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Pewter Color – Explore all Shades, Color Meaning and Design Tips

I’ve always been drawn to the understated elegance of pewter, a color that straddles the line between gray and silver with effortless grace. I’m excited to guide you through the world of pewter, from its rich, muted tones to its surprising versatility in design and fashion. We’ll delve into the meanings, psychological effects, and the many ways you can incorporate this sophisticated hue into your style and surroundings.



What Color Is Pewter?

Pewter might just seem like another member of the gray family at first glance, but trust me, there’s a whole world in that one color. It’s got its roots in the classic metal it’s named after, giving it that cool, dark gray vibe. But it’s not just any gray—it’s got these subtle hints of blue that can totally transform it, and instead of a flashy shine, pewter carries itself with a kind of understated elegance, like a matte finish that’s way more chic than shiny.

To me, pewter is like the perfect middle ground between the deep intensity of charcoal and the bright sparkle of silver. Sometimes it leans a bit cooler, with those blueish notes coming through, and other times, it warms up and you can almost see a touch of brown in there. It’s this chameleon-like quality that makes pewter so incredibly neutral and adaptable—it can play nice with pretty much any color it’s paired with.

In my own home, I’ve used pewter in so many ways. It’s a rockstar as a backdrop color, letting other hues pop, but it can also step up as the main event in a room’s color scheme. And because it comes in such a range—from light to dark, cool to warm—it’s an ace at being that perfect accent that ties everything together.

Color Name
Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Pewter#96A8A112, 0, 5, 40150, 168, 161 



Meaning of the Pewter Color

In general, gray, and pewter can be seen as a neutral, serious color that helps to balance other more vibrant colors. All shades of pewter are practical and portray a sense of maturity and also represent responsibility. Gray may seem to be a dull color that can be linked with emotions like sadness.

However, pewter can have warmer or cooler undertones that help to bring more warmth and calm. Since pewter can be a little bit more lively than your average gray, it can appear more sophisticated. 

AspectPewter Color Associations
SymbolsDurability, Timelessness, Subtlety, Versatility
EffectsGrounding, Stabilizing, Complementing, Understated Elegance
Color PsychologyConveys Reliability and Neutrality, Evokes a Sense of Practicality
PositiveSophistication, Professionalism, Flexibility, Modernity
NegativeCan Be Perceived as Dull or Lacking in Energy if Overused

People who choose gray or pewter as their favorite color, are generally more introverted and they like to blend in with the crowd.



Pewter Color Palette Shades

There’s so much more to pewter than just being a one-note wonder. It’s got layers, depth, and an array of shades that can really capture your heart. I’ve created a comprehensive table with all known pewter shades, including color codes and the color visualization.

Color Shade NameHex CodeRGBCMYK (%)Color Visualization
Antique Pewter 1560 – Benjamin Moore#8B8A7B139, 138, 1230, 1, 12, 45 
Blue Pewter#8BA8B7139, 168, 18324, 8, 0, 28 
Classic Pewter – Matthews Paint#83807F131, 128, 1270, 2, 3, 49 
Dark Pewter 2122-10 – Benjamin Moore#4B575675, 87, 8614, 0, 1, 66 
Deep Pewter#60686596, 104, 1018, 0, 3, 59 
Intense Pewter#647180100, 113, 12822, 12, 0, 50 
Library Pewter SW 0038 – Sherwin Williams#7F7263127, 114, 990, 10, 22, 50 
Light Pewter 1464 – Benjamin Moore#DBD8CE219, 216, 2060, 1, 6, 14 
Pewter#E9EAEC233, 234, 2361, 1, 0, 7 
Pewter 2121-30 – Benjamin Moore#979C9F151, 156, 1595, 2, 0, 38 
Pewter Blue#8BA8B7139, 168, 18324, 8, 0, 28 
Pewter Cast SW 7673 – Sherwin Williams#9B9893155, 152, 1470, 2, 5, 39 
Pewter Green SW 6208 – Sherwin Williams#5E625994, 98, 894, 0, 9, 62 
PEWTER GREY HDGWN50 – Glidden#BCB7AF188, 183, 1750, 3, 7, 26 
Pewter Metallic#838897131, 136, 15113, 10, 0, 41 
PEWTER MUG – Behr#B2B3B5178, 179, 1812, 1, 0, 29 
Pewter Silver – AMC#797A75121, 122, 1171, 0, 4, 52 
Pewter Tankard SW 0023 – Sherwin Williams#A39B90163, 155, 1440, 5, 12, 36 
Requisite Gray SW 7023 – Sherwin Williams#B9B2A9185, 178, 1690, 4, 9, 27 
Revere Pewter HC-172 – Benjamin Moore#CBC6B8203, 198, 1840, 2, 9, 20 
Roycroft Pewter SW 2848 – Sherwin Williams#61656497, 101, 1004, 0, 1, 60 
Shale 861 by Benjamin Moore – Benjamin Moore#C3BDB1195, 189, 1770, 3, 9, 24 
Tavern Gray CW-40 by Benjamin Moore – Benjamin Moore#918A74145, 138, 1160, 5, 20, 43 
Vintage Pewter CSP-110 – Benjamin Moore#A09E97160, 158, 1510, 1, 6, 37 
Warm Pewter SW 9572 – Sherwin Williams#B4ADA6180, 173, 1660, 4, 8, 29 



