Best Wood Burning Kit – Our Recommended Pyrography Kit for Beginners

Are you at a place where you want to do something different or something more creative with your arts and crafts projects? Then wood burning may just be the outlet that you are looking for. Wood burning is an art form that allows you to burn designs into a wooden base. We guarantee that you will be impressed by what you can create, and we will be guiding you through the whole process as to what wood-burning art is all about and also what wood-burning tools you need to get started.  



What Is Wood Burning?

Wood burning, also called Pyrography is a specialized art form where you can create your designs, sketches, or patterns by burning them into a piece of wood, leather, or cork. The whole process can also be referred to as pyrography, so when looking for a wood-burning kit, you will notice words like pyrography pen. The wood you use must be smooth, fine-grained, and preferably light in color to show up the designs you create. The best wood would be your softwood, although hardwood is also an option. 

What Is a Pyrography Kit

In this article, we will be concentrating on burning into the wood, and we will also be showing you how easy it can be for anyone to try. The basic equipment you will require is very affordable and minimal. All that you will need to get started is a wood-burning tool and a piece of wood.     


What Is the Function of a Wood Burning Tool?

The wood-burning tool looks very similar to an ordinary soldering iron and when you apply heat to the tip that is fixed to the pen, you can use it to draw whatever design or shapes you desire by burning them into the wood.  The wood-burning tools vary as some of them are specially designed for the beginner and others for the more advanced wood burners. 

So, what are the criteria that separate the beginner’s wood-burning tool from the more advanced tools? 


Exchangeable Tips

The tips supplied with the pens differ in their design, which allows the user to do some straightforward wood-burning or enables the user to draw and design more intricate and detailed designs, sketches, and shapes.

Beginner Pyrography Pen


Burning Loops

These are fine wires that are formed into loops of different shapes and are pointed, flat, and round. These burning loops can move effortlessly over your wood. However, they are more for the advanced wood-burning user as they take a lot more practice. 

The wood-burning does not only depend on the burning loops but also on the way your hand holds the pen.


Molded Tips

These are solid metalheads that are made in different shapes, very similar to the exchangeable bits of the screwdriver. They are easy to use and handle but unfortunately, they cannot be used for detailed or intricate work and are found mainly in the beginner’s kits. 

Best Wood Burner Tool


Temperature Control  

The second criterion separating these wood-burning tools is the way the temperature is controlled. The very cheap wood-burning models come without any temperature control and operate on one fixed temperature, and their use is very limited. Then the beginner’s wood-burning kits have temperature control and are plugged directly into the wall power socket. 

These have a rotary wheel on the pen where you can then control the temperature, and usually have solid molded tips.

 Lastly, you have the wood-burning pens that are connected to a separate transformer, or wood-burning station, that can give you far better control of your temperature, and usually operate using burning loops. This wider range of temperature control gives the user a more flexible use of the pen.



How Does a Wood Burning Kit Work? 

To create a good piece of wood-burning artwork, you must purchase good-quality wood-burning kits or pens. A number of the kits on the market come with different accessories, and each accessory has its particular purpose and use. You can even personalize your kit to suit your own designs, taste, and style.  The tools supplied with the kits can be used for carving or burning into your wood, as well as spot heating and soldering. Many kits come with built-in safety features that give you maximum comfort while in use and may also include a metallic stand and storage case.    

Beginners Wood Burning Kit

The wood-burning kits usually come with a wood-burning pen, which is very similar to an ordinary soldering iron. You heat the pen and use it to create your artwork on the wood. The kit also comes with many different soldering tips or nibs, with various shapes used for cutting or curving your different shapes into the wood. Available are stand-alone tools that consist only of a wood-burning pen, or you can purchase a wood-burning kit, and the kits are stocked as beginner’s kits or kits for the more professional artist.


Craft-Style or Beginner’s Kit

The beginners or craft-style kit is ideal and usually, comes with a single wood burner pen that has a screw-in or snap-in tip system, and it plugs directly into the wall socket. Most of the beginner’s kits come with a set of brass tips, but you can also purchase separate tips when you need them. 

The solid point tools have a bigger pen grip when using them and also come with one thick brass tip that is designed to be heated at a pre-adjusted temperature, which will allow you to concentrate more on your wood-burning without having to worry about the temperature.

 Some of the beginner’s kits also come with a dual heat shield that protects you from the heat. However, this is a beginner’s kit, and it is not made for fine detailed work or designing. The pen tips will take a lot longer to cool down, for up to eight minutes each time.


