meaning of the color burgundy

Meaning of the Color Burgundy – Unveiling the Symbolism

You might recognize the name “Burgundy” as a region in France or the red wine that is produced there. When you think of burgundy, it is most probably the deep red color of the wine, which evokes feelings of sophistication and refinement, that comes to mind. In this article, we will be exploring the meaning of the burgundy color and its various personality traits, among a few other interesting facts!



Meaning of the Color Burgundy

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Burgundy#8000200, 100, 75, 50128, 0, 32 

The burgundy color can be described as a shade of red that has purple undertones. The reddish-purple color has a rich, deep, and luxurious look and feel. Burgundy is the name of the red wine that is made in Burgundy, France. This association helps evoke feelings of sophistication, wealth, and authority. Concerning burgundy symbolism, it is an intense color that represents individuality, understanding, compassion, empathy, love, and confidence. You can find luxurious dark red colors like burgundy being used by prestigious schools and other learning institutions.

burgundy color meaning Burgundy color meaning infographic. Click on the image to download a printable PDF.


Positive Traits of the Color Burgundy

  • Sophistication
  • Wealth
  • Authority and power
  • Compassion
  • Romantic
  • Individuality and uniqueness
  • Ambitious
  • Stimulating
  • Creative


Negative Traits of the Color Burgundy

  • Reserved
  • Somber
  • Controlling
  • Timid
  • Unfriendly
  • Malicious



Psychological Meaning of Burgundy

The burgundy color arouses feelings of refinement and represents wealth and prosperity. It is a dark and intense color that also evokes feelings of seriousness and can even seem intimidating to some. As a dominant color, it can easily overpower, so is perfect as an accent color. The color is associated with a higher social class and high ambition. Those who wish to flaunt their wealth and power can easily use burgundy to show off. However, it is also an accessible color that represents compassion and understanding.

burgundy symbolism psychology


Burgundy Is a Sophisticated Color

Burgundy is a sumptuous and intense color that evokes feelings of maturity and class, without being showy about it. The color burgundy, being a darker shade of red, is more serious and provides more of an elegant or sophisticated and powerful feel than other brighter shades of red. It still provides a certain amount of energy and stimulation, which is great for focus.


Burgundy Is Powerful and Ambitious

Being a shade of red, burgundy is a color that takes charge and evokes feelings of power, and strength. However, some might find the color a little too intimidating. The color can inspire feelings of desire and ambition and is not a lighthearted color. It is a determined and strong-willed color. Consider a study that is decorated with wood and burgundy décor. It should produce a look that is masculine, powerful, yet sophisticated.burgundy symbolism power


Burgundy Is Unique

Burgundy is not a color that you would find often in nature. So, when it does appear, it tends to draw attention. You might be able to discern the color of certain flowers, but it is most definitely a unique color. Being a rare color makes it unique and individualistic, a special color that you will not find readily anywhere else.

The color might even be seen as eccentric in certain circumstances.


Burgundy Is Introverted

The burgundy color is not as eye-catching as other brighter shades of red and can be seen as being more introverted. It is upscale and elegant, but also refined and reserved. This can make the color feel unfriendly, even menacing at times. Although, some people might see burgundy as a more assertive and confident color. This brings us to how colors are perceived by each person, which can create differences.

burgundy symbolism



Personality Traits Associated With Burgundy

Do you love the color burgundy, and do you surround yourself with the color? This could indicate certain personality traits, such as being reserved in nature and serious but intuitive. A burgundy personality can also be materialistic, with a fondness for luxury items. They like to look and feel good and want to be seen in a certain way. Burgundy personalities might think that social status is important, but they value individuality and uniqueness. In many cases, it is important what others think of them. They seek power and are highly ambitious. They can sometimes come across as aggressive and even seem malicious.

Being introverted, burgundy personalities enjoy their time alone. They may have the ability to analyze and see patterns in different things. 



Physical Effects of Burgundy on the Body

Colors can affect both the mind and body, for example, red is stimulating in many ways, the same as burgundy. For example, when seeing burgundy, it might help to stimulate the appetite. This makes it a popular color for restaurants. Burgundy can also increase the heart rate and can help to increase energy levels and excitement. 

burgundy symbolism physical effect

The intensity of burgundy, which is stimulating, can help promote focus and productivity. It is a great color to uplift and energize. The burgundy color can have a strong impact on people without being overbearing. However, if used too much, it can become overwhelming and may increase nervousness.



