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Phoenix Drawing

Today we take a closer look at drawing this beautiful immortal bird according to Greek mythology.  Our phoenix sketch tutorial breaks the process down into very easy-to-follow steps.

Step-by-Step Phoenix Drawing Tutorial

Step 1: Draw the Head of the Phoenix

Step 2: Outline the Phoenix Wings

Step 3: Draw the Main Body

Step 4: Shape the Tail

Step 5: Create Texture and Draw the Feet

Step 6: Add the First Color Coat

Step 7: Color the Feet of Your Phoenix Sketch

Step 8: Add Color Detail to the Head

Step 9: Shade Your Phoenix Illustration

Step 10: Color Blend Your Phoenix Sketch

Step 11: Add Shading Detail to the Feet

Step 12: Add the Glow to Your Phoenix Illustration

Step 13: Finishing Your Drawing of a Phoenix