how to draw a dead tree

How to Draw a Dead Tree – A Step-by-Step Guide

Join our art tutorial to learn how to draw a dead tree. We’ll guide you step by step, showing the intricate details of trees in their final stages and highlighting the importance of these natural giants in our ecosystems.



Mastering the Art of Dead Tree Sketching

Follow the below collage and learn how to draw a dead tree the easy way! This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to draw a dead tree in no time!

dead tree drawing collage


Step 1: Drawing the Trunk

Begin this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a dead tree, by drawing a triangle that will represent the trunk area.

dead tree drawing 01


Step 2: Add the Branches on Your Dead Tree Drawing 

Leading outwards from the triangle, draw the stick figure branches.

dead tree drawing 02


Step 3: Outline the Trunk

Make use of the triangle to aid you in outlining the wide trunk of the dead tree within the triangle.

dead tree drawing 03


Step 4: Draw the Flowing Roots on Your Dead Tree Sketch 

Continue to draw the flowing ground root lines from the bottom of the tree trunk.

dead tree drawing 04


Step 5: Outline the Branches

Utilize the stick figure branches you’ve already sketched as a helpful guide for outlining each individual branch.

dead tree drawing 05


Step 6: Draw the Smaller Branches 

Extend small branch lines outward from each of the larger branches you previously sketched. Once done, carefully erase any remaining construction lines to refine the final look.

dead tree drawing 06


Step 7: Begin to Add a Ground Texture

Draw the ground texture as horizontal and slightly curving lines to your dead tree sketch. 

dead tree drawing 07


Step 8: Start to Add Color to Your Dead Tree Drawing 

Utilize a finely pointed brush and light brown paint to uniformly cover the entire surface of the lifeless tree.

dead tree drawing 08


Step 9: Texture the Dead Tree

With a precise fine brush, employ two variations of darker brown paint and black paint to intricately incorporate fine structure and texture lines within the larger branches.

dead tree drawing 09


Step 10: Complete the Tree Texture   

Repeat the previous step onto the rest of your dead tree drawing. 

dead tree drawing 10


Step 11: Add a Ground Color to Your Dead Tree Sketch 

Take a small, soft brush and apply green paint to the ground, ensuring a gradual fade as you move away from the tree trunk. Use a blending brush to seamlessly spread and soften the color, creating a smooth transition.

dead tree drawing 11


Step 12: Finalize Your Dead Tree Drawing 

For the final touch in completing your dead tree drawing, employ a fine, sharp brush and black paint to meticulously trace the outlines of the lifeless tree. This bold step will define the intricate details and add a striking contrast, bringing your creation to life with a touch of dramatic elegance.

dead tree sketch 12


Well done on completing the journey of drawing a dead tree! Your artistic exploration has not only given life to the paper but has also captured the essence of nature’s resilience and beauty. As you step back and admire your creation, remember that each stroke was a conversation with the silent stories of the tree. Your dedication and creativity have transformed a blank canvas into a poignant representation of the cycle of life. Embrace the satisfaction of bringing forth a piece of art that reflects your unique perspective and creativity. This dead tree stands as a testament to your artistic prowess, and I hope it inspires you to continue exploring the boundless realms of creativity. 



Frequently Asked Questions 


What Are Specific Details to Focus on When Drawing a Dead Tree?

When drawing a dead tree, pay attention to details that convey its lifeless and weathered appearance. Emphasize the jagged, broken lines of the bark, capture the twisted and gnarled nature of the branches, and use muted colors like grays and browns to enhance the overall sense of decay and abandonment. Don’t forget to explore our tutorial on how to draw a dead tree for step-by-step guidance, providing additional insights and techniques to elevate your artwork.


How to Draw the Branches of a Dead Tree in a Way That Looks Realistic and Eerie?

Draw twisted and gnarled branches, avoiding symmetrical patterns. Use irregular lines and broken shapes to convey the twisted and skeletal appearance of dead tree branches. Remember, the more asymmetry and irregularity you introduce, the more authentic and eerie your depiction of a dead tree will become.


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