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Famous Statues

introduction to art sculpture

For thousands of years, sculptural art has been very popular. The world’s most famous sculptures have become an essential component of our knowledge of ancient societies, and they were a method for these famous sculptors to demonstrate their talent while also providing a reminder of specific events or persons.


Venus of Willendorf  (c. 25,000 BCE)  Unknown


Bust of Nefertiti  (1345 BCE) Unknown


Laocoön and His Sons  (c. 2nd Century BCE) Agesander of Rhodes


Nike of Samothrace  (c. 190 BCE) Unknown


Venus de Milo  (c. 130 BCE) Alexandros of Antioch


David  (c. 1440) Donatello


David  (1504) Michelangelo


The Rape of Proserpina (1622) Gian Lorenzo Bernini


Statue of Liberty  (1886) Auguste Bartholdi


The Thinker  (1880) Auguste Rodin


Unique Forms of Continuity in Space  (1913) Umberto Boccioni


Fountain  (1917) Marcel Duchamp


Maman  (1999) Louise Bourgeois