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Peacock Drawing

In this step-by-step peacock drawing guide, we are going to show you how to draw a peacock that is realistic and brightly colored.  Our tutorial is compatible with a digital tablet or paper, so any artist can learn how to draw a peacock easily.

Easy Peacock Drawing Tutorial 

Step 1:  Create the Base Shape of the Body

Step 2:  Shape the Neck and Head

Step 3:  Flesh Out the Details

Step 4: Begin Applying Color

Step 5: Add Some Secondary Colors

Step 6: Color the Tail and Legs

Step 7: Begin Blending the Colors

Step 8: Start Adding Texture to Your Peacock Feather Drawing

Step 9: Create Texture on the Wings

Step 10: Blend the Wing Colors

Step 11: Begin Adding Texture to the Top of the Tail

Step 12: Texture the Peacock Feather Drawing

Step 13: Add Fine Details

Step 14: Create Texture in the Legs

Step 15: Apply a Ground Shadow Below Your Peacock Drawing

Step 16: Finish Your Peacock Feather Drawing