The Japanese Bridge Monet Painting

Who was claude monet?

Claude Monet, born 14 November 1840 in Paris, was one of the most prolific Impressionist painters during the 19th Century.

historical overview

It all started when Monet moved to Giverny with his family in 1883. Monet’s new home and garden became a significant, in fact, primary, source of inspiration for his artistic career.

formal analysis

There are 12 iterations of the Japanese bridge Monet painted, all exploring his water garden from different “views”.


In terms of the colors in this oil painting, Monet did not include any stark colors; instead, we are met with cool and warm tones. There is the dominance of greens from the surrounding foliage and blues from the bridge.


The texture of Monet’s brushwork consists of short brushstrokes and is often described as “rapid” or “choppy”. They are done in horizontal and vertical strokes.


There is an interplay of horizontal and vertical lines in this composition. We will notice the water from the pond almost receding into the background with the utilization of linear perspective.


The space in Monet’s Japanese bridge paintings, and really most of the Water Lily series, is characteristically Impressionist.


The famous bridge painting measures 81.3 by 101.6 centimeters and shows the full depiction of the famous Japanese bridge and surrounding water lilies.

forever in giverny

Each painting shows us how Monet played with the concept of light and how colors can show us reflections of a truer nature around us.

did you know?

Some sources say that if it was not for the local community’s approval, Monet would not have produced his series of iconic water lilies and Japanese bridge paintings.

why is monet's water lily series so popular?

Monet’s series of water lily paintings, including the Japanese bridge, has been considered as some of the artist’s best artwork from his painting career.  He skilfully explored the nature of color and light in his compositions and he depicted the natural environment in a new way that would influence the art world for years to come.