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Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages – 47 Coloring Sheets for Fans

Step into the magical world of Disney with our delightful collection of 47 Mickey Mouse coloring pages! These free downloadable sheets provide endless fun for kids and nostalgic joy for adults. Grab your crayons and unleash your creativity as you add a splash of color to the most iconic mouse of all time.



Our 47 Unique Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

mickey mouse coloring page 01

A joyful Mickey Mouse is featured with his hands spread wide and hearts floating around him, showcasing his iconic, cheerful disposition, ready to be brought to life with color.

mickey mouse coloring page 02

This page captures Mickey Mouse in a moment of creativity, stirring a paint can with a brush, sporting his classic outfit, and a cheerful smile, inviting young artists to add a splash of color.

mickey mouse coloring page 03

Donald Duck strikes a confident pose with his hand extended as if he’s about to share some important news. His sailor shirt and cap are prominent, providing a perfect opportunity for colorists to practice their blues and whites.

mickey mouse coloring page 04

Mickey Mouse is donned in an astronaut suit with an American flag, illustrating his adventurous spirit. This coloring page will surely inspire those who enjoy themes of exploration and space.

mickey mouse coloring page 05

Goofy is in a celebratory mood, with confetti and streamers in the air. His unique hat and long droopy ears make this picture a fun challenge for those wanting to play with a variety of shapes and patterns.

mickey mouse coloring page 06

Daisy Duck is captured in a charming pose with a flower on her head, her bow, and her eyelashes accentuated, which will delight colorists who love adding details to their work.

mickey mouse coloring page 07

Minnie Mouse is depicted in a heartwarming scene, sitting and holding a mason jar with what appears to be a magic potion, surrounded by stars and flowers, evoking a sense of whimsy.

mickey mouse coloring page 08

Donald Duck looks playful and ready for adventure, with his sailor suit neatly drawn, giving children the opportunity to work with a range of colors and shapes.

mickey mouse coloring page 09

This enchanting page features Mickey and Minnie Mouse with a backdrop of a fairytale castle and a sky full of stars and hearts, perfect for those who love stories of romance and magic.

mickey mouse coloring page 10

A classic portrayal of Mickey Mouse in a walking pose, with his hands outstretched and a big smile, this coloring page is a quintessential representation of Mickey’s friendly and welcoming nature.

mickey mouse coloring page 11

Mickey Mouse stands in front of a whimsical house with a winding path, under a moonlit sky filled with musical notes and stars, evoking a sense of enchantment.

mickey mouse coloring page 12

Minnie Mouse is illustrated in her classic pose with a large bow and polka dots, blowing a kiss, surrounded by hearts, embodying her loving character.

mickey mouse coloring page 13

Mickey Mouse is whimsically dressed as a wizard with Minnie as a fairy and a happy Pluto, creating a scene of magical friendship ready for coloring.

mickey mouse coloring page 14

A joyful Mickey Mouse is dancing to music, surrounded by musical notes and flowers, capturing his cheerful and carefree nature in a scene that awaits vibrant colors.

mickey mouse coloring page 15

This coloring page showcases Mickey and Minnie Mouse gazing at a crescent moon, surrounded by stars and hearts, in a display of their timeless affection.

mickey mouse coloring page 16

Goofy is depicted in a classic, playful stance, giving a thumbs-up, with a tropical backdrop, inviting a colorful expression of this lighthearted scene.

mickey mouse coloring page 17

Minnie Mouse is featured with a dreamy expression, surrounded by stars, hearts, and flowers, highlighting her sweet and charming personality.

mickey mouse coloring page 18

A delightful compilation of Mickey Mouse’s many adventures and roles, this page is a montage of his versatility and enduring appeal.

mickey mouse coloring page 19

Goofy is caught in a fit of laughter, with musical notes and spinning toys around him, depicting his goofy and fun-loving spirit.

mickey mouse coloring page 20

Mickey and Goofy are on a cheerful walk with a scenic castle in the background, capturing a moment of friendship in the magical world they inhabit.

mickey mouse coloring page 21

Mickey Mouse bursts out of a magician’s hat, with twinkling stars around him, capturing the magic and excitement of a classic magic show.

mickey mouse coloring page 22

Minnie Mouse is ready for adventure, dressed in a pilot’s attire with aviator goggles, her expression full of excitement and charm.

mickey mouse coloring page 23

Mickey Mouse takes on the role of a ship’s captain, with a bright smile, holding an anchor, symbolizing leadership and adventure on the high seas.

mickey mouse coloring page 24

Mickey Mouse points outwards with a big smile, surrounded by a heart-filled backdrop of flowers, inviting colorists to add beauty to this happy scene.

mickey mouse coloring page 25

A classic Mickey Mouse stands with a beaming smile, his hand on his hip and a heart nearby, embodying his iconic, loving character.

mickey mouse coloring page 26

Mickey Mouse is cheerfully holding a flower pot, with a basket of flowers by his side, showcasing his love for nature and gardening.

mickey mouse coloring page 27

Minnie Mouse, with her signature bow and polka dots, is depicted as a cheerful pilot, saluting with a smile, ready to take to the skies.

mickey mouse coloring page 28

Mickey Mouse is donning a graduation cap, sitting proudly beside a stack of books and a diploma, representing achievement and academic success.

mickey mouse coloring page 29

Mickey Mouse is in a sporty pose with a soccer ball, showing his playful and athletic side, perfect for young fans of the sport.

mickey mouse coloring page 30

Mickey Mouse is ready for action, dressed in a karate gi, striking a martial arts pose, exuding energy and discipline.

mickey mouse coloring page 31

Mickey Mouse is captured in a charming moment as a photographer, with musical notes and hearts, highlighting his artistic side and love for music.

