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Rocket Drawing

Lift off with us and learn how to draw a rocket the easy way! This full step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to draw a rocket in a few steps! We cover the basic elements and the entire coloring process! This tutorial is suitable for physical mediums and digital drawing too.

Easy Rocket Drawing Tutorial

Step 1: Drawing the main body

Step 2: Drawing the Exhaust

Step 3: Drawing the Fins

Step 4: Add the Details

Step 5: Apply the First Color Coat

Step 6: Add the Secondary Color Coat

Step 7: Add Color to the Exhaust

Step 8: Coloring the Flame Burst

Step 9: Create Texture on the Main Body

Step 10: Texture the Fins

Step 11: Texture the Exhaust

Step 12: Add Texture to the Window Seals

Step 13: Color Blend the Flame Burst

Step 14: Adding Glow

Step 15: Finalizing