Pewter Color Combinations

We have already established that pewter falls in the category of neutral colors, that being said, it can work well with most colors. However, the color works best with shades of gray and a beautiful crisp white. Depending on the shade of pewter, the color can work well with cream, beige, gold, burgundy, shades of green, and blue.

Pewter Color Combinations


Neutral Pewter Color Combinations

Since pewter is a neutral color, it is safe to say that it will cork great with other neutral colors. Of course, you can use various lighter and darker shades to balance the color scheme. For example, a crisp white with dark pewter. Pewter is a shade of gray, so it can easily work well with other gray colors. 

Black is another color that works well with pewter, especially pewter colors that have a blue or green undertone.

Pewter ShadePewter Hex CodeCMYK Pewter Color Code (%)RGB Pewter Color CodePewter Color
Pewter#e9eaec1, 1, 0, 7233, 234, 236 
Beige#f5f5dc0, 0, 10, 4245, 245, 220 
Dark Pewter#4c585714, 0, 1, 6576, 88, 87 
White#ffffff0, 0, 0, 0255, 255, 255 


Yellow and Pewter

You can try using any shade of yellow with pewter to bring more warmth into a room. If you choose a pewter color as your background in a room, it is best to add yellow as an accent color so as not to overwhelm the space.

What Colors go with Pewter

Pewter ShadePewter Hex CodeCMYK Pewter Color Code (%)RGB Pewter Color CodePewter Color
Pewter Green#5e62594, 0, 9, 6294, 98, 89 
Yellow#ffff330, 0, 80, 0255, 255, 51 


Green and Pewter

Pewter walls will make a nice backdrop for other cooler shades of green. You can try using a warmer pewter color instead of a simple white to add a little more contrast. 

Add to this your touches of green, which should make for an interesting color combination.

Pewter ShadePewter Hex CodeCMYK Pewter Color Code (%)RGB Pewter Color CodePewter Color
Light Pewter#dbd8ce0, 1, 6, 14219, 216, 206 
Emerald Green#50c87860, 0, 40, 2280, 200, 120 


Navy Blue and Pewter

Navy blue is the type of color that works easily with other neutral colors. When it comes to pewter, you may want to choose cooler gray pewter shades over your warmer pewter undertones. This combination is also a favorite for wedding color schemes. Add a hint of gold color for a more sophisticated look and to bring in a bit of warmth.

Shades of Pewter Combinations

Pewter ShadePewter Hex CodeCMYK Pewter Color Code (%)RGB Pewter Color CodePewter Color
Pewter#e9eaec1, 1, 0, 7233, 234, 236 
Navy Blue#000080100, 100, 0, 500, 0, 128 


A Few More Pewter Color Combinations

Pewter is an elegant, classic, and sophisticated color that can work well with any décor theme. The color is highly adaptable and can be used to create both cooler, warmer, darker, or lighter options. 

