Famous Baby Photographers

Famous Baby Photographers – The Art of Infant Photography

Infant photography and baby photography are not as easy as they may seem. Sure, newborn photographers don’t have to deal with the attitudes of older children, but babies have their difficult moments too. Somehow, photographers need to find a moment between the crying, sleeping, eating, and diaper changes to capture the perfect moment that will stay with the family forever. Let’s find out who the most famous baby photographers are, and why they are considered outstanding in this challenging, yet rewarding career choice.



Who Are the Most Famous Baby Photographers?

The arrival of a newborn baby is always such an incredible time in a family’s life. No matter what your lifestyle was like previously, suddenly your entire world becomes devoted to this small little bundle of joy. However, before you know it, the years have passed and the little one is off to their first day of school. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most families choose to capture those fleeting early moments on camera. In today’s age, everyone has a camera available and parents most likely take hundreds of photos of their offspring every year. So, is there still a need for newborn photographers in the modern age?

Infant Photography Baby Photographer in Bangalore (2021); Avyuktaphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The truth is, while most people will be able to capture incredible candid photos of their babies asleep or at play, trying to get your little one to sit still for a posed photograph can prove very challenging. This is why professional infant photography and baby photography still have value in today’s world. Famous baby photographers are renowned for their ability to bring out the best pose or facial expression from your baby. They know what lenses and lighting to use to make the photo really pop, and what angles to utilize to perfectly frame the scene. 

Let’s explore the most notable newborn and baby photographers in more detail.


Chandra Tim (Canada)

Chandra Tim is a popular photographer known for her wonderful infant and family photographs. She focuses on portraying genuine and candid moments of babies and families, and she uses soft and warm tones in her photographs to give them a dreamlike and nostalgic atmosphere. Chandra Tim’s baby photography is defined by the way she manages to capture childhood innocence and fascination. She has a gift for capturing her subjects’ unique traits, resulting in photos that are both emotionally compelling and beautiful. She is the founder and owner of Chandra Lee Photography and specializes in newborn newborns aged 10 days and under.


Anne Geddes (Australia)

Anne Geddes is a photographer who has had a lengthy and prolific career, yet she is arguably most recognized for her coffee-table book, Down in the Garden (1996), which features tiny babies carefully placed in unusual horticultural circumstances, as if they were hibernating in somebody’s flower garden. Geddes is from Australia and claims she sort of fell into her profession. After working in public relations, she took up a camera at the age of 25 for the very first time and landed a position in a Melbourne photography studio. 

“It’s challenging and draining to take pictures of small children, but you can get the most beautiful images from the most challenging children”, she once stated.


Jessica Mitchell (United States)

Jessica Mitchell is a popular portrait photographer of newborns and children with more than 12 years of experience in the field. She began her career as a photographer at a photographic booth which was located inside a department store and has now opened her very own photographic studio. Her studio is located in Alabama, and her love of the innocence displayed by babies and younger children has prompted her to pursue a career in photographing them full-time. She hopes to capture those subtle nuances and significant moments so that parents are able to recall them as if they occurred yesterday.


Jamie Anderson (United States)

America-based Jamie Anderson was considered to be one of the world’s greatest and most experienced newborn photographers. Her love of photography and admiration for God’s creation were the driving forces behind her popularity in the profession of newborn photography. Jamie Anderson introduced new and innovative concepts to the field of infant photography, earning her a spot on this list of the most famous baby photographers. Sadly, the profession of baby photography lost one of its most gifted famous baby photographers. On the 13th of June, 2015, she experienced a severe brain aneurysm, resulting in her untimely passing. 

Many people were shocked by her sudden passing, particularly those who adored her and her stunning infant photography.


Robin Long (United States)

Robin Long is a famous multi-award-winning and internationally renowned photographer who focuses on capturing beautiful photos of moms with their newborn infants. Robin Long takes her photographs in her studio in Salem, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, which utilizes natural light. She services clients in Oregon and the neighboring areas, namely Portland, Lake Oswego, Wilsonville, and other towns in Oregon, in addition to Los Angeles. Robin Long is also willing to do destination sessions, allowing her clientele from all over the world to obtain exactly what they want when they want it. She is also an author and began working as a baby photographer in 2005.


Kelly Brown (Australia)

Kelly Brown is one of Australia’s most famous baby photographers. She is the proprietor of Little Pieces Photography, which is located in sunny Brisbane, Australia. Kelly Brown constantly strives to grow her photographic business by coming up with novel ideas which could potentially result in stunning photographs. She endeavors to assist other newborn photographers who are newcomers to the realm of infant photography by hosting several workshops. 

Kelly Brown first began photographing infants in 2005 and has since garnered numerous important accolades, such as the 2014 Australian Family Photographer of the Year.


Brittany Woodall and Carrie Sandoval (United States)

We have two people for this slot on the list since they are collectively the owners of Baby as Art and began their collaboration in 2008, entering the field of baby photography together. They immediately rose to prominence, photographing numerous celebrities and their newborn children, including Ziggy Marley and Jeff Gordon. Their photography has appeared in a variety of magazines and television shows, including Who, People, and Entertainment Tonight. They have been described as a dynamic duo because of their distinctive and novel ideas, as well as their meticulous attention to the small details of a photograph. They utilize old tree bark, wooden bowls, and other non-traditional elements that would not usually be expected in baby photography providing their photos with a distinct aesthetic.


Jade Gao (Australia)

Jade Gao is considered to be one of the most famous baby photographers in the world by many people. Her love of photography and adoration for newborn infants is what motivates Jade Gao in her profession and as a result, she produces the most amazing baby photography. She absolutely loves her profession and considers it to be very fascinating. Gao believes that infant photography embodies everything in her life, which is why she strives to provide her clients with the most stunning photographs possible. 

Jade Gao is one of the top award-winning newborn photographers because of the unique range of colors and lighting she uses in her photos.


Jade Beall (United States)

Renowned American photographer, Jade Beall, focuses on the natural splendor of breastfeeding and postpartum bodies. She specializes in personal, emotional portraits of women and their newborns, with an emphasis on natural lighting and poses. Beall’s photography critiques societal standards of beauty and encourages acceptance of one’s body by displaying the innate beauty of a woman’s body after childbirth. While Beall’s photography is not strictly exclusively baby photography and also includes the mother in the image, her work in changing the way women perceive their bodies after childbirth makes her a worthy exception on this list of famous baby photographers.


That completes our list of famous baby photographers from around the world. These newborn photographers are all renowned for their abilities to work with newborns in a way that results in the most memorable and stunning images that will be cherished for the rest of the family’s lives. Baby photography can be very rewarding, but it definitely takes a special set of skills to portray these often-temperamental little ones in a pleasing way.




Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Infant Photography?

Parents will often want to commemorate the birth of a newborn baby by having professional photographs taken. While they could go to any photographer, those who specialize in baby photography are better able to produce the best photographs. Not every photographer has the temperament to work with little ones, while newborn photographers know what kind of lighting, backgrounds, props, and environment will best suit the needs of the client and the baby.


How Does One Become a Baby Photographer?

Anyone who already takes photographs professionally can easily transition to baby photography. However, they will need to have the right type of personality to be successful. Newborn photographers have to deal with many additional challenges, such as crying and uncooperative babies, as well as demanding and overbearing parents. Despite this, if you have the right mindset, it could be a very fulfilling and pleasant career choice.


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