Resin Art Ideas

what is resin?

Resin is a synthetic or natural mixture, which is initially in a two-part liquid form. They are most likely brownish or yellowish in color and sometimes used as glues and adhesives.

what is natural resin?

Natural resins are normally collected from trees, such as firs and pines, where resin is formed on the surface of the bark after the tree has been damaged by natural causes.

what is synthetic resin?

Synthetic resins are more commonly used in our modern industry. These synthetic resin types can be separated into two classes, thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resins.

best resin for beginners

DIY resin can be quite intimidating for beginners at first, but this is usually the case when picking up a new skill! Synthetic resins are ideal for all levels of practice.

resin versus epoxy

Epoxy is technically a synthetic resin that has a quicker drying time. Other types of resin can take up to eight to ten hours to dry, while epoxy resin can dry between six minutes to an hour.

projects to create at home

There is a wide variety of things that can be made at home using resin, such as jewelry, pendants, rings, jewelry boxes, combs, and much more!

home décor

There are several useful objects, décor, and furniture you can make with epoxy resin. The outcome is usually superb and also comes at a low cost when compared to normal market prices.

so much more!

A variety of things can be made with resin, like coated fabrics, buttons, keychains, bookmarks, faux crystals, and suncatchers!