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Most Expensive House in the World – Most Expensive Properties

Would you like to know who owns the most expensive house in the world at the present moment? Perhaps you would like to find out what the world’s most expensive house is. Today we will explore the most expensive properties as they are currently valued, in order to discover the most expensive home worldwide. Let us take a tour of the most expensive mansions globally and get a taste of the luxurious world of the extremely wealthy. 

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The World’s Most Expensive Houses

All you need is an owner with unlimited funds and an architect with loads of imagination and freedom and anything is possible. From spacious gardens, incredible architecture, and opulent interior design, the most expensive homes in the world have it all. The most expensive mansions are also usually found in gorgeous and exclusive locations only available to society’s elite individuals.

The most expensive properties in the world have combined functionality with aesthetics, and usually come fully equipped with their own cinemas, tennis courts, gyms, and whatever else the wealthy owner’s heart desires.


Villa Les Cèdres (Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France): $4.3 million

Architect Sébastien-Marcel Biasini (1841 – 1913)
OwnerRinat Akhmetov
Value$4.3 million
LocationSaint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France

The Mansion Les Cèdres is a 14-bedroom house built in an excellent location on the shore of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. The mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer purchased the land in 1850 when it was used as an olive tree farm. In 1904 the mayor’s family sold the mansion to Belgian King Leopold II, who built the exquisite grounds that still surround the estate.

For nearly 80 years, the family grew all of the exotic species that graced the grounds of the enormous house.

The magnificent villa has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, 14 bedrooms, a library, around 30 horse stables, and much more. Currently, the garden comprises over 14,000 tropical species of plants, making it one of Europe’s greatest collections.


Michael Jordan’s House (Illinois, USA): $15 Million

Architect Unknown
OwnerMichael Jordan
Value$15 million
LocationIllinois, USA

Michael Jordan’s massive Chicago home is still on the market after ten years. Anyone approaching the estate can tell this property belongs to the iconic Michael Jordan — and that may be what’s holding it from selling. The house’s price has decreased multiple times and is now listed for $14.9 million. The lengthy drive from the gate and the mature trees provides perfect seclusion for the house.

The outside area also turns out to be fantastic.

There’s a tennis court and an infinity pool with a grass island in the middle that sits in the center of a wide patio, as well as a putting green. While the outside space is vast and undeniably beautiful, the interior is equally so. When visitors first enter the front entrance, they are welcomed by a beautiful entrance hall, which features a piano in the backdrop.


Getty Residences Penthouse (New York, USA): $59 Million

Architect Peter Marino (1949 – Present)
OwnerRobert F. Smith
Value$59 million
LocationNew York, USA

The Getty, a three-story apartment designed by Peter Marino, has sold for $59 million. That makes it the most expensive downtown buy in municipal history, exceeding the Walker Tower penthouse, which was purchased in 2014 for $51 million. This Manhattan site, formerly home to a Getty Oil gas station, is now residence to a luxurious condominium skyscraper built by designer Peter Marino. The penthouse, which spans around 10,000 square feet spanning three stories of the building, was acquired in 2018 by billionaire businessman Robert F. Smith.

The penthouse features seven bathrooms, six bedrooms, and 2,700 square feet of outside area, which includes a pool.


Hearst Castle (California, USA): $63 Million

Architect Julia Morgan (1872 – 1957)
OwnerCalifornia State Parks
Value$63 million
LocationCalifornia, USA

The estate’s wildness, formerly known as “Camp Hill,” provided wonderful camping for family and guests, but Hearst envisaged more luxurious lodgings. In 1919, he told noted architect Julia Morgan, “Miss Morgan, we’re bored of living in the air at the estate in San Simeon, and I’d like to construct something adequate for the family.”

He called the hill on top of his sprawling property “The Enchanted Hill”.

By 1947, Morgan had built an estate with more than 160 bedrooms and 125 acres of terraces, gardens, pools, and pathways – an American fortress poised to become one of the world’s finest showcases for his collection of art. The world’s biggest personal zoo was originally housed at Hearst Castle. The bear pits may still be seen on the route down the hilltop as guests leave, although they are no longer in use.

World's Most Expensive Mansion Hearst Castle in California, USA, worth $63 million; Zlatko, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Promised Land (California, USA): $88 Million

Architect James Osborne Graig (1889 – 1922)
OwnerOprah Winfrey
Value$88 million
LocationCalifornia, USA

Oprah Winfrey’s real estate portfolio today includes multiple spectacular multimillion-dollar residential residences, a far cry from the Mississippi wood-frame cabin she grew up in. Over the years, the media mogul has purchased and sold a number of spectacular homes. Oprah was invited to a party at this enchanting property in the picturesque Montecito in 2001 and immediately loved the peaceful 42-acre property, to the point where she used her impressive persuasive communication skills to persuade the owner, Robert Veloz, to sell up – the property wasn’t even on the market at the time.

