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Fist Drawing

Learning how to draw a fist comes with attentiveness to a few aspects that make the fist drawing realistic.  We will find that the way light is represented in our first drawing is going to be a fundamental principle that we keep in mind throughout the process.

Step-by-Step Fist Drawing Tutorial 

Step 1:  Sketch a Basic Fist Shape

Step 2:  Start Drawing the Fingers

Step 3:  Begin Adding Some Shading on the Palm

Step 4:  Deepen the Shading on the Fingers

Step 5:  Darken the Lines on the Palm

Step 6:  Start Shading with a Pen

Step 7:  Continue Shading the Fingers

Step 8:  Shade the Palm with Your Pen

Step 9:  Deepen the Shading

Step 10:  Final Touch-Ups