Light Bulb Drawing

how to draw a light bulb

We begin the tutorial by using a few different construction shapes and lines. These shapes will help us to create the final shape of the light bulb drawing with ease.

creating a light bulb drawing

STEP 1: outline the bulb

In this very first step, you are simply going to draw a large circle at the center of your canvas. This circle will represent the globe of the light bulb drawing.

step 2: shaping the tilt

In this second step, you are going to begin creating the tilt of the light bulb drawing. On the right side of the bulb circle, draw two slanted lines.

STEP 3: shaping the light bulb cap

Although this cap is quite rounded, we are going to use a square as the base. At the end of the tilt lines, draw a square that fits directly between the ends.

step 4: drawing the filament

In this step, you can draw a slightly rounded rectangle shape that extends from the cap square and up into the bulb circle.

STEP 5: extending the stem

Find the central point of the larger stem base, and draw a second part of the glass stem that extends further into the bulb circle.

step 6: shaping the filament

Around the smaller stem part, draw an incomplete triangle shape.

STEP 7: outline the light bulb

Use the construction lines to help you outline the bulb shape. You can follow the circle of the bulb closely.

step 8: creating the cap outline

Use the outside of the cap square to get the correct width of the cap, and then round it off at the bottom.

STEP 9: detailing the filament

Begin within the stem of the bulb, drawing a few fine lines within the larger stem. These lines will represent the light bulb fuse, also known as the exhaust tube.

step 10: add the first coat of color

Use a regular paintbrush and greenish-gray paint. Use this shade to fill the bulb of the light bulb. Do not color the cap in this step.

STEP 11: adding shading

Use a soft brush and some slightly darker gray paint to shade the bottom quarter of the bulb.

step 12: adding precise highlights

Use a small blending brush this time with some white paint and begin by tracing the shape of the bottom of the bulb.

STEP 13: add color on the cap

In this step, use a regular brush and dark gray paint to fill the cap and thread of the light bulb drawing.

step 14: add shading to the cap

Use a small blending brush and just a touch of black paint to add a shadow to the cap. Focus the shading on the bottom edge of the cap.

STEP 15: highlighting the cap

Use a small blending brush and a touch of white paint and carefully apply some highlights within the threads.

step 16: finish the drawing

Use a touch of light gray paint to fill the smaller stem. To finish your light bulb drawing seamlessly, you can now erase the outlines.