Thanks to some clever agreements on neighboring properties, the magnificent Promised Land estate now covers 70 acres.

The stunning neo-Georgian structure at its heart is Oprah’s 23,000-square-foot estate, and the beautiful planted grounds feature rose gardens, patios, and ponds. It has been meticulously added to throughout the years, beautifully adorned and stocked with mementos, literature, and artwork. Oprah also oversees her businesses from here.


The Playboy Mansion (Los Angeles, USA): $100 Million

Architect Arthur R. Kelly (1878 – 1959)
OwnerDaren Metropoulos
Value$100 million
LocationLos Angeles, USA

During the 1970s, the estate became known as the site of Hugh Hefner’s opulent gatherings, which were frequently attended by stars and socialites. Daren Metropoulos presently owns it and uses it for corporate purposes. It is also used for magazine photography, television production, charity events, and civic ceremonies. In 1959, Hefner opened the first Playboy Mansion. It was a 70-room brick mansion on Chicago’s Gold Coast, erected in 1899.

In 1953, Hefner established Playboy in Chicago. After relocating to California, he leased the home to the Institution of the Art Institute of Chicago for a modest rent before donating it to the school entirely.


Xanadu 2.0 (Washington, USA): $127 Million

Architect Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects (est. 1965)
OwnerBill Gates
Value$127 million
LocationWashington, USA

As one would expect from a person who once changed the landscape of computers, Gates’ house is heavy on technology, with some extremely creative applications. It’s packed with cutting-edge technology, such as small pins affixed to each guest’s lapel that allow them to adjust lights, music, and heat. The mansion has a server system for the whole estate, a swimming pool featuring an underwater sound system, and computer displays set up throughout the home to exhibit art. The Gates’ spectacular luxury residence overlooks Lake Washington and took seven years to construct from the ground up.

It’s also considered an “earth-sheltered dwelling,” which implies it utilizes its natural environment as walls to regulate temperature and decrease the loss of heat.

Most Expensive Mansion Home of Bill Gates, Xanadu 2.0, in Washington, USA. Worth $127 million; CC BY 2.0, Link


17 Upper Phillimore Gardens (Kensington, UK): $128 Million

Architect Unknown
OwnerElena Franchuk
Value$128 million
LocationKensington, UK

You might be shocked to learn that this estate was once a preparatory school before being converted into a house. Elena Franchuk, a philanthropist and entrepreneur of Ukrainian ancestry, lives there. It is often cited as one of the world’s most expensive mansions, costing an estimated 128 million dollars. It is an opulent property with a sauna, gym, underground swimming pool, and cinema. It also contains a panic room for emergencies.

The inside is decorated in marble and gold, with extremely valuable artworks adorning the walls.


Seven the Pinnacle (Montana, USA): $155 Million

Architect ARC Studio Architecture (est. 1999)
OwnerTim Blixseth
Value$155 million
LocationMontana, USA

Another of the world’s most expensive properties – Seven the Pinnacle – is a vast estate containing a huge exclusive ski and golf community at Yellowstone Club in Montana.  The property is owned by Tim and Edra Blixseth, owners of the Yellowstone Club, timber barons, and real-estate developers. It is the ideal mountainside entryway, with over 120 rooms, heated floors, 10 full bedrooms, a spa, and a gym, as well as indoor and outdoor pools.

This beautiful residence is located on Montana’s slopes, luxurious property that begs for cozy nights by the fireplace.


The Spelling Manor (Los Angeles, USA): $165 Million

Architect James Langenheim (1921 – 2010)
OwnerAaron Spelling
Value$165 million
LocationLos Angeles, USA

The two-story home, designed by architect James Langenheim and erected in 1988, features an imported limestone facade, and an intermediate floor for storage between the second and third floors. Candy Spelling and her interior designer flew to Europe to purchase house furnishings and artwork. It includes a theater, a gym, a room for a doll collection, a bowling alley in the basement, a barbershop, four double garages, tennis courts, and a pool when it was initially completed.

A beautiful meandering driveway leads to a round granite motor court with a fountain and parking for 100 vehicles, as well as 16 carports.

