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Landscape Paintings

Why artists painted landscapes

Many famous landscape artists were reclusive and stayed in rural areas, and others worked in the cities and would spend their summers by lake houses and vacation homes. These beautiful scenes of nature inspired many artists to create some of the famous landscapes that we love today.


Pieter Bruegel the Elder The Hunters in the Snow (1565)


El Greco View of Toledo  (c. 1600)


Nicolas Poussin Spring (The Earthly Paradise) (1660 - 1664)


Giovanni Antonio Canal The Grand Canal at the Church of La Salute (c. 1730)


Caspar David Friedrich The Monk by the Sea  (1808 - 1810)


John Constable The Hay Wain  (1821)


Thomas Cole The Oxbow  (1836)


J.M.W Turner The Fighting Temeraire  (1839)


Rosa Bonheur Ploughing in the Nivernais (1849)


Eugène Boudin The Beach at Trouville  (1865)


Martin Johnson Heade Sunlight and Shadow: The Newbury Marshes (c. 1875)


Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night  (1889)


Paul Cézanne The Sainte-Victoire mountain seen from the Bibémus quarry (1897)


Henri Rousseau The Dream  (1910)