Chakras and Colors

what are chakra colors?

There are several main chakras, which involve seven chakra colors. They are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

chakra colors

Each of these chakra colors is connected to the body organs, emotions, and levels of consciousness, among other aspects.

balancing the chakra colors

The balancing of the chakras is said to improve overall well-being. When the energy centers are balanced, we can communicate better and form deeper relationships, share more positive energy, and feel more energized and focused.

a list of chakra colors

root chakra (red)

This chakra color is found on the spine at the base and is connected to the color red.  It is the first chakra and is considered the foundation and anchor for all other primary chakras. 

sacral chakra (orange)

Similar to the color orange, the sacral chakra produces feelings of warmth as well as vitality and excitement.

solar plexus chakra (yellow)

 You can find the solar plexus chakra on the upper abdomen, which is above the belly button and is associated with yellow. This symbolizes happiness, confidence, energy, and intellect.

heart chakra (green)

Green is the color connected to the heart chakra, while the associated element is air. Green is often associated with renewal, healing, balance, and nature.

throat chakra (blue)

The throat chakra is associated with things like communication, creativity, clarity, wisdom, self-expression, or knowing how to express your inner truth. This chakra is located in the neck and throat area.

third eye chakra (indigo)

This chakra is associated with spiritual wisdom and feelings of universal connectedness.

crown chakra (violet)

The crown chakra is known for being closely linked to all things spiritual. The crown chakra is known to be the most spiritual chakra, with its connection to both violet and white.