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Barbie Coloring Pages – 45 Cute Coloring Sheets

Step into the glamorous world of Barbie with our collection of 45 free Barbie coloring pages. From fashion to adventure, each page offers a chance to bring your favorite Barbie moments to life with your own artistic flair. Perfect for creative minds of all ages, these downloadable pages are ready for a splash of color. Get set to transform these outlines into vibrant masterpieces that reflect the iconic Barbie style!



Our 45 Unique Barbie Coloring Pages

barbie coloring page 01

This coloring page features Barbie as she gracefully applies makeup with a brush, framed by a collection of beauty products like lipsticks and eye shadow palettes.

barbie coloring page 02

Here, Barbie is adorned with long, wavy hair and surrounded by a variety of delicate and detailed snowflakes, giving off a cozy winter vibe.

barbie coloring page 03

Barbie strikes a confident pose on this coloring page, outfitted in a stylish corset and thigh-high boots, with a mirror image beside her to double the fun.

barbie coloring page 04

Young Barbie is pictured wearing a playful floral crown and casual attire, her cheerful demeanor inviting a splash of color.

barbie coloring page 05

Barbie and Ken are casually dressed for an everyday adventure, with Barbie in a lace-detailed outfit and Ken holding a camera, ready to capture the moment.

barbie coloring page 06

On this romantic-themed coloring page, Barbie is in a dance-ready gown, with Ken by her side in a smart casual outfit, both poised for an elegant event.

barbie coloring page 07

This page offers a close-up of Barbie’s face, featuring her signature wavy hair and a warm expression that’s perfect for adding a personal touch of color.

barbie coloring page 08

Barbie is enjoying an idyllic picnic on this coloring sheet, with a spread of delicious food, set against a scenic backdrop with a quaint house under the sun.

barbie coloring page 09

Barbie is captured in a classic ballet pose on this page, wearing a tutu with a detailed bodice, ready to be brought to life with color by ballet enthusiasts.

barbie coloring page 10

The coloring page depicts Barbie in a dynamic ballet pose, set against a lush floral background that accentuates the elegance of her dance and costume.

barbie coloring page 11

Barbie enjoys a sunny day under a parasol, holding an ice cream cone, with a picnic basket filled with treats next to her on a blanket, in a serene countryside setting.

barbie coloring page 12

In this urban park scene, Barbie sits elegantly on a bench, blowing bubbles, with a fluffy poodle on a leash and a night cityscape in the background.

barbie coloring page 13

Barbie relaxes on a beach towel by the sea, sporting a bikini, with palm trees, a sailboat, and a smiling sun completing the tropical scene.

barbie coloring page 14

An action-filled coloring page of Barbie riding a horse, her hair flowing in the wind, as she gallops through a meadow with clouds in the sky.

barbie coloring page 15

Barbie kneels in a park, holding a puppy’s leash, with a detailed cityscape behind her and another Barbie figure sitting on a bench in the distance.

barbie coloring page 16

Barbie is featured as a vet with a stethoscope, caring for a happy poodle with a cross on its cap, alongside a clipboard and pen.

barbie coloring page 17

A space-themed coloring page showcases Barbie as an astronaut, complete with a detailed spacesuit and helmet, next to a rocket ship surrounded by stars.

barbie coloring page 18

Barbie appears as a chef holding a spatula and a whisk, with an array of delicious foods like cupcakes, a pie, and a burger laid out before her.

barbie coloring page 19

This gardening scene depicts Barbie watering plants with a watering can, wearing a sunhat and overalls, surrounded by a variety of potted plants and flowers.

barbie coloring page 20

Barbie takes a drive in a classic convertible car, cruising down a street lined with buildings, signaling a leisurely ride through a quaint town.

barbie coloring page 21

Barbie is artistically depicted as an inspired painter, holding a large paintbrush with a palette full of colors, ready to create a masterpiece.

barbie coloring page 22

This page features Barbie as a scientist, with safety goggles on and holding a syringe, embodying a smart and professional image for coloring.

barbie coloring page 23

Dressed as an astronaut against a backdrop of stars and a rocket, Barbie is ready for a space adventure in this cosmic coloring scene.

barbie coloring page 24

Barbie is in a peaceful yoga pose, surrounded by lush plant life and wellness accessories, promoting tranquility and health.

