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Peppa Pig Coloring Pages – 54 Cute Coloring Sheets

Ready for some oink-tastic fun? Our collection of 54 Peppa Pig coloring pages is here to delight and engage young artists. These downloadable sheets, free of charge, offer a variety of scenes featuring Peppa and her family that children can bring to life with their own palette of colors. Whether it’s a day out with Grandpa Pig or a birthday party with friends, these pages are perfect for creative expression. So, why wait? Let the coloring begin!



Our 54 Unique Peppa Pig Coloring Pages

peppa pig coloring page 01 A delightful coloring page featuring Daddy Pig and Peppa Pig standing together with a whimsical background that includes a rainbow, clouds, and smiling sun. The picture is full of love and family warmth, inviting children to add color to the happy father-daughter duo.

peppa pig coloring page 02 This coloring page captures a winter scene with Peppa Pig and Granny Pig in cozy winter attire. The image is outlined with thick lines for easy coloring, showcasing Granny Pig holding a pair of scissors and Peppa in a cute hat, both surrounded by snowflakes.

peppa pig coloring page 03 Peppa Pig is depicted enjoying a delightful picnic on this coloring page. She is seated at a picnic table with a basket full of goodies, surrounded by a lush landscape with trees, a house in the distance, and a bright sun overhead.

peppa pig coloring page 04 This coloring page shows Peppa Pig under a parasol, having a picnic. The ground is checkered, indicating a picnic blanket where slices of watermelon and other fruits are spread out. It’s a sunny day in the park with flowers and butterflies around.

peppa pig coloring page 05 Peppa Pig is star of the show on this coloring page, where she’s dressed as a ballerina, surrounded by stars and sparkles. She seems to be dancing, with movements indicated by curved arrows, making it a dynamic image for children to color.

peppa pig coloring page 06 Peppa Pig is shown here with her teddy, ready for coloring. She wears a dress with a floral pattern, and the background is filled with flowers, butterflies, and clouds, making it a picture of innocence and play.

peppa pig coloring page 07 This holiday-themed coloring page features Peppa Pig in a winter hat, standing next to a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, with presents beneath. Stars and the crescent moon fill the background, suggesting a peaceful Christmas night.

peppa pig coloring page 08 In this coloring page, Peppa Pig is enjoying playtime with a toy train on the floor. The scene is simple, with a toy car and a bucket, which allows for imaginative coloring of Peppa’s play area.

peppa pig coloring page 09 Peppa Pig is taking a walk with her friend, a rabbit, on this coloring page. They are in a park with a bench and a variety of plants, under a sunny sky with clouds, creating a friendly and welcoming scene for coloring.

peppa pig coloring page 10 An action-packed coloring page showcasing Peppa Pig and her friends playing soccer. They’re on the field with a goal post in the background, surrounded by soccer balls and stars, capturing the excitement of the game.

peppa pig coloring page 11 Peppa Pig is captured in mid-kick on this coloring page, showing her playing soccer in a striped outfit, complete with a sporty badge. The movement and energy of the game are perfectly encapsulated, offering a dynamic scene for coloring.

peppa pig coloring page 12 Here, Peppa Pig is ready for a ride on her scooter. With her helmet on and a joyful expression, this coloring page invites children to add splashes of color to Peppa’s outdoor adventure.

peppa pig coloring page 13 A charming coloring page that features Peppa Pig and her family sitting around the table, enjoying tea and cake. The familial warmth and happiness are palpable, making it a delightful scene for children to color.

peppa pig coloring page 14 This winter wonderland scene showcases Peppa Pig and her family dressed in warm winter clothes, building a tower of presents. The festive spirit of giving and joy shines through, perfect for coloring on a cold day.

peppa pig coloring page 15 On this coloring page, Peppa Pig is seen enjoying a sunny beach day, building a sandcastle. The scene, complete with a beach ball and the sea in the background, exudes the fun of summer.

peppa pig coloring page 16 This lively beach scene is brimming with activity, featuring Peppa Pig and her family engaging in classic beach fun, from building sandcastles to playing with a beach ball, all under a radiant sun.

