page, a Paw Patrol member stands by a lighthouse, symbolizing guidance and safety. The sunny backdrop is waiting to be filled with vibrant colors by young fans.

paw patrol coloring page 18 A unique coloring page where multiple Paw Patrol members are layered, showing the unity and diversity of the team. It’s a fun challenge for kids to distinguish each pup as they color.

paw patrol coloring page 19 Here we see a Paw Patrol character at the wheel of a snowplow, with a snowy mountain landscape behind. It’s a winter scene that kids can decorate with cool, wintery hues.

paw patrol coloring page 20 A water-rescue Paw Patrol pup is featured in this coloring page, sitting in a hovercraft, ready to navigate the waters. It’s a great opportunity for children to explore different shades of blue and create a water-themed artwork.

paw patrol coloring page 21

paw patrol coloring page 22

paw patrol coloring page 23

paw patrol coloring page 24

paw patrol coloring page 25

paw patrol coloring page 26

paw patrol coloring page 27

paw patrol coloring page 28

paw patrol coloring page 29

paw patrol coloring page 30

paw patrol coloring page 31 Dressed in royal attire complete with a crown, this Paw Patrol character beams with a regal charm, inviting children to add majestic colors to the page.

paw patrol coloring page 32 This Paw Patrol pup is ready for action in a firefighter’s helmet, lying on a rescue hose, which provides a great opportunity for young artists to explore colors and textures.

paw patrol coloring page 33 Wrapped up in warm winter gear, this Paw Patrol character is all set for a chilly adventure. The coloring page offers lots of detail, perfect for a cozy coloring session.

paw patrol coloring page 34 Splashing around in the water, this joyful Paw Patrol member on this coloring page is perfect for kids to practice coloring waves and sunny scenes.

paw patrol coloring page 35 Floating on water, this Paw Patrol character is relaxing on an inner tube, giving kids a chance to color in a fun beach scene with their favorite hues.

paw patrol coloring page 36 Highlighting the importance of recycling, this Paw Patrol pup stands next to a recycle bin full of cans, teaching kids about environmental stewardship through coloring.

paw patrol coloring page 37 A dynamic Paw Patrol character in mid-run, wearing a hat, showcases energy and enthusiasm, providing a lively scene for kids to color.

paw patrol coloring page 38 Sporting a firefighter’s helmet, this Paw Patrol member is all smiles, offering an inviting and friendly scene for children to color and explore themes of helping others.

paw patrol coloring page 39 A Paw Patrol character stands at attention in uniform, providing a simple yet engaging scene for young ones to practice coloring within the lines.

paw patrol coloring page 40 It’s a day out on the water with this Paw Patrol coloring page, featuring a pup on a boat, ready for nautical adventures that children can bring to life with color.

paw patrol coloring page 41 This coloring page from “Paw Patrol” features a group of five playful pups dressed in firefighter helmets and badges, eagerly waiting for their next rescue mission. They are positioned in various poses, showcasing their unique personalities and gear.

paw patrol coloring page 42 On this “Paw Patrol” coloring sheet, six pups are presented in action poses with their police hats and badges. The page highlights their readiness for duty, with one pair driving in a police vehicle and the others standing proudly.

paw patrol coloring page 43 This engaging “Paw Patrol” coloring page shows six brave pups outfitted in firefighting gear, with one giving a salute. Their expressions of enthusiasm and courage shine through, inviting children to add color to their heroic adventures.

paw patrol coloring page 44 In this charming scene from “Paw Patrol”, six pups are featured against a backdrop of their rescue vehicles in the sky and on the ground. They are all smiles, sporting their signature hats and badges, radiating a sense of teamwork and adventure.

paw patrol coloring page 45 A single “Paw Patrol” pup is seen running joyfully across a field of flowers on this coloring page. The pup is in mid-stride, wearing a hat and a badge, encapsulating the energy and fun of the “Paw Patrol” series.

paw patrol coloring page 46 Here’s a “Paw Patrol” pup looking ready for action. The coloring page features the character in a pilot’s cap and badge, striking a pose that exudes confidence and readiness for airborne adventures.

paw patrol coloring page 47 This “Paw Patrol” coloring page depicts a pup with an endearing smile, dressed in a utility vest and cap, with a badge proudly displayed on the chest. The simple background allows the character to be the focal point for coloring fun.

paw patrol coloring page 48 Three “Paw Patrol” pups are featured on this page, positioned in front of a rescue vehicle, all wearing their adventure-ready hats and badges. The page captures a moment of friendship and readiness to respond to any call for help.

paw patrol coloring page 49 A cheerful “Paw Patrol” scene unfolds on this coloring page, where six pups, equipped with their rescue gear, are grouped under a sunny sky with fluffy clouds. They appear jubilant and companionable, perfect for a collaborative coloring activity.

paw patrol coloring page 50 This “Paw Patrol” coloring page showcases a happy pup holding a paintbrush, donning a construction hat and a badge. The character is framed within a card-like border, making it a delightful page for young artists to personalize.

paw patrol coloring page 51 This “Paw Patrol” coloring page features a brave pup in the forefront with a determined expression, wearing a police cap and badge. In the backdrop, the moon and sun smile down while a helicopter zooms by above an array of rescue vehicles, setting the scene for an adventurous night rescue mission.

paw patrol coloring page 52 Three “Paw Patrol” pups stand at attention on this coloring page. The central pup is the largest and is in a leadership stance, wearing a utility vest and a cap. The two smaller pups flank their leader, showing their readiness to take on any mission that comes their way.

paw patrol coloring page 53 This “Paw Patrol” coloring page captures a pup with a friendly and excited demeanor seated in front of a police vehicle. Above, a helicopter with a searchlight flies by, suggesting a high-flying rescue operation is in progress.

paw patrol coloring page 54 On this “Paw Patrol” coloring page, a courageous pup stands confidently in front of a police SUV, with a cityscape and a rocket-launching scene in the background. The pup’s uniform and cap signify a readiness to maintain order and safety in the bustling city behind them.



What is Paw Patrol?

PAW Patrol is a Canadian animated television series created by Keith Chapman and produced by Spin Master Entertainment, with animation provided by Guru Studio. The show was first aired on Nickelodeon in the United States on August 12, 2013. Aimed at preschoolers, PAW Patrol follows the adventures of a boy named Ryder and his team of search and rescue dogs known as the PAW Patrol.

Each dog has a specific set of skills based on emergency services professions, such as a firefighter, a police officer, and a pilot. They all reside in Adventure Bay and work together on missions to protect the community and respond to various calls for help. The show is well-regarded for teaching children about problem-solving, teamwork, and citizenship.



What are the Most Popular Paw Patrol Characters?

1. Chase: The police pup and leader of the PAW Patrol when Ryder is not around.
2. Marshall: The clumsy but brave firefighter dog.
3. Skye: The fearless and smart aviator pup who flies in her helicopter or with her wingsuit.
4. Rubble: The construction bulldog is passionate about eating and digging.
5. Rocky: The recycling and handyman pup who dislikes water.
6. Zuma: The water rescue Labrador who loves to laugh and surf.
7. Everest: The husky who serves as a snow rescue dog in emergencies dealing with snow or ice.
8. Tracker: The jungle rescue pup with incredible hearing abilities.


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