Dada Art?

what is dadaism?

The first shoots of Dadaism sprung up in Switzerland during the First World War. Dadaism was as untraditional in its output as it was in its material use, with artists making a mockery of nationalist and materialist attitudes.

birth of dadaism

Dadaism is a form of anti-art, intending to draw attention and contemplation to the importance of art in society.

international dadaism

Each artist would inform their group, and the cities would themselves influence the Dada aesthetics.

german dadaism

The art produced by Dada artists in Berlin was significantly more political than that of the founding members because of their proximity to the war zone.

parisian dadaism

The Parisian Dada scene did not last very long, and by 1921, several members had left.

new york dadaism

Marcel Duchamp was a critical driver of New York Dada because he brought anti-art notions with him.

style of dadaism

At the very basis of all Dada artwork is the intention of disrupting and rejecting all the trimmings of bourgeois society.


Readymades are objects that already exist and are presented as an artwork. When an artist combined two readymades into a single work, it became an assemblage.

Our List of Famous Dada Artworks

Francis Picabia Ici, C’est Stieglitz (1915)

Marcel Duchamp Fountain (1917)

Marcel Duchamp LHOOQ  (1919)

Kurt Schwitters Merz picture 46A. The Skittle Picture (1921)

the downfall of dada

Into the early 1920s, Dadaism gripped audiences. Unfortunately, the movement was destined to fall apart and artists began to drift towards Surrealism. Many Dada artists saw the destruction and mockery of their works and chose to move to the United States.