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Skyscraper Drawing

This tutorial will guide you through how to draw a skyscraper by guiding you through a few easy steps.  You will first focus on understanding the basic foundations of perspective through a vanishing point.

How to Draw an Easy Skyscraper!

Step 1:  Prepare Your Tools

Step 2:  Draw the Horizon Line

Step 3:  Place Your Construction Points

Step 4:  Construct the Shape of Your Skyscraper

Step 5:  Start Sketching More Details 

Step 6:  Continue Detailing Your Skyscraper

Step 7:  Add the Floor Divisions

Step 8:  Finish Detailing Your Skyscraper Drawing

Step 9:  Use a Fineliner to Outline Your Drawing

Step 10:  Use Ink to Add Shadow Definition

Step 11:  Add Final Details

Step 12:  Allow Your Artwork to Dry