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Rock Drawing

As we learn how to draw rocks, we want to understand the fundamental key concepts that make a rock look the way it does.  This means that we will first look at how light interacts with some basic shapes and how this causes shadows to appear.

Step-by-Step Rock Drawing Guide

Learning how to draw a  rock requires the fundamental knowledge of how shadows and objects work together.

Drawing Shadows and Objects

Rocks are abstract, but as long as we understand dimensions and light, we can create a variety of shaped rocks.

Understanding How Rocks are Formed

We will now proceed to learn how to draw rocks using a source image as a reference.  This is where we can apply all the little concepts explored in the rock sketches.

Draw a Pile of Rocks

Step 1: Light Sketch of the Rocks

Step 2: Light Pencil Shading of the Rocks

Step 3: Start Shading With Pen

Step 4: Deepen the Pen Shading

Step 5: Complete Your Rock Drawing