Digital Artists

what is digital art?

Digital painting art is a medium that comprises many genres and styles. For every traditional art style or genre, there is a digital counterpart – as well as the many styles that can only be created digitally.

what is digital art?

There are thousands of digital art drawings online ranging from hobbyist art created on mobile apps to professional works rendered on the latest high-tech PC software.

a famous digital artist to know


Beeple (United States)

other artists to know

other artists to know

Some other notable digital artists include André Ducci (Italy), Antoni Tudisco (Germany), Butcher Billy (Brazil), and Jinhwa Jang (Korea), among many others.

frequently asked questions

did most digital artists study art?

While there is a large number of famous digital artists that attended some sort of art college or course, it is not an absolute necessity.  In the modern world, much of the information you need to start is readily available on the internet. Some of the best digital artists even offer tips online!

did the best digital artists make money?

The most famous digital artists, however, are able to often sustain themselves from their non-commercial artworks too. As with industry, the better and more experienced you are at your task, the more money you can ask for your work. Nowadays there are many online platforms where digital artists are able to upload their works and sell to the public without the need for physical art galleries.