barbie coloring page 25

Barbie sits at a busy desk surrounded by technology and office supplies, wearing headphones, depicting a modern work-from-home scenario.

barbie coloring page 26

In this charming scene, Barbie is enjoying a delightful afternoon tea, seated at a table with a beautifully patterned umbrella providing shade.

barbie coloring page 27

Barbie is elegantly trying on dresses in a boutique, with a variety of styles hanging on the rack and a full-length mirror reflecting her image.

barbie coloring page 28

Barbie enjoys a bike ride, sporting a helmet for safety, with a basket attached to her bike, illustrating an active lifestyle.

barbie coloring page 29

On this page, Barbie is hosting a pet show, standing confidently with a microphone next to adorable cats and dogs awaiting their showcase.

barbie coloring page 30

Barbie relaxes under an umbrella on a sunny beach day, with a basket and a refreshing drink, showcasing a serene vacation spot.

barbie coloring page 31

Barbie is showcased in a dual portrait with hearts fluttering around, highlighting her elegant hairstyle and the signature Barbie logo at the bottom.

barbie coloring page 32

This coloring page presents Barbie as a fairy tale princess, complete with a star-topped wand, a tiara, and a long, ornate ball gown.

barbie coloring page 33

Barbie appears in a whimsical autumn setting, wearing a tiara and a fashionable dress, with a pumpkin and a leaf to signal the fall season.

barbie coloring page 34

A trendy Barbie is illustrated on a skateboard, showcasing a cool and sporty vibe with a cap and a fun graphic tee.

barbie coloring page 35

Barbie is depicted as a musician, strumming an acoustic guitar, wearing a stylish outfit that reflects her musical spirit.

barbie coloring page 36

On this page, Barbie is seen serenading with a beautifully decorated guitar, adorned with flowers and wearing a bohemian-style dress.

barbie coloring page 37

Barbie is captured in mid-action playing soccer, with detailed athletic wear, showcasing an energetic and healthy lifestyle.

barbie coloring page 38

Barbie takes on the role of a veterinarian, giving a check-up to a friendly dog, equipped with medical tools and a caring demeanor.

barbie coloring page 39

This coloring page features Barbie in a serene yoga pose, surrounded by a beautiful array of flowers and plants, emphasizing mindfulness and nature.

barbie coloring page 40

Barbie is seen relaxing against a mountainous backdrop, dressed in hiking gear with a backpack, ready for an outdoor adventure.

barbie coloring page 41

Barbie is featured with luxurious wavy hair and hoop earrings, set against a backdrop of her own framed pictures and a collection of hair care products.

barbie coloring page 42

This page showcases Barbie as a beach beauty, sitting on a surfboard adorned with flowers, under a sky where planes fly, with waves crashing behind her.

barbie coloring page 43

Barbie and Ken appear as a charming couple ready for their wedding day. Barbie is bedecked with a floral headpiece, while Ken sports a stylish bow tie.

barbie coloring page 44

This coloring page presents Barbie and a friend, both dressed in elegant attire, with intricate floral patterns and jewelry, ready for a glamorous event.

barbie coloring page 45

Barbie strikes a pose on the fashion runway, wearing a detailed corset dress and a wide-brimmed hat, with a patterned handbag and an audience in the background.


What’s the History of Barbie?

Barbie, created by Ruth Handler and launched by Mattel in 1959, was inspired by Handler’s daughter’s play with paper dolls. The first Barbie appeared at the New York Toy Fair as a fashion doll with adult roles for girls to emulate.

Over time, Barbie has diversified to include various body types, skin tones, and styles, becoming a cultural icon. Despite facing criticism for promoting unrealistic body images, Barbie has adapted to social changes, remaining a popular and influential figure in children’s toys and beyond.



What’s the Fascination of the Barbie Doll?

Barbie’s appeal lies in her ability to stimulate imagination and storytelling, as girls use the dolls to enact various scenarios and roles. The doll’s extensive wardrobe and accessories cater to a love for fashion and styling, allowing for creative expression.

Barbie also represents limitless potential, showcasing a range of professions that inspire girls to envision a world of possibilities for their own futures. Additionally, the collectible nature of Barbie dolls, with their myriad themes and styles, adds to the excitement, as does the doll’s status as a cultural icon, often passed down through family generations.

Lastly, playing with Barbie often involves group play, which encourages social interaction and the development of interpersonal skills.

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