Kara Walker Paintings

who is kara walker?

Kara Elizabeth Walker, a renowned and highly respected Black American artist, has produced some of the most important contemporary works of art in recent years.


Kara Walker was born in 1969 to an academic family in California. As early as age three, young Kara Walker was inspired by her father, Larry Walker, who was both a painter and professor.

kara walker's career

Walker’s first installation was a critical success and led to her being represented early on in her career by a major gallery, Wooster Gardens (now Sikkema Jenkins & Co.).

facts about kara walker

Walker started experimenting with silhouettes in graduate school, arguing that their simplicity and elegance eased the “frenzy” in her mind.

a famous kara walker artwork


Fons Americanus (2019)

frequently asked questions

what is kara walker's art about?

In her work, Kara Walker highlights the huge social and economic divides in America today, which are still a product of historical racism. In Walker’s work, fact and fiction are combined in a rich imagination, often resulting in complicated and layered work.  In Walker’s multidisciplinary practice, we see hints of sexual violence, inequality, and racism woven into complex narratives, which slowly unfold over time.