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Flag Drawing

We will be creating an American flag drawing, as the American flag is quite tricky as it comes with a few details.  What’s nice about learning how to draw a flag is our depth perception is challenged. 

Step-by-Step Flag Drawing Tutorial 

Step 1:  Sketch the Flag Pole

Step 2:  Outline the Edges of Your Flag

Step 3:  Create the Wrinkles

Step 4: Start Sketching the Stars of the Flag

Step 5:  Apply the Stripes

Step 6:  Start Shading Your Flag

Step 7:  Draw the Stars in More Detail

Step 8:  Outline the Stars with Pen

Step 9:  Shade Around the Stars and the Pole

Step 10:  Shade the Stripes with Pen

Step 11:  Finish Shading Your Flag Drawing