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Colors That Go With Pink

pink color combinations

When trying to find colors that compliment pink, it is important to keep in mind that pink can be a very bright and colorful color, but it is also possible for pink to be so muted that it can almost be considered neutral.

split complementary

The split complementary colors of true pink are directly beside pink’s complimentary green. These colors are very light, pastel blue and green.

triadic colors

Triadic colors create a perfect triangle on the color wheel at 60-degree angles. These combinations are usually very interesting, but straining to the eye. In the case of true pink, however, the triadic colors are very soft, light, and pleasing to look at.

what colors go with pink?

Pink is a very interesting color in the fact that, depending on what color it is combined with, it can completely change the meaning and feel of the color.

dirty pink and warm brown

Because brown is a very natural, earthy color, it is one of the colors that compliment pink, especially a warmer dusty pink. Together, these two colors are the epitome of warmth and comfort.

pink and blue

A great contrast color for pink is blue, not only because of the color value but also because of the gender symbolism. Designers like to balance out an overly feminine and pink room with blue furniture and accessories, and vice versa.

pink and orange

The combination of pink and orange is a very controversial color combination. Contemporary, edgy, and fun designers love to pair hot pink with tangerine orange, and when they do they tend to go full out.

pink and green

The combination of pink and green is a beloved choice in interior design because green is a contrast color to pink. Specifically light, dust pink walls and accessories combined with emerald green furniture are placed in front of it.