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Tree Paintings to Know!

famous tree paintings

Many artists have chosen to paint outdoors, allowing them to capture the colors of nature accurately, and enjoy the relaxing and refreshing fresh air. These famous tree painters are highly regarded in the world of landscape art and have produced some of the finest and most famous tree paintings in the history of art.


Cairn in Snow (1807) by Caspar David Friedrich


The Hay Wain (1821) by John Constable


Forest in Autumn (1841) by Gustave Courbet


La Grenouillère (1869) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


The Artist’s Family in the Garden (1875) by Claude Monet


Almond Blossoms (1890) by Vincent van Gogh


Avenue of Schloss Kammer Park (1912) by Gustav Klimt


Four Trees (1917) by Egon Schiele