what is

Wood Burning Art?

what is pyrography?

Pyrography is burning designs into certain materials like wood, using some kind of heated instrument to create decorative burn marks. Today, this is done mostly by using specialized burning or pyrography tools.

types of equipment

You can either get a simple pyrography pen or an entire wood burning set. That is all you need to begin pyrography art.

history of pyrography

Pyrography can be traced back to ancient times in places like Egypt and certain places in Africa, where designs were created by using the charred remains of fires or burning sticks. 

how to start pyrography art

transferring your design

Many of the wood burner sets come with stencils you can use to apply various designs. You can also simply go freehand and design your own image. The third option is to transfer your own image onto the wood surface.

using a wood burning pen

Once the burning pen is hot enough, you can then start burning your image into the wood. When attempting even lines, try to keep even pressure as you go.

some easy strokes

Facing a black wood surface, even if it has a design on it, can seem a bit daunting. How do you burn in the design? Going on a workshop, looking at some YouTube tutorials, or purchasing a good book can help.

some safety guidelines

Pressure-treated wood should not be burned, as it has been in contact with chemicals and might be safe for construction, but if you are going to be burning into the surface, it will become hazardous.


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