peppa pig coloring page 17 Peppa Pig takes to the road on her bicycle on this coloring page. Sporting a basket and a big smile, the page invites a colorful depiction of Peppa’s cycling adventure.

peppa pig coloring page 18 Peppa Pig looks regal on this coloring page where she’s wearing a crown and a decorative dress, suggesting she’s dressed up as a queen. It’s a scene that will surely spark the imagination of young artists.

peppa pig coloring page 19 Peppa Pig is ready to dance on this coloring page, where she is depicted in a tutu, striking a playful pose. The background is filled with musical notes, suggesting a dance to a joyful tune.

peppa pig coloring page 20 This heartwarming coloring page shows Peppa Pig in an affectionate embrace with one of her friends. It’s a simple yet sweet scene that captures the essence of friendship in the world of Peppa Pig.

peppa pig coloring page 21 This coloring page features the Peppa Pig family enjoying a camping adventure in the forest, complete with a tent, campfire, and beautiful mountain scenery in the background.

peppa pig coloring page 22 Peppa Pig and her family are having a barbecue in this charming coloring page, which shows them grilling in the backyard under a sunny sky.

peppa pig coloring page 23 On this coloring page, Peppa Pig and George are building an impressive sandcastle on the beach, with the sun shining brightly overhead.

peppa pig coloring page 24 Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig are shown washing the car together in this delightful coloring page, perfect for a family activity theme.

peppa pig coloring page 25 Peppa Pig is making a new friend on this coloring page, where she’s seen holding hands with an elephant, encouraging a theme of friendship and diversity.

peppa pig coloring page 26 In this sweet scene, Peppa Pig is baking with Granny Pig, with a cake ready to be decorated and ingredients on the table.

peppa pig coloring page 27 This festive coloring page features Peppa Pig and her family celebrating a holiday dinner, complete with a Christmas tree and a feast on the table.

peppa pig coloring page 28 The Peppa Pig family is setting sail on a boat adventure in this coloring page, with everyone dressed in nautical stripes and smiles.

peppa pig coloring page 29 Peppa Pig and George have discovered dinosaurs on this prehistoric-themed coloring page, complete with flying pterodactyls and various dinosaur friends.

peppa pig coloring page 30 Peppa Pig is joined by a cat and a kitten in this adorable coloring page, highlighting animal friendships and playful moments.

peppa pig coloring page 31 Peppa Pig and Daddy Pig are cooking together in this delightful coloring page, wearing chef’s hats and stirring a large pot, perfect for a family cooking theme.

peppa pig coloring page 32 In this coloring page, Peppa Pig is dressed up fancily and holding hands with a unicorn, adding a touch of magical fun to the coloring experience.

peppa pig coloring page 33 Peppa Pig and Grandpa Pig are ready for a fishing adventure in this scene, complete with a fishing rod, bucket, and plants to color.

peppa pig coloring page 34 Peppa Pig is playing with her pet dog, who is happily bouncing a ball, in this joyful coloring page that captures the fun of playtime.

peppa pig coloring page 35 This coloring page features Peppa Pig cheerfully waving, wearing a simple dress that will be a delight for children to personalize with color.

peppa pig coloring page 36 Peppa Pig’s family is seen touring and taking photographs in this coloring page, set against a backdrop of famous city landmarks.

peppa pig coloring page 37 Peppa Pig is holding an umbrella in this cute coloring page, with raindrops falling around her, perfect for discussions about weather.

peppa pig coloring page 38 In this artistic coloring page, Peppa Pig is painting on an easel, showcasing her creativity, and encouraging little ones to be creative too.

peppa pig coloring page 39 Peppa Pig is enjoying a picnic in this coloring page, with a basket of food and a blanket, all set for a day out in the park.

peppa pig coloring page 40 Peppa Pig is having fun jumping in muddy puddles in this action-packed coloring page, capturing her joy and energy in the rain.

peppa pig coloring page 41 Peppa Pig and her family are on a train journey. They are seated comfortably, looking out the window at the sunny landscape with hills and a river.

peppa pig coloring page 42 This page shows Peppa Pig as a pirate, holding a treasure map. She stands on a tropical beach with her little brother and a treasure chest.

