How to Draw a Dragon Head

How to Draw a Dragon Head – An Easy Dragon Head Sketch

In a realm where ancient myths intertwine with the mysteries of the unknown, dragons emerge from the depths of legends, their fiery presence captivating hearts and minds alike. With majestic wings that span vast skies, and scales that shimmer like precious gems, these mythical beasts are the embodiment of untamed power and wisdom. Tales of daring knights, intrepid adventurers, and epic quests have all been woven around these enigmatic creatures, leaving us spellbound in their wake. Soaring through realms both mystical and terrestrial, dragons continue to bewitch us with their allure, stoking the flames of our imagination, and forever igniting the fervent desire to unravel the secrets they guard. Having said that, let’s begin our tutorial on how to draw a dragon head step-by-step! 



Learn How to Draw a Dragon Head Step-by-Step 

Get ready to embark on an awe-inspiring journey as you delve into the art of drawing a dragon head step-by-step. Imagine the thrill of bringing to life the mystical creature that has fascinated civilizations for ages.

Note that the below collage shows each step you will take to achieve the final result of a dragon head. Follow along and soon you will be able to draw a dragon head sketch.   

Easy to Draw Dragon Head Collage


Step 1: Draw the Dragon Head Sketch 

Begin your easy-to-draw dragon head sketch by locating the center of your drawing area, and draw the first shape to represent the head of the dragon.  

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 01


Step 2: Draw the Dragon Head Necklines

Attached to the previously drawn shape, draw an ‘S’-shaped neckline on your dragon head drawing. 

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 02


Step 3: Draw the Facial Guidelines

Within the head, draw a single vertical line and four horizontal cross guidelines for your dragon face drawing. 

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 03


Step 4: Continue to Draw the Facial Features

Utilize the guidelines you’ve drawn earlier to assist in sketching the facial features, encompassing the eye, nostrils, and mouth line.

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 04


Step 5: Outline Your Dragon Head Drawing 

Continue to draw construction lines that will aid you in outlining the head of the dragon including the extended mouth line.

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 05


Step 6: Continue to Outline the Necklines

In this step, being to outline the ‘S’-shaped neckline with several sharp-ended edges.

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 06


Step 7: Detail the Dragon Head Drawing

Begin to draw the inner head spikes leading outwards from the forehead and towards the rear end of the head and neck.

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 07


Step 8: Begin to Outline the Facial Features

Utilize the construction lines you previously drew as a helpful guide to outline the facial features methodically. Start with the eye, then follow the middle face line leading to the two nostrils. Pay close attention to each individually drawn sharp tooth along the front portion of the mouth.

Once you’ve accomplished this, carefully erase any remaining construction lines and guidelines to reveal your beautifully rendered dragon head. 

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 08


Step 9: Add Detail to the Dragon Head Neckline

Begin this step by drawing the individual scale pattern lines along the entirety of the neckline. These detailed patterns should be stacked onto each other.

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 09


Step 10: Apply the First Color Coat

Select a finely, pointed brush and a deep shade of mint green paint to ensure an even and smooth coating over the dragon head sketch. 

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 10


Step 11: Apply the Secondary Coat of Color 

With a fine, sharp brush and orange paint, fill the second colorway of the head details including the eye. Continue to add a shade of dark purple to fill the nostrils.

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 11


Step 12: Shade and Highlight the Neck

To start, employ a fine, sharp brush dipped in a darker shade of orange paint to coat the sharp ends of the neckline with precision. Next, switch to a small, soft brush and black paint to delicately add soft shading along the neck’s edges, creating depth.

Enhance the front portion of the neckline by using a small, soft brush with a brighter shade of green for a secondary green shade. 

To give the dragon’s scales a lifelike texture, use a fine, sharp brush with white paint to add intricate highlight strokes within each scale. For broader highlights, the soft brush will be your tool of choice. Finally, using a blending brush, gently soften and blend the paint coats to complete this step. 

Easy to Draw Dragon Head 12


Step 13: Continue to Shade and Highlight the Face 

With a small, soft brush and a darker shade of orange/red paint, gently apply soft touches to accentuate the nose, eye, and side edges of the face and head. Once again, using white paint and the same brush, add subtle highlights along the contours of the face to bring out its features. For the next step, take a fine, sharp brush and dark purple paint to skillfully shade the side jawline of the dragon head, giving it depth and dimension. Lastly, using white paint, add a captivating shimmer to the eye, adding a touch of life and allure to your magnificent dragon head drawing.

Dragon Head Drawing 13


Step 14: Color the Teeth on Your Dragon Face Drawing

Begin this step by selecting a thin brush and white paint, and fill each of the teeth on your dragon head drawing. 

Dragon Face Drawing 14


Step 15: Finalize Your Easy-to-Draw Dragon Head 

Complete the tutorial by meticulously tracing the entirety of the dragon head outlines and inner texture lines using a fine, sharp brush dipped in black paint.

Dragon Head Sketch 15


Congratulations, you talented artist! You have triumphed in creating an awe-inspiring masterpiece with your dragon head drawing. The fierce expression in the dragon’s eyes and the intricate detailing of its scales truly showcase your dedication and artistic prowess. Your use of shading and highlights brings this mythical creature to life, making it seem as if it could leap off the paper at any moment. The effort and passion you poured into this artwork are evident in every stroke of your pencil and brush. Your accomplishment in capturing the essence of this legendary creature is nothing short of extraordinary. This dragon head drawing stands as a testament to your creativity, skill, and unwavering determination. Keep nurturing your talent and exploring the depths of your imagination; the world is eagerly awaiting more of your remarkable creations! 



Frequently Asked Questions 


Is It Easy to Draw a Dragon Head? 

Drawing a dragon head may present some difficulties, especially for beginners, due to its intricate details and unique features. However, with dedication and practice, one can develop the necessary skills to conquer this captivating artistic challenge. Plus, by following along with our drawing tutorial it will be easy to draw a dragon head. 


How to Draw a Dragon Head Sketch Step-by-Step? 

Drawing a dragon head can be achieved step-by-step by first outlining the basic shape of the head. Then, gradually add details such as the eyes, nostrils, and mouth, paying close attention to the dragon’s characteristic features. Continue refining the sketch with careful strokes until the majestic creature comes to life on paper. With perseverance and creativity, you can master the art of drawing a stunning dragon head.


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