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Dinosaur Coloring Pages – 31 Unique Motifs

Dinosaurs are fascinating to many people because they existed so long ago and at the same time so different from the animals we know today. They were the dominant land animals for a long time, and there were many types of dinosaurs that existed in different sizes and shapes. Some were enormous, while others were small and nimble. Some had huge claws and teeth, while others had elongated necks and tiny heads. The fact that we can learn so much about them by studying their fossils also makes them fascinating. They offer us insights into the animal kingdom of the past and help us understand more about the evolution of living things on our planet. You can now use our dinosaur coloring pages and dive into this fascinating world!



Guide on How to Use our Dinosaur Coloring Pages

For using our coloring pages, just choose one of the images and click on it. A new tab with a pdf file will open and you are free to save or directly print it at home. All of our coloring pages are free-to-use for personal use, but not allowed for commercial use.



Realistic Dinosaur Coloring Pages

We have created a wide variety of different dinosaur coloring sheets, from a realistic T-Rex to Velociraptors, Ankylosaurus, Raptors, Triceratops and a lot more.

realistic dinosaur 01


realistic dinosaur 02


realistic dinosaur 03


realistic dinosaur 04


realistic dinosaur 05


realistic dinosaur 06


realistic dinosaur 07


realistic dinosaur 08


realistic dinosaur 09


realistic dinosaur 10


realistic dinosaur 11


realistic dinosaur 12


realistic dinosaur 13


realistic dinosaur 14


realistic dinosaur 15


realistic dinosaur 16


dinosaur coloring pages 10


dinosaur coloring pages 11


dinosaur coloring pages 12



Our Comic Dinosaurs Sheets to Print and Color

We also have more simple comic-style dinosaurs for you.

dinosaur coloring pages 01


dinosaur coloring pages 02


dinosaur coloring pages 03


dinosaur coloring pages 04


dinosaur coloring pages 05


dinosaur coloring pages 06


dinosaur coloring pages 07


dinosaur coloring pages 08


dinosaur coloring pages 09

dinosaur coloring sheet 01


dinosaur coloring sheet 02


dinosaur coloring sheet 03



Frequently Asked Questions


What are Famous Dinosaurs?

DinosaurSize (length)Size (weight)Speed (mph)Nutrition
Tyrannosaurus Rex33 feet5-7 tons40Flesh-eater
Velociraptor6 feet50-100 pounds45Flesh-eater
Stegosaurus23 feet2.5 tons25Herbivore
Brachiosaurus72 feet50 tons15Herbivore
Triceratops30 feet9 tons30Herbivore
Allosaurus40 feet5 tons40Flesh-eater
Diplodocus82 feet10 tons20Herbivore
Pterodactyl1.5 feet5 pounds60Flesh-eater
Ankylosaurus20 feet5 tons20Herbivore
Paralititan82 feet50 tons10Herbivore

dino coloring pages


Why Kids are Fascinated by Dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs are interesting to many children because they are huge, fascinating, and sometimes a little scary. Children can imagine what it would be like to live back in time and meet these gigantic creatures. They can also imagine what it would be like to be dinosaurs themselves and live in a world full of other dinosaurs.

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