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Most Famous Horses in Art


Horses rapidly became the most common mode of transportation for the majority of the world’s inhabitants, including Asia and Europe up to around 1,000 years ago.  Horses have always been appreciated for their majesty, as well as the fact that they are extremely devoted to people and are among the most loved domestic species on the planet.


Whistlejacket (1762) by George Stubbs


Napoleon Crossing the Alps (1801) by Jacques-Louis David


The 1821 Derby at Epsom (1821) by Théodore Géricault


Horse Frightened by a Thunderstorm (1829) by Eugène Delacroix


The Horse Fair (1855) by Rosa Bonheur


The Parade, Race Horses in front of the Tribunes (1868) by Edgar Degas


Lady Godiva (1898) by John Collier


Two Riders on a Beach (1901) by Max Liebermann


Blue Horses (1911) by Franz Marc