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The Gothic Art Period

the gothic era

The Gothic Era was nestled between the preceding Romanesque period and the later Early Renaissance period. The word and idea behind the Gothic Era was anything but “black”.

BARBAROUs german style

The Goths were Germanic tribes and known to have started the onset of the European Medieval Age through their invasion of Rome, which led to its fall.

romanesque to gothic

There were stylistic differences between the Romanesque and Gothic period, and the contrast created from Gothic architecture left a mark on the art world.

early gothic style

The Early Gothic style started when Abbot Suger rebuilt the Basilica of Saint-Denis around the years 1135 to 1144 CE.

high gothic style: rayonnant style

This style was named after the effects of the rays of the sunlight through the rose windows.

high gothic style: flamboyant style

This style is marked for its decorative qualities, more so than the preceding Rayonnant style.

international gothic style

The International style within the Gothic era occurred during the later years of the Gothic period and the start of the Renaissance period.

sienese school of painting

This school of painting was one of the most prominent schools within the Gothic era, having drawn influence from the International style.

the decline

The Gothic period was on the cusp of the most world-changing periods in Western civilization, the Renaissance, where the Late Gothic styles blended into what was the Pre-Renaissance period.