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Story and Background

duncan van der merwe

Duncan completed his diploma in Film and TV production at CityVarsity in 2018. After graduation, he continued to delve into the world of filmmaking and developed a strong interest in writing. Since completing his studies, he has worked as a freelance videographer, filming a diverse range of content including music videos, fashion shoots, short films, advertisements, and weddings. Along the way, he has received several awards from film festivals, both locally and internationally. Despite his success in filmmaking, Duncan still finds peace and clarity in writing articles during his breaks between filming projects.



Duncan’s Role at Art in Context

Duncan has worked as a content writer and video editor for artincontext.org since 2020. He writes blog posts in the fields of photography and videography and edits videos for our Art in Context YouTube channel. He has extensive knowledge of videography and photography due to his videography/film studies and extensive experience cutting and editing videos, as well as his professional work as a filmmaker.



  • Graduated with a diploma in Film and Television Production from CityVarsity Cape Town in 2018.


Work Experience

  • 2 years experience as an online video editor
  • 4 years experience as a videographer and freelance filmmaker
  • 3 years experience as a content writer and author


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