peppa pig coloring page 43 Peppa Pig is meeting with her friend, who is a zebra. They are outside on a sunny day with the sun shining down and plants around.

peppa pig coloring page 44 A simple and cheerful scene of Peppa Pig holding onto a large balloon. There’s a sense of joy and playfulness, with room for creativity in coloring.

peppa pig coloring page 45 Peppa Pig is in the forest with her family, dressed as detectives, alongside a squirrel holding a magnifying glass, ready for an adventure.

peppa pig coloring page 46 This coloring page features Peppa Pig and her father picking apples in an orchard, both holding baskets full of freshly picked apples.

peppa pig coloring page 47 Peppa Pig is dressed as a fairy princess, complete with wings and a magic wand, surrounded by sparkles, adding a touch of magic.

peppa pig coloring page 48 A happy Peppa Pig stands with a smile, offering a perfect page for young fans to practice their coloring skills.

peppa pig coloring page 49 It’s party time with Peppa Pig, featuring a birthday cake, balloons, and presents, with Peppa and friends wearing party hats.

peppa pig coloring page 50 A family portrait of Peppa Pig with her mother and little brother, sharing a warm and affectionate moment together.

peppa pig coloring page 51 Peppa Pig is all dressed up for Halloween in a witch costume, complete with a hat and pumpkin-themed dress, ready for trick-or-treating.

peppa pig coloring page 52 Peppa Pig and her friends are in their Halloween best, with costumes ranging from fairy princesses to pirates, all ready for a fun Halloween party.

peppa pig coloring page 53 Peppa Pig is enjoying a day out with her family, feeding ducks at the pond. This serene scene is filled with trees, flowers, and friendly ducks.

peppa pig coloring page 54 It’s a sunny day at the pool with Peppa Pig and her family. They are having a blast with swim rings, while the sun shines brightly above.



What is Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig is a British preschool animated television series directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies. The show revolves around Peppa, an anthropomorphic female pig, and her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different species of mammal. The episodes tend to feature everyday activities like attending playgroup, going swimming, visiting their grandparents, cousins, and friends, going to the playground, or riding their bikes.

The primary audience for the show is children between the ages of two and six years old. Since the program’s debut in 2004, Peppa Pig has become a global hit, translated into multiple languages, and broadcast in over 180 territories.

The show is well-known for its simple art style, themes of family and friendship, educational value, and humor. Beyond the television series, Peppa Pig has expanded into a wide range of merchandise, including books, toys, games, clothing, and even theme park attractions, making it a significant presence in children’s entertainment.



What are the Most Popular Peppa Pig Characters?

  • Peppa Pig is the titular character, a lively and curious pig who loves jumping in muddy puddles and having adventures.
  • George Pig, Peppa’s younger brother, adores dinosaurs and can often be seen clutching his toy dino.
  • Mummy Pig is Peppa and George’s kind and caring mother who works from home on her computer.
  • Daddy Pig is known for his good-natured humor, his love for cookies, and his slightly exaggerated tales of expertise.
  • Granny Pig is Peppa and George’s grandmother, an avid gardener who loves various plants and flowers.
  • Grandpa Pig enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and taking them on trips in his boat or train.
  • Suzy Sheep is Peppa’s best friend, and they share many playdates and fun times together.
  • Rebecca Rabbit is another of Peppa’s friends, and she loves carrots, in line with her family’s rabbit theme.
  • Candy Cat is one of Peppa’s friends, with a playful and sweet personality, much like a kitten.
  • Danny Dog is a friend of Peppa’s who dreams of becoming a pirate and loves anything to do with the sea.
  • Emily Elephant is known for being very smart, gentle, and slightly shy, with a talent for playing musical instruments.
  • Pedro Pony is a bit forgetful and clumsy but is still one of Peppa’s good friends and is known for wearing glasses.
  • Zoe Zebra is the daughter of Mr. Zebra the Postman and loves delivering mail just like her father.
  • Freddy Fox has a keen sense of smell, which he proudly attributes to being a fox, and is quite confident in his abilities.
  • Richard Rabbit is Rebecca Rabbit’s younger brother, who enjoys playing with George Pig, often bonding over their shared love of dinosaurs.


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