Moon Drawing

how to draw a moon

Many moon drawing tutorials focus on a more stylized depiction of the space rock, but our tutorial will take you through the process of creating a realistic moon sketch.

creating a moon drawing

STEP 1: creating the base shape

Try to make this circle as round as possible, but remember that the moon is a rock with lumps and bumps, so do not be disheartened if it is not perfect.

step 2: draw the moon pattern

In the upper-right section of your moon sketch, create some jagged patterns that look a little like the continents of the earth.

STEP 3: finish the moon pattern

You can now complete the rest of the pattern on the surface of the moon, creating a large island shape and a few smaller shapes that curve with the outline.

step 4: adding color to the moon

Fill the entire body of the patterns you just created with a light coloring.

STEP 5: add shading and texture

In this step, you can simply repeat the coloring process from the previous step, darkening your coloring and adding a rougher texture.

step 6: finish the shading

Continue to darken your shading, focussing on the edges of your island patterns. Create some texture lines around the craters and blank spots.


You can add a light layer of color to the rest of the moon’s surface. Use a light gray color to gently fill the rest of your realistic moon drawing.


You are going to darken the color of the moon’s surface and add some texture. Use fine strokes that follow the curvature of the moon’s shape.

STEP 9: shading the moon sketch

You can now use a slightly darker gray color to shade some parts of the surface texture. This will help emphasize the dimensions of your moon.

step 10: finish the moon drawing

Color the canvas around your moon black. With a sharp brush and some light gray paint, create a splash of stars and dots throughout the sky.