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Meaning of the Color Amber – Uncover the Golden Glow of Amber

Amber is a color name that is derived from transparent fossil resin that can come in many colors including yellow, orange, red, and brown tones. When you think of amber, it might evoke feelings of warmth that convey a certain amount of mystery. To discover more about the amber color meaning, read further below!



The Meaning of the Color Amber

Shade  Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Amber#ffbf000, 25, 100, 0255, 191, 0 

The actual amber resin comes in a variety of warm hues, however, there is also a web version of amber. The amber web version can be defined as a bright yellow-orange as it is located midway between orange and yellow on the color wheel. Some might even say that it appears to have slight golden undertones. However, you do get different shades of amber as well, which can also have more brownish undertones.

amber color meaning Amber color meaning infographic. Click on the image to download a printable PDF.

It is safe to say that amber is an overall warm color that can be associated with energy, comfort, optimism, and happiness. Amber is also a bold and uplifting color that instills confidence, strength, and security. Below are some of these positive traits, but there are also a few undesirable aspects to amber as you can see below.


Positive Associations of the Amber Color

  • Happiness
  • Boldness
  • Confidence
  • Optimistic
  • Healing
  • Trustworthy
  • Fun
  • Uplifting
  • Comforting
  • Creative
  • Spontaneous
  • Nurturing
  • Friendly


Negative Associations of the Amber Color

  • Irritating
  • Overwhelming
  • Frustrating
  • Anger



Psychological Meaning of the Amber Color

When you look at the color amber, it most likely inspires feelings of warmth and happiness. Being a bold and energizing color, amber also conveys feelings of confidence. These aspects of the color amber help designers and artists create projects and artwork that speak to people. Amber, due to its golden undertones, can also be associated with wealth and sophistication.

Amber may remind you of the golden and comforting rays of the sun, which can provide feelings of happiness, well-being, or security.

The color is also inspirational and encourages creativity. The warm and vibrant color captures your attention and is often used as a warning color symbol, for example, amber in traffic lights. Amber is a color that is connected to the fossil resin, which represents the past and can be associated with inner wisdom. The amber resin is also of the natural world and the color is often found in nature. If you are going for a natural look in a design, pair it with shades of green and neutral hues.

Positive Amber Color Meaning

Amber is also reminiscent of the fall season, which can evoke feelings of nostalgia and coziness. As amber is part of the yellow family, too much of it can create negative feelings like anger and frustration. When used more appropriately, it can help to nurture and support.



Physical Effects of the Amber Color

As described, amber contains yellow and orange, and sometimes brown or red, depending on the shade. So, it can provide a mixture of effects. Amber is an energizing color, so it is perfect if you are looking for a color that lifts you. It can help to lessen mental exhaustion and can help to ease anxiety and stress. However, too much of the color can cause anxiety and irritation.

Amber is also an uplifting color, which can help to alleviate depression and other mental health concerns.

It can help to balance the mood as it helps promote positive thinking. Yellow and orange colors are also known to help stimulate the appetite. The amber color can help to sharpen your memory, improve communication, and increase blood pressure.



The Amber Color in Different Cultures    

The meaning of colors can develop over the years and is often due to cultural influences. However, individual experiences also influence how people view certain colors. The amber tree resin has been popular for its color for thousands of years, and today, it is still used to create amazing jewelry items. Amber resin has also been associated with spirituality and magic. Ancient Greeks called amber “electron” or “beaming sun” and they believed it was a gift from the sun god, Apollo. Amber was used to create jewelry and other items. They also believed that amber represented eternal life.

Greek and Roman women often wore amber jewelry, as they believed it helped with fertility.

Other past cultures also believed that the souls of dead animals became amber, which is another link to spirituality. In Hinduism, amber represents the god of fire, which is associated with cleansing ceremonies. Amber is also recognized as a symbol of the sun that helps to inspire knowledge.

In medieval times in Europe, amber was seen as a valuable and rare commodity. Amber was used to create certain artifacts like rosary beads and other items. During this time, they also believed that amber had healing properties. Since only those with money could obtain the amber, it was also a symbol of wealth. As time went on, the meaning behind amber remained in some cultures and expanded in others.


Chinese Culture

The amber color is associated with strength and courage in Chinese culture and is thought to possess protective qualities, guarding against evil or negative spirits. So, amber also represents good luck. Amber resin has also been part of Traditional Chinese medicine for many years. It is believed that amber has healing properties, which help with various illnesses and pain. 

Amber Color Meaning in Different Cultures


Native American Culture

Amber was used to create jewelry items or talismans, which were believed to possess protective qualities. Again, amber was believed to possess healing properties and was used to treat different illnesses.

Some tribes also saw amber as a symbol of the sun that brings light, love, and warmth.


Amber Color in the Modern World

Today, amber is still used to create jewelry pieces and the color continues to inspire people all over the world. The amber color has a strong connection to comfort, warmth, and natural beauty. Often, the color is used in various design applications. In fashion, amber is a color that creates a look that is elegant and striking. In art, amber has been used by many famous artists, who used the color to paint warm and glowing tones.