The Color Burgundy in Different Cultures

All colors have meaning, however, the meaning can be different for each person because of individual experiences or cultural influences. As for burgundy symbolism, the burgundy color comes from a region in France, which is its main association. This provides the color with a sense of sophistication or refinement. In Western cultures, the burgundy color is well-known for its association with wealth, ambition, and opulence. The burgundy color is a deep reddish-purple, which can also be associated with the Christian religion.

The color is often used in various spiritual ceremonies as well as on certain holidays.

The dark red color wine is often used in communion, as a representation of the blood of Jesus. Oftentimes, burgundy is also often called “Bordeaux”, which is another area located in France that also makes wine. The color of the wine in this region is very similar to burgundy. In the United States, burgundy became a popular fashion color, especially as a lipstick color, and has earned a reputation for becoming a symbol of drama and the gothic look.



Meaning of the Different Shades of Burgundy

ShadeHex CodeCMYK Color Code (%)RGB Color CodeColor
Burgundy#8000200, 100, 75, 50128, 0, 32 
Maroon#8000000, 100, 100, 50128, 0, 0 
Vivid Burgundy#9f1d350, 82, 67, 38159, 29, 53 
Old Burgundy#43302e0, 28, 31, 7467, 48, 46 

burgundy symbolism hues



Burgundy and maroon are often thought of as the same color. However, these are two separate colors, each with an identifying hex code. Burgundy, as we have mentioned, is a reddish-purple, whereas maroon is more of a reddish-brown. Maroon is also a strong, sophisticated, confident, and stimulating color.


Vivid Burgundy

This shade of burgundy is a little lighter and brighter than the original and is a color that became well-known as a hair dye product. Vivid burgundy is also a warm color that belongs to the crimson family and shares in the meaning of the color burgundy.


Old Burgundy

This color is significantly darker than burgundy and is described as a dark grayish-red. The darker color also represents sophistication, wealth, intensity, and power. It can be seen as more of a masculine color that might also evoke feelings of melancholy.



Is Burgundy a Chakra Color?

When you talk about a chakra, it is referring to the energy centers in the body. Seven major energy centers flow through the body from the root chakra up toward the crown chakra. Each of these chakras is connected to different colors. The one chakra that has an affinity for burgundy is the root chakra, which is represented by red.

burgundy symbolism chakra

This chakra is located at the spinal base and is linked to the physical world, providing a sense of safety, stability, and strength. Different shades of red, such as burgundy can help to energize you and stimulate the senses. You can do this by wearing burgundy or surrounding yourself with the color. Burgundy in the energy field might also indicate things like determination, but it could also indicate anger or manipulation.



Interesting Phrases, Idioms, and Famous Quotes About the Color Burgundy

Burgundy is a bit of a unique color, so it will not have as many idioms, sayings, or quotes as the color red itself. You could come across the term burgundy sauce, which is also known as bourguignon sauce. This sauce is a mixture of reduced red wine with various herbs and butter. However, you might find a few more quotes concerning the burgundy color.

  • I am not a heavy drinker, but I like a drop of white burgundy” by British actor and writer Paul Whitehouse (Born 1958).
  • “If you’re attending a serious occasion, a nice burgundy, navy blue, or black tux would be perfect” by Indian fashion designer Nandita Mahtani (Born 1972).
  • “Every season has its lipstick trend, and just because your perfect color is a pinky beige, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear deep burgundy” by American singer Bobbi Brown (Born 1969).


The color burgundy conveys elegance, intensity, power, and wealth. However, burgundy can also be confident, romantic, and compassionate. On the negative side, burgundy might seem unfriendly and controlling. When used properly, burgundy can be the perfect color to show off, as it is unique and stands out like a vibrant red. If you are looking for that lavish touch, burgundy might just be the color for you!




Frequently Asked Questions


Can Burgundy Be a Calming Color?

Burgundy is a deep shade of red that is both warm and luxurious. When used, for example, in interior design, it can be paired with other colors, like white and gray, to create a cozy and relaxed space. Burgundy also adds a touch of sophistication and works nicely with vintage-style designs.


Is the Burgundy Color Masculine?

There are various shades of burgundy, from lighter and more pink varieties that appear more feminine, to darker burgundy colors that produce a more masculine feeling. To enhance the more masculine look, pair it with colors like hunter green or gold. For interiors, combine the burgundy color with natural materials like leather and wood.


What Is a Fun Fact Regarding the Color Burgundy?

The color has appeared in a well-known movie titled Anchorman (2004), which sees the star, Will Farrell, wearing a burgundy suit.


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