Joan Mitchell Paintings

artist biography

who was joan mitchell?

Joan Mitchell was a prominent Abstract Expressionist painter and printmaker, known for her large-scale, dynamic, colorful, multi-panel masterpieces.

mature period

In 1949, Mitchell returned to New York City. Here, she became quickly immersed in the Abstract Expressionist art scene.

career in france

Joan Mitchell enjoyed great success in Paris too, exhibiting her work in numerous prolific international exhibitions.

important paintings

famous works

Whilst some critique her work for lacking subtlety, others praise it for its sensitivity and consideration. Joan Mitchell’s paintings are famous for their rich connection to nature and as an expression of her emotions.

frequently asked questions

who inspired joan mitchell?

Joan Mitchell was inspired by many things, including nature and her own emotional connections to nature and memories.  She has, however, throughout her life, repeatedly mentioned a list of artists who inspired her. This list includes Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, and Paul Cézanne.

why is joan mitchell important?

She is one of the most recognizable painters in the second-generation Abstract Expressionist artistic movement and continues to inspire artists to this day.  Mitchell is one of the few female artists who were well represented in that era, and it is impossible to talk about Abstract Expressionism and Modern art without considering her name.