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Hat Drawing

Hats are fundamentally made of simple shapes that can be put together and morphed into identifiable hat structures.  In this tutorial, we will look at how to draw a beanie, baseball cap, cowboy hat, and bucket hat.

Step-by-Step Hat Drawing Tutorial 

A baseball cap is probably the most classic hat that can be used in so many different contexts.

How to Draw a Baseball Cap

Step 1:  Sketch the Basic Shape

Step 2:  Redefine the Shape and Add Light Shading

Step 3:  Finish the Shading

If there is any hat that is iconic and has retained a strong statement for the past two centuries is the cowboy hat.

How to Draw a Cowboy Hat

Step 1:  Sketch the Basic Shapes

Step 2:  Redefine the Shape and Apply Some Light Shading

Step 3:  Darken the Shading

Step 4:  Finish Your Cowboy Hat Drawing

A Beanie is a classic hat that is very unique to a modern hip-hop style.

How to Draw a Beanie

Step 1:  Create the Basic Form

Step 2:  Draw Some Ribbing Details

Step 3:  Shade Your Beanie

A bucket hat has also become a common hat that is unique to the era of the 90s and the early 2000s.

How to Draw a Bucket Hat

Step 1:  Sketch the Basic Shape

Step 2:  Add Some Details

Step 3:  Finish Your Bucket Hat with Shading