mickey mouse coloring page 32

A relaxed Mickey Mouse is sitting down, wearing a cap with his initial “M”, showing his casual and friendly personality in a simple setting.

mickey mouse coloring page 33

Minnie Mouse is sweetly enjoying an ice cream cone, her joyous expression and classic bow making this a delightful scene for coloring enthusiasts.

mickey mouse coloring page 34

Mickey Mouse holds a delicious-looking ice cream, his cheerful demeanor reflecting the simple pleasures and joy he brings to fans.

mickey mouse coloring page 35

Minnie Mouse is elegantly dancing, her skirt flowing as she gracefully gestures, embodying her classic charm and femininity.

mickey mouse coloring page 36

Mickey Mouse is enjoying a peaceful day of fishing, happily holding a caught fish on his line, showing a scene of patience and contentment.

mickey mouse coloring page 37

Mickey Mouse appears as a curious student, magnifying glass and books in hand, surrounded by stars, emphasizing a love for learning and discovery.

mickey mouse coloring page 38

Mickey Mouse is shown playing the drums, with music notes floating around, showcasing his musical talent and rhythm.

mickey mouse coloring page 39

Mickey Mouse dresses up as a pirate, complete with a hat and sword, ready for a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas.

mickey mouse coloring page 40

Mickey Mouse is having fun flying a kite, his expression full of delight, with stars and the sun adding to the cheerful outdoor activity.

mickey mouse coloring page 41

Minnie Mouse is showcased in action on this coloring page, poised with a tennis racket mid-swing at a tennis ball. Her signature bow is prominent on her head, and she’s dressed in a flared skirt, gloves, and oversized tennis shoes, all awaiting vibrant colors.

mickey mouse coloring page 42

This original Mickey Mouse coloring page features Mickey riding a classic scooter. His ears are prominent as he leans forward with a big smile, gripping the handlebars. The motion lines behind the scooter suggest movement, inviting a playful color scheme.

mickey mouse coloring page 43

Minnie Mouse is wrapped warmly in this coloring page, adorned with a thick scarf and holding a decorated Easter egg. She wears a winter hat and gloves, with hearts floating around her, capturing a scene of festive cheer.

mickey mouse coloring page 44

Mickey Mouse is all geared up for tennis in this coloring page. He’s captured in a dynamic pose, swinging a tennis racket at a tennis ball. His outfit, complete with shorts, gloves, and oversized shoes, adds to the sporty theme.

mickey mouse coloring page 45

In a tribute to adventures and warriors, Mickey Mouse is depicted as a Viking on this coloring page. He’s wearing a helmet with horns, armor, and he’s holding a large axe and shield, ready for mythical battles.

mickey mouse coloring page 46

This charming coloring page presents Mickey Mouse with a beekeeper’s theme. He’s standing in a garden with a beehive on the ground, a friendly bee buzzing above his hand, and several flowers around, all which will look delightful in color.

mickey mouse coloring page 47

Mickey Mouse is depicted as a happy beekeeper in this coloring page. He’s sitting with a beehive, with two cheerful bees flying around. His joyful expression and the details of the beekeeping suit and bees make for a fun coloring activity.



What was the Start of the Mickey Mouse Universe?

Mickey Mouse, the iconic cartoon character, was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks at the Walt Disney Studios. Mickey made his first public appearance in “Steamboat Willie,” an animated short film that premiered at the Colony Theater in New York City on November 18, 1928. This film is notable for being one of the first cartoons with synchronized sound and is considered the birth of Mickey Mouse as a cultural icon.

The character of Mickey was developed as a replacement for Walt Disney’s previous star, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, over whom Disney lost control in a contract dispute with his distributor. Mickey Mouse’s design was simple, making him easily recognizable and suitable for animation. His cheerful personality and adventurous spirit quickly made him a favorite among audiences.

Mickey went on to star in over 130 films, including “The Band Concert,” “Brave Little Tailor,” and “Fantasia.” He became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is the mascot of The Walt Disney Company. Mickey Mouse has since become one of the most universally recognized and enduring characters in entertainment history.



Who are the Mickey Mouse Characters?

  1. Mickey Mouse – The cheerful and optimistic protagonist, known for his trademark ears, red shorts, and white gloves.
  2. Minnie Mouse – Mickey’s girlfriend, easily recognizable by her polka-dot dress and bow. She often accompanies Mickey on his adventures.
  3. Donald Duck – Mickey’s close friend with a short temper and distinctive voice. He’s known for his sailor shirt and cap.
  4. Daisy Duck – Donald’s sophisticated and sometimes temperamental girlfriend who is also Minnie’s best friend.
  5. Goofy – The good-natured but clumsy friend of Mickey and Donald. He is tall and lanky, typically wearing a green hat and vest.
  6. Pluto – Mickey’s loyal and playful pet dog, who is not anthropomorphized like the other characters.
  7. Pete – A recurring antagonist in the Mickey Mouse series. He is a large, burly cat with a gruff demeanor, often playing the role of a villain or a bully.
  8. Clarabelle Cow – A friend of Mickey and Minnie, known for her gossiping and her relationship with Horace Horsecollar.
  9. Horace Horsecollar – Another of Mickey’s friends, recognizable by his work overalls and bowler hat.
  10. Chip and Dale – A pair of mischievous chipmunks who often find themselves in trouble or causing trouble for others, including Pluto and Donald Duck.
  11. Huey, Dewey, and Louie – Donald Duck’s triplet nephews who are full of energy and often get involved in mischief.
  12. Scrooge McDuck – Donald Duck’s wealthy uncle, known for his Scottish accent and his immense fortune, which he loves to swim in.
  13. Max Goof – Goofy’s teenage son, who is embarrassed by his father’s clumsiness but loves him dearly.

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