Amber Color Meaning in Fashion

The vibrant amber color is still used for this purpose in art today. The amber color has also globally been used to indicate a warning or caution, which is used in traffic lights. Some might say the light is yellow, but it is defined as amber in various technical guidelines. When paired with other colors, amber is a versatile hue that can create a wide variety of meanings, depending on how it is used.



Meaning of the Different Shades of Amber

Shade  Hex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Amber#ffbf000, 25, 100, 0255, 191, 0 
Amber Brown#a76d540, 35, 50, 35167, 109, 84 
Amber Gold#c195520, 23, 58, 24193, 149, 82 
Amber Orange#f2b0460, 27, 71, 5242, 176, 70 
Honey#eba9370, 28, 77, 8235, 169, 55 

When it comes to the world of web colors, there are numerous shades and tones of each. The same applies to the amber color, as you can get a variety of bold gold colors, yellow, and orange varieties. Let us have a look at a few of the amber shades available.


Amber Brown

The amber brown color has more of a brownish undertone and is a darker shade of amber. The color offers warmth but also offers a more grounded feeling. Not as bold as amber, the color is a unique shade that can create a welcoming atmosphere in any room.

This color can also be used to create a beautiful neutral color palette.


Amber Gold

This is more of a moderate color that has yellow undertones, producing subtle hints of gold and bronze. The amber-gold color offers a more natural look but still has that warm and inviting feel. The color also provides a sense of luxury and wealth.

Amber Color Meanings


Amber Orange

As you can see in the table, amber orange is a vibrant, bold, daring, and eye-catching hue. The color is energetic and stimulating, yet still provides that warm and welcoming feeling.

These types of vibrant colors should be used cautiously, as too much can become overpowering and agitating.



When you think of honey, your thoughts turn to the sweet and delicious golden-yellow tones of the honey obtained from bees. The color is warm, inviting, optimistic, and fun. You might even find different shades of honey that include shades of yellow, orange, and even brown.

Amber Color Meaning in Color Theory



Is Amber a Chakra Color?

The chakra system was developed through the traditions of Hinduism. Chakras are energy centers that can be found in alignment along the spine and begin at the root or base chakra and move up to the crown chakra. Seven key chakras vibrate at a certain frequency and display certain colors. Each chakra connects to specific body organs and if blocked, can cause various physical and emotional problems.

Two chakras can be associated strongly with the amber color.

The first is the sacral chakra located below the navel and is connected to the color orange. The main properties of this chakra include passion, creativity, and sexuality. The second chakra is the solar plexus chakra, located on the upper abdomen and is connected to the color yellow. The main properties of this chakra include confidence and willpower.

Amber Color Meaning in Health

The energizing amber color might help to stimulate these chakras to help unblock and bring them back into balance. One of the ways that this is done is by using amber crystals or stones that are said to have physical and emotional healing properties. Other techniques you can use to help unblock chakras include yoga, meditation, and surrounding yourself with shades of orange and yellow like amber.



Interesting Idioms and Famous Quotes About the Amber Color

The amber color can be mysterious and as we have learned, can evoke many different feelings. To express how they are feeling or to get a point across, many famous artists and celebrities have provided us with some interesting quotes. However, before we get to this, let us have a look at a few well-known amber idioms or sayings.

  • Amber nectar: This a term used when describing a beer, mostly used in Australia to describe a particular amber or golden beer color.
  • A fly in amber: This saying describes something that is from the past but exists in the present, similar to the insects that are preserved in the amber.
  • Amber Gambler: This is a slang type saying that describes a driver who puts their foot down to speed up so they can get through changing traffic lights. Primarily a British saying.

Understanding the Amber Color Meaning

Next, we are going to see if there are any interesting famous quotes, where you will find a reference to the color amber. We can start with a short quote from the Scottish singer and songwriter, Al Stweart (Born 1945), who said, “The evening sings in a voice of amber, the dawn is surely coming”. Let us have a look at a few more.

  • “O, beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties, Above the fruited plain.” By American author and poet Katharine Lee Bates (1859 – 1929).
  • “Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.” By the American writer Kurt Vonnegut (1922 – 2007).


The amber color meaning embraces a wide range of emotions and traits.  Amber is a warm, inviting, and energizing color that conveys feelings of safety and joy. The amber color is bold, courageous, and confident, and provides strength and positive energy that can stimulate the mind and body. Amber is an elegant and timeless color that will continue to attract and fascinate for generations to come.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Is the Meaning of the Color Amber in Design?

When creating a website, logo, or advertising project, colors play an important role in conveying certain messages and feelings appropriate to the business. Amber is a happy color that radiates confidence and vitality, and can also be associated with beauty, sunshine, and all things natural.


Is the Amber Color Calming?

Amber evokes feelings of comfort, warmth, and security, which is relaxing and produces a calming effect. However, the color can also go in the opposite direction if overused, as it can evoke feelings of anxiety and agitation. Amber light also helps you to feel calmer as it promotes melatonin secretion.


What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Amber?

When it comes to spiritual qualities, it first refers to the amber resin and then to the color itself. Amber is said to have spiritual and healing qualities and helps to ward off negative energy. When looking at the biblical meaning of amber, it is a color that refers to the Presence of God.


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