how to draw an axolotl

How to Draw an Axolotl – A Step-by-Step Drawing Guide

Join our easy step-by-step tutorial to draw an axolotl, an enchanting aquatic creature known for its unique appearance and youthful form. Suitable for all skill levels, our guide will help you capture the axolotl’s charm in every pencil stroke, turning this drawing experience into a fun and accessible creative adventure.



Underwater Wonders: Mastering an Axolotl Sketch

Hey there! Exciting news – you’re about to dive into the world of drawing, and guess what? We’ve got something special for you – a step-by-step tutorial on drawing the cutest axolotl! Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, our easy-to-follow guide is tailored just for you. Get ready for a delightful journey as we unravel the charm of these aquatic wonders together. Can’t wait to see your masterpiece unfold! Let the creative adventure begin! 

Join us and learn how to draw an Axolotl the easy way! The below collage covers the very basic elements of drawing an Axolotl including the entire coloring process.

axolotl drawing collage


Step 1: Begin Your Easy Axolotl Drawing 

Start by drawing an oval shape to represent the axolotl’s head as you embark on the journey to learn how to draw an axolotl.

axolotl drawing 01


Step 2: Draw the Axolotl’s Body 

Below the head, draw a vertically standing oval shape to represent the main body. This should be smaller than the head.

axolotl drawing 02


Step 3: Outline the Head on Your Axolotl Sketch 

Begin outlining the axolotl head shape by using the construction lines drawn earlier to aid you in the process.

axolotl drawing 03


Step 4: Draw the Horns

Sketch three upward-facing horns on each side of the head.

axolotl drawing 04


Step 5: Continue to Outline the Axolotl’s Body 

Continue to outline the main body of the axolotl.

axolotl drawing 05


Step 6: Draw the Hands and Legs

Attached to the main body, draw the two upper hands and two lower legs, with the feet visible.

axolotl drawing 06


Step 7: Add the Dorsal Fin to Your Axolotl Drawing

Below the feet, draw the outflowing dorsal fin. Once you have finished this, go ahead and remove any unnecessary construction lines. 

axolotl drawing 07


Step 8: Draw the Tail

Within the previously drawn dorsal fin, draw the sharp end tail. Within the head, draw the two large oval eyes and the mouth.

axolotl drawing 08


Step 9: Begin to Color Your Easy Axolotl Drawing 

Apply an even coat of peach paint using a fine, sharp brush to cover the entire axolotl uniformly.

axolotl drawing 09


Step 10: Continue With the Secondary Color Coat   

Continue using the same brush and a dark shade of orange paint to evenly coat the horns and the dorsal fin.

axolotl drawing 10


Step 11: Color the Facial Features

Begin to evenly coat the eyes and mouth of your axolotl sketch, using a thin brush and black paint. 

axolotl drawing 11


Step 12: Shade Your Easy Axolotl Drawing 

Apply gentle shading and define the features around the face and main body of the axolotl using a small, soft brush and black paint.

axolotl drawing 12


Step 13: Highlight the Axolotl

Apply white paint with a small, soft brush, adding multiple strokes along the head, hands, legs, and tail to create highlight points.

axolotl drawing 13


Step 14: Shade the Horns and Dorsal Fin

Utilize a small, soft brush and black paint to incorporate shading within each horn and along the edges of the dorsal fin. Use a blending brush to diffuse the shading. Employ a small, soft brush and white paint to introduce light highlights onto the horns.

axolotl drawing 14


Step 15: Complete the Facial Features on Your Axolotl Sketch 

Use a thin brush and white paint to create a gleaming oval within each eye. Afterward, switch to orange paint to add color to the tongue within the mouth and the two cheek spots.

axolotl sketch 15


Step 16: Finalize Your Easy Axolotl Drawing 

As the final touch in this drawing tutorial, take a fine, sharp brush and black paint to delicately trace the outlines of the axolotl. This step will bring definition and polish to your artwork, ensuring that every detail stands out. 

easy axolotl drawing 16


Congratulations on completing our drawing tutorial on how to draw an axolotl! Your dedication and artistic effort truly shine through in your masterpiece. It’s inspiring to witness the creative journey you’ve undertaken, and the adorable axolotl you’ve brought to life is a testament to your talent. Keep exploring and expressing yourself through art – the world is richer with your unique creations. Well done, and here’s to many more artistic adventures ahead!



Frequently Asked Questions 


How Can You Add Texture to an Axolotl Drawing to Make It More Lifelike?

Use fine lines and subtle shading to add texture to the axolotl’s skin. Consider incorporating small details like spots or speckles to mimic the natural markings found on axolotls.


How to Add Color to My Axolotl Drawing to Enhance Its Vibrant Appearance?

Use bright and cheerful colors to capture the axolotl’s natural vibrancy. Pay attention to the specific color variations, such as pink, beige, or golden hues, and experiment with shading to create a realistic and lively representation.


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