Wire-Nib or Professional Kit

The wire-nib tools are specially designed for use by professionals and those that are more advanced users of wood-burning. The wood-burning pens handles are much smaller than the beginners kit and are a lot easier to hold for longer times, helping to keep your hand from cramping. The wire-nibs slide into the pen or some of them Snap-On while others are screw-on and are also able to cool off a lot quicker, in about two to three minutes due to the dual-wire elements.

Wood Burner Pen

It is also equipped with variable temperature control, which will give you the option of drawing more detailed work with a lot more accuracy. Unlike the beginner’s kit, the pens are first plugged into a separate power box, and the power box is plugged into the wall socket. These kits come with more power as well as more heat, however, this kit is meant for the more advanced user as it will take you a long time to master the technique properly. 


The Importance of Safety When Using a Wood Burning Kit

Whenever you make use of any device that produces heat, there is always a risk involved. This is why safety is a very important factor to consider, whenever using any wood-burning equipment. There are quite a few things you can do to ensure that no unforeseen accidents occur. Most kits come with a safety stand that you can use to put the pen on when it is very hot, and this will prevent any burns to your hands or skin. 

When the tool is operating, it generates a lot of heat and most of the pens are fitted with a heat shield, which helps to shield your hands from the heat when you are busy with the pen. 

It is also very important you make use of protective gloves whenever you use the pen as it generates fairly high temperatures, which could cause burns on your hands. If you are working at home and there are children around, make sure that you select a working area that is away from children and pets. When you are burning material like wood, it will produce some smoke, which may contain resins or chemicals that could endanger your health. You should, at all times, wear eye protection and a mask, and make sure there is ample ventilation.


Storing Your Wood Burning Kit

This is the same as storing any other electric tools or equipment; you need to keep them in a cool dry place and protect the cord that it does not start to fray. Storing the tips is also vital so you do not misplace any of them.  So, most wood-burning kits also come in a strong storage case.

Best Pyrography Pen


Cleaning the Wood Burner Tips

While you are busy burning into the wood, there will be a slight buildup on the tip. This will result in heat transfer at that point, and it will be noticeable as it no longer produces the same results. You need to clean the tip before the deposit gets too thick, making it a lot more difficult to get clean.

You can use sandpaper for this purpose but ensure that it is very fine or else it may damage the tip.

 The sandpaper can be from 200-grit to 1500-grit. You can also make use of abrasive paste, but this is a slow process and needs to be done very gently. There is also the cleaning brush, which is a small wire brush and is also part of the accessories of many kits. The cleaning should also be done carefully so as not to damage the tip.



Best Wood Burning Kits

It does not matter if you are a beginner at wood-burning, or if you are a professional, it is always difficult to select the right wood-burning kit to suit your particular needs. At this stage, you may be feeling quite overwhelmed by all the wood-burning kits available. So, we have chosen some of the best wood-burning kits for you. 

Pyrography Kit for Beginners


Best Wood-Burning Kit for Beginners: TRUART Wood and Leather Kit

The TRUArt Wood and Leather Pyrography Kit is a popular brand and is one of the best wood-burning kits for beginners. Once you have gained more experience, then consider upgrading to TRUArt’s professional kit. The pen included in this kit has only two temperature settings, one at 30W, which is used for wood burning, and the other at 15W used for leather or gourd burning. These two temperature settings do not give you much of a choice for exact temperatures, but as a beginner, it helps to minimize the guesswork on what temperature is right for your project.

TRUART Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen
  • The superior-quality pen has a stainless steel barrel to resist heat
  • Comes with 21 interchangeable tips for versatile mark-making
  • Includes a user manual to provide instructions for the pen 
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This wood-burning kit also comes with 21 solid interchangeable tips that include calligraphy, dot, groove, solder point, razor blade, universal, hot knife, and many more. The complete kit is supplied with a plastic case for protection. Also included are a steel number and letter stencil, a manual that sets out clear instructions on how to use the tool, and a lightweight pen that has a nonslip handle. The pen is comfortable to hold and allows you to work for long periods without your hands tiring or cramping.

  • Comfortable grip with a nonslip handle
  • Comes with a carry case for safekeeping
  • Comes complete with 21 interchangeable solid tips
  • Can be used for soft or hard materials
  • Heats up fairly quickly
  • Instruction manual
  • The stainless steel barrel pen makes it very durable
  • Easy to use
  • Only has two temperature settings

Best Affordable Wood Burning Kit: WALNUT HOLLOW Wood Burning Kit  

The Walnut Hollow Wood Burning Kit is easy to use, even if you have never held or worked with a wood burner pen before. This wood-burning tool is also an affordable option and comes with eleven interchangeable tips that have various purposes. For example, the universal point is used for general burning, which will include curves, drawing, and shading. If you switch to another angle, you can achieve various techniques.  You also get flow points, which are used for burning dots, curves, shading techniques, and creating finer details.

