The Young Hare Painting

who was albrecht dürer?

Dürer was inspired by art from the Italian Renaissance and became a pioneering Northern Renaissance artist who also inspired many others.

historical overview

Albrecht Dürer was a multi-talented artist, whose range extended beyond the traditional mediums such as painting and drawing, and included engraving, writing, and theory.

formal analysis of the artwork

subject matter

The title Young Hare, refers directly to the almost scientific study of a brown-furred hare in a semi-rested position.

subject matter

At the bottom of the composition is Dürer’s monogram, which appears almost like a logo and signature, depicting the artist’s initials “A” and “D” as well as the date, “1502”, above it.


Dürer’s painting process was believed to involve a preliminary sketch of the hare, followed by the application of watercolor and gouache.


Dürer applied variations of brushstrokes, from short and choppy strokes around its face and ears, as well as long and curvy brushstrokes to depict the curls of the fur and tiny hairs.

shape & form

Some of the dominant shapes that you can spot are more curved and rounded, given the natural form of the hare in its resting state.