How to Draw a Carnation Flower

How to Draw a Carnation Flower – An Easy Carnation Sketch

Carnation flowers are one of the most beautiful and exquisite flowers to draw. They are commonly used in floral arrangements, corsages, and boutonnieres. This drawing tutorial could not have come at a better time, as Valentine’s Day is around the corner! We will take you step-by-step through creating a magnificent carnation flower. So Valentines’s Day lovers, listen up, as these are the perfect flowers to give to your partner on the day of love! 



How to Draw a Carnation Flower Step-by-Step  

Flowers can be tricky to draw as they require a lot of detail. In today’s tutorial, we will take you step-by-step through the structure process before diving head-first into the detailing and coloring process. You can browse the brief outline of the carnation flower sketch in the collage below. 

Carnation Sketch Collage

You can see that the majority of the carnation flower drawing involves coloring. However, our drawing tutorial will take you step-by-step to achieving a beautiful carnation flower drawing.

Advanced artists and even beginners can follow along with our easy drawing tutorial! 


Step 1: Draw the Main Body of the Carination Sketch

We begin our carination flower drawing by sketching the outline of the main body. Draw a slightly tilted oval shape in the center of your drawing area. 

Carnation Flower Drawing 01


Step 2: Draw the Center Petals 

Within the center of the oval shape, begin drawing fine jagged lines. These will represent the smallest center petal. 

Use the shape of the oval to aid you in structuring your petals. 

Carnation Flower Drawing 02


Step 3: Draw the Surrounding Petals 

This step is simple and quick. Continue filling the oval shape with the surrounding petals, leading outwards. 

The petals can be all odd shapes and sizes. Not all the petals have to look the same.

Carnation Flower Drawing 03


Step 4: Complete the Petals in the Carnation Flower Drawing 

Start to complete the drawing by filling in the gaps between the petals. Draw smaller petals in between and around the edges of the oval shape. 

Carnation Flower Drawing 04


Step 5: Draw the Stem 

In this step, you are going to draw a fine, curving line from the bottom of the oval shape and lead downwards to any length you desire. Draw small arching sepals on either side of the stem. 

Complete the step by erasing any overlapping or construction lines. 

Carnation Flower Drawing 05


Step 6: Add the First Color Coat 

This is the first coloring step of your carnation flower drawing! You will need a regular paintbrush and bright red paint. Begin by filling in the entire main body of the flower. 

Carnation Flower Drawing 06


Step 7: Color in the Stem of the Carnation Sketch

Continue the coloring process and select a regular brush and a shade of green paint. Begin to evenly paint the entire stem of the flower, including the sepals.  

Carnation Flower Drawing 07


Step 8: Add Shading to the Stem 

Make use of a small, soft brush and either black paint or a dark shade of green paint, and softy apply brush strokes along the edge of the stem. Repeat this step with the same brush but switch to white paint, and begin adding soft highlights to the stem, focusing more on the middle of the stem.  

By adding a lighter color to the middle of the stem and leaving the edges a darker color, you are starting to add contour to your stem. 

Carnation Flower drawing 08


Step 9: Add Shading to the First Layer of Petals 

To add details to the petals of your carnation flower drawing, select a small, soft brush and black paint. Apply soft shading along the edges of the first layer of surrounding petals. 

Carnation Flower Drawing 09


Step 10: Enhance the Shading of Your Carnation Sketch 

Using the same brush and the same paint color, apply a second coat of shading now to the inner layer of the petals. Repeat this step and apply a soft shadow to the fully visible petals. 

Carnation Sketch 10


Step 11: Highlight the Carnation Flower Drawing 

As we begin to approach the end of our drawing tutorial, we are going to apply some highlights to the carnation flower drawing. Make use of a small, soft brush and white paint, and apply soft spots and strokes along the visible petal. 

Using a clean blending brush, soften the edges of the spots and strokes to create a nice highlight. 

Carnation sketch 11


Step 12: Finalize Your Carnation Sketch 

To finish your carnation flower drawing, we will erase any visible construction lines. With a fine brush and the corresponding colors, begin to trace over the outlines. You will now be left with a flawless and natural-looking carnation flower drawing! 

Carnation Sketch 12


Congratulations on finishing your very own exquisite carnation flower drawing! We hope you have enjoyed our “how to draw a carnation flower” drawing tutorial, and that you will be walking away with some new skills. You can learn how to draw flowers with our other drawing tutorials.



Frequently Asked Questions 


What Colors Should a Carnation Flower Drawing Be? 

Carnation flowers come in a variety of colors including white, pink, red, scarlet, and yellow. Each color also represents a different meaning, for example, white carnation flowers represent purity and luck. However, if you cannot find a natural color, you can create any color you like! 


How to Draw a Carnation Flower Realistically? 

By removing the carnation sketch online and creating realistic color blending, you can create a seamless result. We show you how to blend different colors in your carnation flower drawing that seamlessly removes any remaining construction lines, and leaves you with a beautiful and realistic carnation flower drawing!  


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