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Pokemon Coloring Pages – 35 New and Free Coloring Sheets

Join us on a creative adventure with our collection of 35 free Pokemon coloring pages. Ideal for fans young and old, these downloadable sheets bring the excitement of Pokemon battles and adventures to your fingertips.



Our 35 Unique Pokemon Coloring Pages

pokemon coloring page 01 Ash Ketchum with a cap and backpack alongside Pikachu

pokemon coloring page 02 Ash Ketchum and Pikachu in a dynamic stance, flames engulfing the background

pokemon coloring page 03 Ash Ketchum sitting and giving a high-five to an excited Pikachu on grass

pokemon coloring page 04 Ash in motion, throwing a Poké Ball

pokemon coloring page 05 Ash Ketchum in mid-action, reaching for a soaring Poké Ball

pokemon coloring page 06 Ash Ketchum and Pikachu standing triumphantly, with a starry backdrop

pokemon coloring page 07 Ash Ketchum seated with Pikachu, pointing at a shimmering orb

pokemon coloring page 08 Pikachu and Ash united, looking into the sky

pokemon coloring page 09 Bulbasaur among fluffy flowers, poised and alert

pokemon coloring page 10 Bulbasaur with a gentle smile, nestled among delicate flowers, twinkling stars above

pokemon coloring page 11 Charizard standing proudly with wings outstretched and tail flame aglow

pokemon coloring page 12 Dragonite smiling with a whimsical expression, amidst bubbles and stars

pokemon coloring page 13 Eevee looking up with big, expressive eyes, cute and fluffy

pokemon coloring page 14 Eevee alert and curious, surrounded by stars and pebbles on the ground

pokemon coloring page 15 Gengar with a mischievous grin, appearing ready for a playful scare

pokemon coloring page 16 Gengar looking confident and sly, with a fierce and cheeky smile

pokemon coloring page 17 Jigglytuff with a joyful expression, in a forest setting

pokemon coloring page 18 Jigglytuff depicted with a playful and happy demeanor, almost winking

pokemon coloring page 19 Lucario standing confidently, with a focused and determined stance

pokemon coloring page 20 Mew looking serene and gentle, with a slight, endearing smile

pokemon coloring page 21 Ninetales sitting gracefully, with luxurious tails and an elegant aura

pokemon coloring page 22  Pikachu sitting warmly by a campfire under a crescent moon, stars sparkling in the night

pokemon coloring page 23 Two Pikachu enjoying a playful day outside, with one waving from a tree and another holding a flower

pokemon coloring page 24 Pikachu in a serene pose surrounded by flowers and a curious butterfly, embodying peace and tranquility

pokemon coloring page 25 Pikachu sitting on a log, enjoying his life in the woods

pokemon coloring page 26 A simple yet iconic Poké Ball illustration, the essential tool for any Pokémon trainer

pokemon coloring page 27 Pikachu with the Pokémon logo behind, ready for adventure

pokemon coloring page 28 Pikachu wearing a cap with the Pokémon logo, next to a smaller Pikachu and a Poké Ball, symbolizing the franchise

pokemon coloring page 29 Pikachu wearing a trainer hat in the foreground with Pokémon Go logo, surrounded by various Pokémon and cityscape

pokemon coloring page 30 Sandshrew depicted with a cute and friendly expression, appearing relaxed

pokemon coloring page 31 Snorlax lying on its back, sleeping soundly under a starry sky, exuding tranquility

pokemon coloring page 32 A close-up of a peaceful Snorlax, deeply asleep with Z’s above its head, indicating a deep slumber

pokemon coloring page 33 Squirtle looking cheerful and friendly with a large, inviting gaze

pokemon coloring page 34 Togepi illustrated with stars and Poké Balls, suggesting a magical presence

pokemon coloring page 35 Tyranitar standing confidently, showcasing its powerful and formidable stature



What’s the History of Pokemon?

The Pokémon franchise began in 1996 in Japan with the release of the video games Pokémon Red and Green for the Game Boy, created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori from Game Freak. Tajiri’s childhood interest in collecting creatures inspired the game’s concept of catching and training diverse species of Pokémon.

The franchise quickly expanded to include an animated TV series, movies, trading card games, toys, books, and various merchandise. Pokémon became a cultural phenomenon, evolving into one of the most successful and enduring video game franchises, spanning multiple generations of players around the world.



What are the 10 Most Famous Pokemon?

These Pokémon have become staples of the series and have appeared in various games, shows, movies, and merchandise.

  1. Pikachu – The franchise’s mascot, known for its electric powers.
  2. Charizard – A fire-breathing dragon-like Pokémon, highly sought after in the game.
  3. Mewtwo – A powerful Psychic-type Pokémon created through genetic manipulation.
  4. Bulbasaur – One of the original starter Pokémon, a Grass/Poison-type.
  5. Squirtle – Another original starter Pokémon, a Water-type turtle.
  6. Jigglypuff – Known for its ability to put opponents to sleep with its song.
  7. Eevee – Notable for its multiple evolutions, adapting to various environments.
  8. Snorlax – A large, sleepy Normal-type Pokémon that blocks paths until awakened.
  9. Meowth – Recognizable for its ability to speak human language in the anime.
  10. Gengar – A mischievous Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon with a distinctive grin.


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