Most Expensive Home The Spelling Manor, Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, USA. Worth $165 million; Atwater Village Newbie, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Palazzo di Amore (Beverly Hills, USA): $195 Million

Architect Bob Ray Offenhauser (1927 – 2016)
OwnerJeff Greene
Value$195 million
LocationCalifornia, USA

Even for Beverly Hills, this magnificent Mediterranean-style mansion is breathtaking. Properties of this type are rarely available on the market, and when they are they always demand the most daunting amounts of money.  The position, architecture, style, and facilities are all impeccable and suitable for royalty. While the general design is unquestionably traditional, the property also has several modern amenities, such as cutting-edge surveillance systems, a chef’s kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, a personal spa, elevators, and basically everything luxurious you can think of.

The two-story entryway with twin stairs is bathed with natural sunlight from the windows above, giving guests an immediate taste of the luxurious lifestyle provided by this property.


Ellison Estate (California, USA): $200 Million

Architect William Wurster (1895 – 1973)
OwnerLarry Ellison
Value$200 million
LocationCalifornia, USA

Larry Ellison doesn’t own just one mansion, though his Ellison Mansion may be the most stunning. This beautiful beachfront property, nestled in Woodside, California, is deserving of its constant attention. It’s actually a group of houses within one large property, complete with a man-made reservoir, tea house, and baths. It’s designed to fit in with the surroundings, with a lodge-style décor and all of the cozy, inviting couches and fireplaces you could want.

It could surely be considered the prettiest lake house globally, situated within a gated neighborhood, and creates the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing getaway.


Kensington Gardens (London, UK): $222 Million

Architect Sir Christopher Wren (1632 – 1723)
OwnerLakshmi Mittal
Value$222 million
LocationLondon, England

Original owner Sir David is not just devoted to his art collections. He had long wished to create a big structure in the center of London that would be a meaningful tribute to the legacy of the nation in which he had chosen to live. Sir David’s goal was to restore the structures to their full glory, and the historic aspect of the building was retained by utilizing the original designs prepared in 1845 by Sir Charles Barry. Beautiful rooms with classic charm, as well as groomed grounds around the entire estate to explore on beautiful summer days.

The property has a spa, hair salon, steam baths and saunas, an indoor swimming pool, and parking for more than 20 vehicles.


Four Fairfield Pond (New York, USA): $248 million

Architect Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects (est. 1985)
OwnerIra Rennert
Value$248 million
LocationNew York, USA

Ira Rennert chose to start building his ideal home in the late 1990s. More than 20 years later, the house named for the adjacent body of water on the site is one of the world’s most expensive houses. The mansion has a theatre that can seat around 164 people with a stage capable of hosting a Broadway performance.

Critics of the large estate find the sheer magnitude of the rooms excessive, especially given Rennert’s lack of guests.

The garage of the Polish millionaire can house up to 100 vehicles, making it ideal for an extravagant antique car collection. Visitors looking to cool down amidst the Long Island heat will have three pools to pick from.


Mesa Vista Ranch (Texas, USA): $250 Million

Architect T. Boone Pickens (1928 – 2019)
OwnerT. Boone Pickens
Value$250 million
LocationTexas, USA

Boone Pickens acquired around 2,900 acres in Roberts County, Texas, along the south bank of the Canadian River in 1971. The sole structure on this land was a little corrugated metal cattle feed house, which Boone utilized as a shelter when quail hunting.

Over time, Boone began to acquire additional contiguous acreage along the Canadian River valley, and the Mesa Vista Ranch now encompasses more than 100 square miles of outstanding Panhandle rangeland.

As Boone’s collection progressed, he invested millions of dollars to transform Mesa Vista into one of the best-renovated ranches in Northern America. Pickens has converted Mesa Vista into an environmental maintenance model that sustains a thriving bobwhite quail species, a bird under threat from shifting farming techniques and urban development.


Billionaire 924 Bel Air Road (Los Angeles, USA): $250 Million

Architect BAM Luxury Development (Year unknown)
OwnerBruce Makowsky
Value$250 million
LocationLos Angeles, USA

The epitome of opulence and exclusivity, this elite luxury mansion features entertainment decks encompassing an incredible assortment of amenities and art objects from across the world, is suitably dubbed Billionaire. Diligently curated across four stories, this magnificent house provides an unprecedented indoor/outdoor paradise accentuated by unimpeded 270-degree views extending from the mountains to the beach and across the stunning Los Angeles skyline of Los Angeles in between.

This remarkable residence was designed for billionaires with a strong emphasis on modern luxury.

