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Celtic Artwork

what is celtic artwork?

The most prominent perception of Celtic styles usually depicts Irish Celtic art or Gaelic art, but Celtic art history stems further back. The overarching themes of Celtic painting and Celtic sculptures are complex symbolism, ornamental geometric designs, and non-linear patterns.

hallstatt culture

The Hallstatt culture is quite well known for its ornaments made of bronze, as well as weaponry and iron tools of very high quality.

la tène culture

The La Tène period (broadly 5th to 1st centuries BC) is what can be considered the beginning of Celtic art.

early middle ages

From 200 BCE to 100 CE, all Celtic tribes were absorbed into the Roman administration. During the next three centuries, Celtic culture declined everywhere except Ireland.

the fall of rome

Christianity began to flourish in Ireland, which directly led to a renaissance in Irish Celtic Art.

revival & global influence

Celtic revivals are periodic, with another Celtic revival surfacing once again in the 1980s, which has endured until this day.

notable celtic art

Book of Kells  (9th Century)

Muiredach’s High Cross  (9th – 10th century AD)

Staffordshire Moorlands Pan  (2nd century AD)

The Tara Brooch  (c. 710 - 750 AD)

The Battersea Shield  (c. 350 - 50 BC)

The Desborough Mirror  (c. 50 BC - 50 AD)

notable celtic revival artists

John Duncan  (1866 – 1945)