This is why it works so well as a base color, to which you can add accents of most other colors in the form of furniture, cushions, carpets, and curtains.

Below are a few more pewter color combinations that you might find appealing. First, you have a beautiful combination with light pewter. The second is a color combination with a brighter yellow and pewter. The third option is for those who cannot do without purple in their lives, while the last example is for those who enjoy a bit of green.

Pewter ShadePewter Hex CodeCMYK Pewter Color Code (%)RGB Pewter Color CodePewter Color
Light Pewter#dbd8ce0, 1, 6, 14219, 216, 206 
Light Pink#ffb6c10, 29, 24, 0255, 182, 193 
Gray#8080800, 0, 0, 50128, 128, 128 
Ivory#fffff00, 0, 6, 0255, 255, 240 


Pewter ShadePewter Hex CodeCMYK Pewter Color Code (%)RGB Pewter Color CodePewter Color
Pewter#e9eaec1, 1, 0, 7233, 234, 236 
Dark Blue#00008b100, 100, 0, 450, 0, 139 
Blue-Gray#6699cc50, 25, 0, 20102, 153, 204 
Yellow#ffff330, 0, 80, 0255, 255, 51 


Pewter ShadePewter Hex CodeCMYK Pewter Color Code (%)RGB Pewter Color CodePewter Color
Pewter#e9eaec1, 1, 0, 7233, 234, 236 
Ivory#fffff00, 0, 6, 0255, 255, 240 
Lilac#c8a2c80, 19, 0, 22200, 162, 200 
Rosewater#edaec00, 27, 19, 7237, 174, 192 


Pewter ShadePewter Hex CodeCMYK Pewter Color Code (%)RGB Pewter Color CodePewter Color
Light Pewter#dbd8ce0, 1, 6, 14219, 216, 206 
Olive Green#8080000, 0, 100, 50128, 128, 0 
Sage Green#b2ac880, 3, 24, 30178, 172, 136 
Olive#bab86c0, 1, 42, 27186, 184, 108 



A Brief History

There is no mention of a pewter color name in the past, but the color does come from the well-known metal. The metal itself has been used over the years for light fixtures and other items. However, today the color is used in paint and fabrics. The metal pewter has been used since Ancient Roman times when it was used to make utensils and other items. So, we know that pewter metal has been around for many years.

What Color Is Pewter

To begin, the pewter metal consisted of tin alloy, copper, and lead. This was used for many years until lead was discovered as being toxic and the cause of lead poisoning. This was only realized in the 1970s, so it was not all that long ago and if you have any pewter items in your home that come before 1980, it may be a good idea to test it out.

Today, the makeup of pewter has changed and now only includes a tin alloy, copper, and antimony. Pewter containing more copper will have a warmer tone than others with less copper. Pewter has gained more popularity in the 21st century as a color than as a metal, so let us now have a look at what meaning the pewter color provides.



Pewter in Fashion

Pewter is one of those cool, versatile colors that’s super easy to match with almost anything in your closet. It’s like a chameleon, fitting in with bold colors or keeping things chic with black and white.

pewter in fashion

I personally love how it adds a touch of modern sophistication without trying too hard—whether it’s a sleek pewter jacket, a pair of shiny flats, or even some subtle jewelry. It’s the perfect go-to when you want to look effortlessly stylish and a bit edgy.


Pewter in Interior Design

Pewter is my secret weapon for creating a cozy yet sophisticated space in my home. It’s this beautiful, muted shade that’s not quite silver and not quite gray, but it brings the best of both to the table.

I love pairing pewter accents with bold colors for a pop, or with soft pastels for a tranquil vibe. It’s amazing for things like picture frames, lamp bases, or throw pillows—just a few pewter touches can make any room feel more grounded and pulled together. Trust me, a little pewter goes a long way in making your space look thoughtfully designed.

pewter interior design ideas


Pewter is a color that is neutral and comes in a variety of shades as well as color temperatures. It is truly a color that is more than your average gray and offers great versatility. This is no trending color, but remains constant and timeless, providing the perfect backdrop to any décor theme.


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