Paintings at The Met

paintings at the met

With its wide range of artwork from a variety of ages and movements, the Metropolitan Museum of Art can be overwhelming for a visitor. We have put together the top paintings to see when visiting!

top paintings at the met


Madonna and Child Enthroned With Saints (1504) by Raphael


Venus And the Lute Player (1565 – 1570) by Titian


Aristotle With a Bust of Homer (1653) by Rembrandt


The Death of Socrates (1787) by Jacques-Louis David


Washington Crossing the Delaware (1851) by Emanuel Leutze


The Ballet Class (1874) by Edgar Degas


Portrait of Madame X (1883 – 1884) by John Singer Sargent


Self-Portrait with Straw Hat (1887) by Vincent van Gogh


The Water Lily Pond (1899) by Claude Monet