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Sumerian Art Period

historical overview

Some of the important civilizations from ancient Mesopotamia include Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.  While there were many city-states throughout Mesopotamia, some of the important cities included the Sumerian Uruk, Ur, and Nippur.

civilization of sumer

Sumer was one of the earliest Mesopotamian civilizations in the southern part of Mesopotamia and is believed to have been settled around 4 500 BC to 4 000 BC.

importance of uruk

Uruk was considered one of the first “real” city-states when Sumerian civilization became more urbanized. It started around 4 000 BC and lasted until 3 200 BC.

sumerian art

Sumerian artworks served different purposes and functions and the addition of decorative elements gave any object a new character.

examples of sumerian art

Ram in a Thicket  (c. 2 600 BC to 2 400 BC)

Standard of Ur  (c. 2 600 BC to 2 400 BC)

The Queen’s Lyre  (c. 2 600 BC)

Warka (Uruk) Vase (c. 3 200 BC – 3 000 BC)

sumerian architecture

Sumerians were also known as one of the first cultures to undertake urban or city planning.

the sumerians remembered

The Sumerian civilization was succeeded by the Akkadians, led by the ruler Sargon of Akkad, from 2334 BC to 2154 BC.  After the Akkadian Empire fell, there was a period referred to as a “Dark Age” after which there was a resurgence in Sumerian culture.