WALNUT HOLLOW Creative Versa Tool
  • A woodburning tool with variable temperature control for any project
  • Features a Comfort Grip for extended use and a heat shield for safety
  • Includes 11 interchangeable tips and lead-free solder
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Other points include a shading point, tapered point, calligraphy point, hot knifepoint, soldering point, and stamping point for creating patterns and borders. The tool is comfortable to hold, allowing you to use it for extended periods without cramping or getting tired. It is not only excellent for use on wood but it can be used on cork and leather as well. The tool has a variable temperature control that can be set anywhere from zero degrees to 950 degrees Fahrenheit. For your protection, the tool comes with a heat-resistant shield. 

  • Suitable for wood burning and other purposes
  • Has an on/off switch for safety measures
  • Comes with a built-in safety stand
  • Affordable pyrography kit
  • Changing tips is easy
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Supplied with storage case
  • There might be extra pieces that you will not use
  • Precision may be difficult for some users
  • Tips are inclined to lose their heat quickly

Best Professional Wood Burning Kit: TRUART Dual Pen Professional Wood Burning Kit

The TRUArt Dual Pen Professional Wood Burning Kit is a 60 W tool kit and is one of the very best wood-burning kits on the market. So, if you have enjoyed the TRUArt Stage one wood-burning kit, then this kit is the next level up. If you find that the dual pen kit is too expensive, then there is a TRUArt single pen wood burning kit, which has all the properties of the dual pen system.

This kit is more for experienced users as it comes with wire tip sets and not solid tips. These are better as they heat up and cool down much faster, and you are also able to do more detailed and intricate work. The digital power supply unit gives you the option of setting the perfect temperature, enabling you to make small adjustments to the temperature as you work.   

TRUART Dual Pen Professional Woodburning Tool
  • The pyrography pen heats up and cools down almost instantly
  • The small and lightweight handpiece is ergonomic for your hands
  • The precise digital voltage control allows for easy adjustment
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It also comes with two pens, enabling you to keep two pens ready for use at the same time without having to switch tips. The pens are lighter and smaller than other brands, making it much easier to get those perfect results you want. This kit allows you to hold the pen for long periods, without burning your fingers or the need for finger guards.

This is because the pen is properly insulated and does not overheat and burn your fingers. This professional wood burning kit comes with many attachments and tools to make your wood-burning experience more enjoyable, from two pyrography pens and pen holders, pliers, tweezers, to interchangeable tips, tooth files, a storage case, manual, and one 60W digital power supply unit giving, which provides accurate voltage control.

  • Two pens that work simultaneously
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Designed especially for the more experienced user
  • Tips heat up and cool down quickly
  • Excellent heat range
  • Great heat retention
  • Quick and easy to change tips
  • It is a bit pricey
  • Brass screws that hold tips are prone to wear and tear


What to Take Into Account When Buying Your Wood Burning Kit

It is important to understand that no two kits are the same, which is why we will be helping you to make the best choice possible for your wood-burning it. Here are some of the features and factors you should think about before buying a wood-burning kit.

Beginners Pyrography Kit


Stand-Alone or Single Tools vs. Wood Burning Kits

So let us now consider if you should buy a wood-burning kit or is it better to buy a stand-alone tool that will only include a pen. The choice is entirely up to you, but if you are a beginner, then we suggest that you buy the kit as this choice will help you to first get the feel of the pen as well as the different tools. 

By choosing the kit, it will eliminate the need of searching for all the necessary accessories that you will need.


Wood Burning Kits 

Kits come with the essential accessories that you will need. This will include the wood-burning pen, a couple of different tips, a storage case, and a stand. Some of the kits also include stencils, stamps, carbon paper, sandpaper, as well as some design ideas.

Best Wood for Pyrography Kit

The wood-burning kits range from beginners to professional, expensive to something more affordable. Most of the beginner’s kits are priced fairly reasonably and will consist of all the necessary tools and accessories that you need. You want to buy a kit that has everything you need, however, try not to go overboard and buy a kit that has too many tips or accessories that you may never use.


Single Tools

The main disadvantage of buying a kit is that you cannot customize your equipment. When buying single tools, you will be able to purchase stamps, tips, stencils, or whatever tools you want, and you will also be able to buy the pen that is perfect for