This billionaire mansion is a physical expression of creative inspiration and artistic allure – sure to awaken every sensation. From the beautiful nature of the surrounding California countryside visible from every room to the detail-oriented approach of the jaw-dropping architecture. Produced to surpass the standards of the ultra-wealthy, this residence delivers on the goal to be seen as one of the most magnificent man-made accomplishments in architecture for people who seek and demand the finest of everything in life.


Rutland Gate Mansion (London, UK): $365 Million

Architect YRM Architects (est. 1944)
OwnerYunak Corporation
Value$365 million
LocationLondon, UK

Rutland Gate Mansion is one of the world’s most expensive homes, having formerly housed the Saudi Crown Prince. The Mansion is located in London near Hyde Park. Albert Pinto, a well-known photographer, is responsible for interior design.

The Rutland Gate Mansion has 45 bedrooms, numerous lifts, parking garages underground, a large cooking area, and even a heated swimming pool in the basement. Bathrooms with bronze, silver, and gold fittings, and Baldi tubs appear to have received special treatment.

Due to safety issues, the windows facing Hyde Park are bulletproof. Rutland Mansion is a big, white-stuccoed residence that was originally erected in the mid-19th century as part of a terrace of four residences. The four residences were eventually combined to form a single home.


The Odeon Tower Penthouse (Monaco, France): $330 Million

Architect Alexandre Girard (1907 – 1993)
Value$330 million
LocationMonaco, France

This masterpiece’s fortunate owner may praise Alexandre Giraldi for his incredibly creative concept. Giraldi placed special emphasis on displaying beautiful 360-degree views of the Mediterranean Sea, as he himself is from the region and wanted to display its natural beauty. As the penthouse spans five floors, you can see the dawn and sunset over Morocco from afar.

A penthouse of this size would be incomplete without a massive pool.

La Tour Odeon goes one step further by providing its wealthy residents with an infinity pool in which to hold the most opulent of gatherings. The big indoor water slide is what truly elevates the space. Visitors begin their trip on the dance floor from the level above and descend into the infinity pool beneath.


Les Palais Bulles (Cannes, France): $385 Million

Architect Antti Lovag (1920 – 2014)
OwnerPierre Cardin
Value$385 million
LocationCannes, France

Our next mansion, Les Palais Bulles, is not your typical multi-million-dollar home. This building has been created to resemble huge peach-colored bubbles, as the name indicates. Les Palais Bulles is seen from above as a collection of round buildings. Inside the unique house, the motif of circles continues throughout.

A tour inside the castle reveals swimming pools, cylindrically shaped bedrooms, and various artworks.

Antti Lovag created the luxury mansion, which has 10 apartments that have been decorated by various modern artists. Outside, it also has a large theater that can seat around 500 people and features an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea.

World's Most Expensive House Théoule-sur-Mer/Miramar, Le “Palais Bulles” by Pierre Cardin in Cannes, France. Worth $385 million; Frans-Banja Mulder, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


24 Middle Gap Road (Hong Kong, China): $446 Million

Architect Unknown
OwnerCheung Chung-Kiu
Value$446 million
LocationHong Kong, China

In comparison to many other examples of the world’s most expensive houses on this list, the property is rather modest and was built in 1991. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a magnificent swimming pool, and enough parking for two vehicles. The view from here is spectacular, including views of the nearby bay and reservoir. You’ll be astonished to learn that this is an ordinary-looking house with nothing spectacular about it. The cost of the home is determined by the location in which it was built.

The mansion is 16,330 square feet in size and is located in Hong Kong’s most sought-after and elite district.


Witanhurst (London, UK): $450 Million

Architect George Hubbard (1859 – 1936)
OwnerAndrey Guryev
Value$450 million
LocationLondon, UK

Since being reconstructed by Sir Arthur Crosfield, the residence has had numerous notable owners, after a number of decades of escalating disrepair, it underwent significant restoration work after its 2008 sale to an overseas company controlled by Russian businessman Andrey Guryev. The first estate, Parkfield, was established in 1774 at the intersection of The Grove and Highgate West Hill. The current home was constructed by architect George Hubbard and erected on an 11-acre plot from 1913 until 1920.

The house is Grade-II listed, which signifies that it is of historically significant or architectural importance.

The home comprises 65 rooms on three stories, featuring 25 bedrooms. The ballroom is one of the biggest, spanning 21 m long and 6.1 m high. It boasts wood floors and walnut panels on the walls with sculpted cornices accented with gold leaf. The study, drawing room, and the majority of the bedrooms are also decorated in an extravagant classical style. The dining room, billiard room, and gallery hallway are also lavishly adorned.


The One (California, USA): $500 Million  

Architect Paul McClean (c. 20th century – Present)
OwnerNile Niami
Value$500 million
LocationCalifornia, USA

The One residence is not just the costliest residence in California but is also the most expensive home in the United States. It is, however, plagued by debts and legal troubles. Despite its flaws, this is a great property in a stunning location with amazing views. The One has nine full-sized bedrooms and numerous kitchens, as well as a bowling alley, a nightclub, a gym, a theater, and a jogging track. Not only does it contain a pool, but also six further water features, like a jacuzzi and even a moat that encircles the opulent home.

Nile Niami’s aim for a neutral palette that would enable the environment and views to shine led to the use of white, black, and gray throughout the residence.


Villa Leopolda (French Riviera, France): $750 Million 

Architect Ogden Codman Jr (1863 – 1951)
OwnerLily Safra
Value$750 million
LocationFrench Riviera, France

This traditional and gigantic mansion, located a few kilometers from Nice, is elegantly ornamented with grand and luxurious items, antique and vintage furniture – which is ideal for the nature of this property. It also has enormous patios with the most spectacular view you can envision.

Villa Leopolda, a present from a sitting monarch to his adored mistress, is one of the most spectacular houses on the French Riviera, set on more than 18 acres of ground.

Lily Safra is said to still possess the mansion, however, there are claims that she surreptitiously sold it to a series of owners, notably Bill Gates. He has never verified this, although he has been observed regularly visiting the property and staying behind its numerous ornate walls.  

Who Owns the Most Expensive House in the World The Villa Leopolda at Vilefranche-sur-Mer, French Riviera. Worth $750 million; Miniwark, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Antilia (Mumbai, India): $2 Billion

Architect Perkins and Will (est. 1935)
OwnerMukesh Ambani
Value$2 billion
LocationMumbai, India

This luxurious residence is located in South Mumbai. The name “Antilia” is derived from a mythical island within the Atlantic Ocean. It boasts the world’s highest green wall and will outperform many five-star hotels in terms of facilities. The lotus and the sun were the key themes that ran all throughout the development of this palace.

The interior is created in a way that each floor has a distinct look and employs distinct materials.

The interior is completed without repetition of the design and materials utilized from one floor to another. The decision was made to combine various architectural patterns and styles. The structure also has two floors dedicated to recreational amenities, such as multiple gyms and swimming pools, a jacuzzi, spa, and studios for yoga and dance.

Most Expensive Properties Antilia Tower in Mumbai, India. Worth $2 billion; A.Savin, FAL, via Wikimedia Commons


Buckingham Palace (London, UK): $6.7 Billion

Architect John Nash (1752 – 1835)
OwnerJohn Sheffield
Value$6.7 billion
LocationLondon, UK

It seems fitting that the most expensive house in the world is a royal palace. Yet, who owns the most expensive house in the world currently? Is it the Queen herself? It is only on very rare occasions that the Queen resides at the palace, so could she ever sell it? Even though she doesn’t stay there often, the queen will never be permitted to sell the estate because she does not actually own the property. This is due to the fact that the royal home actually belongs to the Crown Estate and not her Majesty personally.

The Crown Estate belongs to the current monarchs, meaning that it is held by those royals for the course of their rule, by merit of their accession to the royal throne.

World's Most Expensive Home The view of the eastern façade of Buckingham Palace (worth $6.7 billion) and the Victoria Memorial, seen from the gardens; Diliff, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


That concludes our look at the world’s most expensive houses. These mansions belong to the world of the super-wealthy and will be out of reach for most of us. Yet, exploring the most expensive mansions gives us a sneak peek into the lives of the truly rich. What did you think of the most expensive house in the world? Would you buy one of these houses if you had the money?




Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Regarded as the Most Expensive House in the World Currently?

The Queen of the United Kingdom’s London residence continues to be the most expensive mansion in the world. Unsurprisingly, the most expensive home is the residence of royalty. Buckingham Palace has been estimated to have a value of around $6.7 billion. Even though the British Crown Estate Trust owns various mansions and grounds around the United Kingdom, since 1837, Buckingham Palace has served as the monarchy’s primary London home.


Who Owns the Most Expensive House in the World Today?

The most expensive house may be Buckingham Palace, yet the people who stay there are not the actual owners. The Queen rarely stays at the palace on extremely infrequent occasions, therefore could she ever sell it? Even if she does not visit the estate frequently, the queen will never be allowed to sell it since she does not own it. This is owing to the fact that the royal residence is owned by the Crown Estate rather than her Majesty individually.


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